Apr 10

Security Guard Seen Talking To A Ghost By Co-Worker In Houston, Texas

In the clip, which was filmed by a co-worker through a CCTV feed, the guard can be seen talking and gesticulating as though having a conversation with someone in one of the building’s corridors.

When asked by his co-worker over the radio who he was talking to, the guard replied that he had been chatting to a woman named Miss Abigail who had asked him about a man named Mr Griffin.

As his co-worker quickly pointed out, however, Miss Abigail had died two years prior.

Youtuber The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 posted this footage. The Youtuber writes “In this footage we can see the security guard having a conversation with someone or something that clearly is not there. When questioned by his co-worker as to who he is talking to, he replies ” Miss Abigail who is looking for Mr. Griffin” Only for his co-worker to inform him that Miss Abigail had passed on “TWO YEARS AGO”…

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  1. Brian L

    That’s creepy….like that scene in Indiana Jones where the Nazi’s are opening the ark and the angels turn into demons….that guy took off.
    I doubt it’s a fake since it’s happening in a professional environment and why risk your job for nonsense….

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