Feb 17

Show Notes with Shannon-Patty in Slow Motion and Stories from Washington State

On this edition, Dave Hallet is sharing one of his interviews done with Chris, from Washington State. Chris was present for a lecture by the late Dr. Grover Krantz, who gave his insight into the Patterson-Gimlin film. He will also tell of a couple of experiences he had in Washington State.



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440 Responses to “Show Notes with Shannon-Patty in Slow Motion and Stories from Washington State”

  1. DonRay

    Good Job Shannon…. Patty was what got me intrigued, the Freeman footage sealed it for me……. Some people are not that observant, some are….. I mentioned before i spent a lot of time in the Hockomock growing up, i knew all the sounds and movements of all the animals in the swamp…… i was tuned for outdoor life. Growing up in rural areas, your senses are suppressed…. i can why these facts and proportions have had to be explained over and over for almost 50 yrs……. I have such a hard time trying to show friends&family what they are seeing(Patty&Freeman).. Then i find out my good friend had a face to face about 2 months before we met, never told anyone, freaked him out.. he was 15.. I’ve been trying to get him to call the show.. He’s been abused over his sighting, im the only one that believes him………..anyway i never get tired of hearing any of it.. Keep it coming SC crew … [I:-) Ciao

  2. Gabriel H

    Thank-you Shannon, enjoyed that. Dave seems a great match. Great for you both.

    Side Note: it’s nuts just how much a full-on flu can knock you on your butt hey. Doesnt happen often but I’m hyper aware of my mortality at those times. Kinda just want to crawl into a hole and die.

  3. bill l

    Interesting interview. Shannon, have you ever considered as a guest the guy who does the dogman encounters radio show? That could be an interesting discussion. Back to the interview, so often I listen to someones frightening encounter( and they have every right to be scared, I sure would be) yet come come away unscathed.Do you think, or any body else, that they are A) Just messing with people for fun B) sending a message that you should leave C) would like to kill you but is also scared of humans D) would like to kill you however they are so smart that they know killing humans will bring other humans with dogs, guns etc.?

    • Christopher c

      My experience in the Shasta Nat. Forest had me felling that I was on the menu that night yet I am writing you now,I don’t know why because I felt I was on the menu yet I’m here ,now I have often wondered if this thing was just messing with me the way a cat will catch a mouse and injure it enough to ply with it some more, even though it has no intention of eating the prey because maybe it’s already belly full but just practicing making a game of it like a wolverine or killer whale? I still can’t figure it out.

    • Thomas M

      Yes- volume issues. They’re needing to maybe normalize the audio before posting.. Good thing the content is so facinating that volume levels don’t bother too much :p

  4. bill l

    sorry for the bad typing. I wanted to say that the people who have these encounters come away unscathed.Of course we don’t hear from the ones who end up being a pile of sasquatch poop in the forest.

  5. James B

    I had a 20 foot tall sasquatch appear in my living room late one night, it was terrifying. He spoke and he told me in an ancient indian dialect, what roughly translates to “ugh, me teleport wrong place. me sorry”. We then lit up and had a grand old time, I made pancakes for his sasquatch son whom tracked snow all over the house. I had a picture of this event once but someone broke into my house and stole it. They visit now and again but I ain’t taking no pictures! That’d be rude! 😛

    • Norman Racca

      Stop hittin on my woman Rich….lol

      “well, not yet”……but my plan is to “woo” her by the fire on a late night BF expedition one day!

      (“just don’t tell Shannon my plans”) 😉

  6. Gail d

    I think squatches vary in temperament some are more aggressive than others. Some would probably go after you if they see you alone and unarmed; others may just watch what you are doing, threw a couple of rocks at you, than go along their merry way. The trouble is you cannot tell which is which.

  7. Tina A

    James B you been smokin’ wacky weed dude? Not trying to harsh your buzz but we like to keep it real here so be respectful of that and do the same please. Take your foolishness to the BFRO man.

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