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Single Car Accident In The Big Thicket National Preserve

Witness Observation

walkIn March 2005 at approximately 04:30, as reported by an individual called to the scene as part of the emergency response team, an individual was involved in a single-car accident on a highway through the Big Thicket National Preserve, Big Sandy Creek Unit.

Upon arriving to the scene, the response team found the individual still in the car; the car apparently rolled and ended up in the woods off the highway. The individual reportedly gained consciousness when the team arrived and then began to tell them what happened.

The individual remembered seeing a dark upright figure with long hair standing in the middle of the road. The height of the figure could have been anywhere between five feet and eight feet, and certainly bigger than a child. The individual remembered that the figure was facing the car and was standing erect. The individual honked the horn but the figure did not budge.

The individual swerved to miss the figure and came as close as twenty feet before veering off the highway and rolling the car. That is the last thing the individual remembered before crashing.

Time and Conditions

4:30 am – In the Big Thicket National Preserve, Big Sandy Creek Unit, south of the Alabama-Coushatta Reservation. Pine forests, hardwood bottoms. Impenetrable undergrowth.

Additional details:

* The individual remembered the face as appearing “fuzzy.”

* Although the individual had no idea what was standing upright “on the yellow lines in the middle of the highway,” the individual completely ruled out a human as a possibility. The individual told me that “even a drunk human” would have budged when the horn was honked; this figure simply would not move, and the motorist gave way. The individual repeatedly told me that they simply did not know what it was.

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    • Sion L

      Hmmm interesting.. love what the insider part 2 said. Joining full membership was worth the information in that episode alone. I did used to want to come to America and see one ot these beings if possible. But after hearing so many episodes of sc I think I’ll leave it well alone. We have woodwose here but it seems to be a spiritual entity and not actual physical

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