Dec 10

Sighting by hunters

Longview Alberta

A friend and I were out hunting south of Longview, Alberta. we had tried our luck up a road called the Indian graves but saw nothing so we headed back to the main road going south. As we were heading south we rounded a kind of bend in the road. We got around the corner and there was a hillside on the right. The tree line started at the bottom of the hill and ended about half way up the hill with two pine trees at the very top. My buddy all of sudden said whats that thing up there.

I was driving so I took a quick glance and there was a large black thing standing between the pine trees at the top of the hill. I started to slow down and pull over when this thing went from the top of the hill in 2ft of snow to the tree line in about 3 seconds. I’m guessing the distance to be about 100 hundred yrds. We watched it in the trees for about 1 minute and then it disappeared. we both agreed that what ever it was was walking on two feet.


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9 Responses to “Sighting by hunters”

  1. Paul M

    What else could it have been? Really. I can’t think of any other thing. This would be good guests for show WES. They had good look at beast. For a desent amount of time.

  2. steve m

    That’s an 18 second mile. You would have to be running at around 180 mph. I think it’s possible that there could be something put there but that’s a little fast

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