Jan 31

Serious Bigfoot Research


Opinions on the following statement?


After a 5 year quest to explore the bigfoot phenomenon, Florida bigfoot researchers have determined adequate evidence is lacking to justify continued research with the hypothesis of the existence of a large, bipedal hominin or ape-like creature in Florida.

Eye-witness testimony has been found to be unreliable and inadequate for independent verification. Further, human hoaxing by the use of fur suits has been documented as well as hoaxing of large humanlike prints identical to those presumed to be made by bigfoot/sasquatch/skunk ape as found in the literature.

Widespread hoaxing,mis-identification of known fauna, mis-interpretation of purported bigfoot sign by mostly unskilled and/or amateur field investigators are causative factors for widespread belief in the existence of bigfoot. One example — recent multiple sightings of a large hairy, non-human bipedal creature in the panhandle area were investigated within a few days of the events with no physical evidence observed or collected. All of the reports were either on or adjacent to improved roads (making easy access by a potential hoaxer). Several reports of hair samples near sightings were reported second hand but samples never surfaced even after multiple attempts were made to the supposed possessors. Many examples may be posted on this site documenting the extent of hoaxing and mis-identification by unskilled field investigators. Further, no compelling evidence has yet been documented correlating supposed bigfoot behavior such as certain vocalizations, rock or stick throwing, or wood knocking. All are based entirely on speculative premise with no scientific documentation. In fact, all can be explained by more probable natural, known causes.


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  1. MilitantDanny

    Either the entire organization has people who’ve never seen one, or the group was created solely for disinformation. Copyright 2007 of their website? 5-year quest? Wow, you guys were in it for the long-haul huh? *sarcasm* I’ll give credit where credits due, it’s longer than I’ve continuously looked into things, this is more of a hobby for me. But 2007 is right about the time the current hype of Bigfoot started kicking in. So I can envision the “researchers” themselves being amateurs who just jumped on the bandwagon, and now grow frustrated with the lack of evidence they have found.
    That’s just speculative though, if anyone wants to vouch for them, by all means.

  2. David C

    With technology rising to the level we have today, Anyone is able to confirm or deny the existence of sasquatch.. In order to deny bigfoot’s existence, one would have to discount the encounters of Will Jevning, and Wes Germer. That means calling them liars. Dont forget Bob Garrett, a man whose credibility I would not question. My wife thinks I’m nuts, but I feel that these three gentlemen are above reproach.

  3. Richard C

    Must not really be researchers, seems that I’ve noticed lately an uptick on videos disputing the existence or indicating that a lot of evidence is faked. Maybe a major push to “discredit” everything?

  4. Brian H

    Is it me or does the government put on hoaxes or fakery and disinformation mostly in the states that have the greatest issues with these creatures. Texas is littered with them and stories of missing people and that’s where dyer did his thing, Washington state is obvious, and now florida with this story and the whole skunk ape fiasco. Now I’ve been on the fence about Florida but since Ken came on your show and stated that Texas and Florida are pretty much infested with these creatures, I’m more inclined to accept it more than not to. I hate to say or think this but soon enough there will be so much bloodshed on the governments hands due to these creatures that I will due a F’n back flip and impatiently wait for their statement. Thx guys for the show. You are doing an amazing job in doing this work that the government is to cowardly to do themselves. Can’t thank you guys enough 🙂

  5. William L

    I agree that the seeds of doubt are being sown at a rate that keeps growing faster and more often. People are capable of incredible self delusion, especially when the government gives them small but frequent nudges in the direction of doubt. And, I think that is exactly what we are seeing. I have a feeling they are getting a little freaked out and scared that their coverup is about to crash and burn. The Feds are not very well liked in the first place and they fear that the truth about Sasquatch could be the spark in the barn that they are so paranoid about. We will know if the anti Bigfoot propaganda keeps escalating.

    • Brian H

      Absolutely! It could very well be the spark that starts the way over due revolution that this country desperately needs. Never thought of it that way…great thinking

  6. Natalie J

    I just checked out the site. It doesn’t look a great deal different than the attempts my students make at faking a long-term research project or realizing that their journals are due in 24 hours, so they have a month’s worth of entries to cobble together to hand in, along with a retrospective. Incongruous, lacks depth, and doesn’t fit with any of the usual characteristics one finds when looking at a site run by bigfoot researchers or enthusiasts. Highly suspicious.

  7. Robert D

    Holy crap! I just got done going through the entire site. At best it is a completely amateurish attempt at disspelling stories and evidence. The site is a ‘slap together’ job.

    I’m still laughing at the attempts they’ve made such as saying Bill Munns work proves the PG film to be a hoax. That’s wrong, I’ve seen Bill Munns work, it proves it to be anything but a hoax. Then on a couple pages, they discredit all of Jeff Meldrum’s casts, saying they are all hoaxed.

    Who these idiots are remains to be seen but boy, did they do a crappy job!

  8. Patrick G

    All serious research will end with the last episode of Finding Bigfoot.
    It will be deemed a goose chase far and wide.

    Then we can get back to work undoing the damage…in peace.

  9. Jim D

    What a crock that site is. They actually think we’re stupid or crazy enough to believe wack-a-doodles like Bob Heronimous and kitakaze who has been making claims that he has seen the actual PGF monkey suit. They are really trying hard and the more you study this subject the more the same names start to come up again and again and they come up together, like it is some kind of a disinformation campaign.

  10. darren w

    Wasn’t the “elusive” bili ape (6′ tall 300 lbs chimp) only just factually discovered in the congo in 2003? The congo is just over 900,000 square miles, while the U.S. alone has 1,100,000 square miles of forest. So with that, including the hundreds of sightings (not all of them can be hoaxes or misidentification) and native american legend, it stands to reason that the existence Sasquatch is more probable than not. There is more evidence to support the existence than there is evidence to support the nonexistence.

  11. Bill M

    And you have to wonder why most people just think the whole bigfoot thing is funny. When you read crazy conspiracy theory shit like this. I don’t know if this group is real or not. But I do spent three months a year in destin FL. Even bought an airboat I’ve spent many days boating all over the state. And no Florida is not infested with big foots . (Soon there will be blood on the gov hands.) lol wow we better raise up a army. And no they don’t land on space ships.and no I don’t work four the government I just don’t like conspiracy shit. Makes us look like clowns. Bill

  12. m99

    ~good, glad your farce is OVER. Now get out of the way for REAL Bigfoot researchers, witnesses and enthusiasts to do their thing…

    ~Where does a Bigfoot sit in the woods? Ans: Anywhere it wants to…

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