Feb 25

Strange death in the woods

Last night Duke and I talked about the strange death of two hunters.
A listener writes “The story of the two hunters found dead in the tree jogged my memory about a situation that happened on the property adjacent to the acreage my parents own and live on in Florida.

It’s posted no trespassing but you still get illegal dumping occasionally. This guy drove his truck back onto the property and got it stuck, called for a tow truck and told the towing company that he was going to hike back out to the highway to meet the driver. Long story short, he never showed. I don’t remember whether the towing company called the Sheriff’s department or the guy’s relatives did but they were out there looking for the guy through the night. Shortly after sunrise, they find the guy up in a tree, dead. I never did hear what the cause of death was, and the incident didn’t make the local news, which is odd because our Sheriff never met a reporter or camera he didn’t like. Only reason I know as much as I do is that I have relatives in the department. I spent my teenage years tromping around on that property and got chased out of the woods once in the same general area that the guy was found in by something large that I never did get a look at. Honestly, we weren’t interested in sticking around to find out what it was.

I was about 16 when I got chased, and I’m 49 now but the land hasn’t changed much. There’s restrictions on developing that land due to the water table and the aquifer. I’m not certain who owns it now, but the plan back in the late 1970s-early 1980s was to put a drive-in theater on it and Floyd Theaters owned it then.

A lot of weird stuff went on out there back in the day. I haven’t heard any recent stuff, but my parents adamantly disbelieve in the subject so who knows?”

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    • Eddie M

      Just heard an account by an elderly man that never even faintly got on the edge of an “Un-Truth” as long as I have known him…He lives in a small community on the Florida Gulf Coast in the Big Bend area….He said it happened about 10 years ago. His dogs were raising all kind of cane one night and he went out to see what it was. He said he saw a huge animal on four legs with the head of a Baboon and the body of what he said looked like an adult Male African Lion. and it was trying to get his dogs…It sacred this old Combat veteran a lot. For “Bud” to even share this meant it had a profound effect on him…This area is all National Forest and literally a Jungle. Coming from him it had to be something really scary looking.

      • NHSquatcher

        Did he live near military labs? Because there’s another story of a woman who I think has passed away but who also saw a strange creatures in her yard in Florida and she lived right next to some sort of military installation

  1. Bal G

    Typical government coverup. How or why would a guy run up a tree, looking for a tow truck? Why did the sherrif clam up afterwards? Because he was intimidated to shut his mouth, by someone or something. Thanks for everything you do Wes.

  2. Jan W

    Very interesting story. After last nights show, I looked up “hunters found dead in tree stand” and found many odd accounts (a couple in Leflore county, Ok) of hunters found dead under or in their tree stands. I found no follow up stories relating the causes of death for these people, some of whom were quite young (mid forties). All of the articles claimed that “foul play was not suspected”, which I find inappropriate to announce before the actual cause of death is known. I find it hard to believe so many hunters are expiring naturally in or near their tree stands.

    • Bart F

      There are hunters every year and in every state whom die in or out of their deer stand. The vast majority is from falling while climbing in or out of the stand. That’s why there is no foul play involved. It’s a legitimate accourance because a lot of people don’t use fall protection.

      • Dave T

        Agreed Bart F, I happen to sell a safety harness with a friend of mine at outdoor shows. You’d be amazed at the number of “dumb” hunters that go 20-30ft up a tree with no safety gear to keep from falling. They fall out of trees all the time and some don’t walk away.

  3. Curtis T

    Hear alot of stories, but who decides to investigate. Who are the people to that actually decide to look into john doe #1 and john doe #2 get swept under the rug. only real way to find out is a survivor comes forward or its recorded some how. Again there are many people who do nothing, they complain, bad mouth, hoax. the people who are trying to do the right thing get shit on, so the bigfoot community has a long way go, due to all the negative bullcrap. Strange a strong healthy man in his prime winds up dead out hunting when he’s in perfect health.

  4. Robert W

    I worked in a trauma unit in a Pennsylvania hospital and one of the trauma surgeons called tree stands the “most dangerous things in the woods.” That being said hunters found dead in tree stand with signs of trauma is totally different. Or found dead in any other tree. The only way you could rule fall as cause of death if the hunter was found outside of the tree stand.

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