Sep 29

Show delay this week

I apologize for the delay of the shows this week. I am in the process of moving and will be setting up my studio later today. I am working hard to get everything done so there is not be a delay. I mentioned it in the forums but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.

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  1. Trent M

    Speaking for myself I say don’t sweat it, you do a great job of getting us quality encounter interviews and important news week in and week out and if you are off schedule once in awhile because your life got in the way I’d say we have all been there and we understand. You have the best show out there, bar none, and I am willing to wait for it when these things pop up. I have never met you in person but as I have said before you come into my house (through the magic of technology) a couple times a week and I consider you a good friend that I haven’t met yet. Thanks for all you do Wes!

    • David W

      Missed you last night!! As a young man I spent my Friday nights chasing the ladies. Now at 54yrs old I spend my night with you Wes! I don’t know how you’re supposed to take that BUT I
      Always listen today your shows. So I guess I had a bad night! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  2. Melissa K

    Thanks, Wes ?, best wishes with your moving. ?
    I have been binge listening in order from 1 to now episode 49!!! So, I will still be listening anyway.
    Oh my, I am so obsessed ?. ..?…love the variety of everyday people and prominent BF people…never get tired of listening!

  3. joe r

    Hey Wes, if you get a little backed up and you need a little time give Duke a call and let him throw a couple of shows up and fill in for you, he’d probably be happy to do that for you

  4. Paula B

    Wes, we’ll be here waiting. No deadline. Love your show so much, it’s professional and real, and that’s rare. Hope your move goes OK. Woody should be helping, btw!!

  5. Duke S

    Doing shows like Wes does is tough and time consuming, he deserves a little break occasionally, especially in a situation like this! I only usually turn out one show a week, and that is plenty for me! I am glad I don’t have to do 2 of them every week like Wes does……

  6. Gene P

    Hey Guys! We could have a Sasquatch Chronicles show our selves while Wes is cleaning up after the Squatch in the garage.
    So who wants to bring a Squatch to the show?
    We could have Duke inner view the Squatch.

  7. Scott R

    Hey Wes just an idea, on those occasions when you can’t put a show up why don’t you pick one of your favorites and put that up so we can listen to it that way we at least have something to enjoy

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