Jan 12

Sighting on a military base in Iowa

Witness name withheld, per request:


I really cannot tell you a lot about this sighting, due to it being a military installation. I can tell you, it was in the fall-the end of October, 2008.

I was driving my company truck across the plant to help my guys do a rail switch at one of the buildings. The road I was on takes you through some rough country far away from anything, or anyone. Not just anyone can be on this property-it is guarded with armed guards. The property is right around 19,000 acres. As I was cutting through the back country, I saw movement on a top of a ridge line. I stopped my truck, and backed up a bit to get a clear view of what it was. It was still there! I only had a Motorola flip phone at that time and the first thing I did was take a picture. The phone didn’t have a good camera.

I watched this “thing” for approximately 3 minutes. It was only 100 yards-give or take a few. It never did look my way. It only took a few steps and it was gone! It headed down the draw and out of sight. I sat there in disbelief for a few minutes and then I continued on my way to do the switch. I got to my destination and told one of my workers that I saw a bigfoot! I wish I would have never said anything! They still rib me a little to this day over this. It was towards evening time around 6ish. This thing appeared to be 7 1/2 foot tall or better. Probably around 5-6 hundred pounds. Dark hair…just looked like a huge gorilla, walking on 2 feet-only with longer hair. When I say hair, I mean all over its body. There was no neck and it had a cone head. Every time I go out past this spot I have to stop and think about what I saw. Again, this is on an active military base. What really is unusual to me, is that NOBODY is allowed to just walk around so I have to say that this was not a person. They do allow deer hunting here but as a hunter myself I know this was not another hunter. So what was it? To this day I still try to tell myself I was just seeing things, but I know deep down…what I saw.


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