Oct 14

Strange Day Fishing

A listener writes “Long time listener from Toronto Canada. I grew up going to a family friends cottages up in the park,(these are 100 year old log cabbins ment for logging) anyway the first sightings happened maybe late August on a far secluded part of rock lake in the park.

There where 4 parents and 5 kids including me on two boat headed to some rapids to do some bass fishing. The boat I was in was first coming up and I was right at the bow ready to jump out to tie off the boat. We came around a bend into a small river and on my right side, there was what looked like a huge black bear on a small outcropping right at the water drinking. As we got closer I watched as it just quickly turned to the thick woods and just before entering the treeline it stood straight up and just disappeared. I tried to tell the others and got the usual of just a bear. Rest of the day went with nothing else.”

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