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Scientists claim to have solved WW2 ‘foo fighter’ UFOs mystery

During Word War II, pilots on both sides reported witnessing strange phenomena in the skies over Europe and beyond.

These peculiar objects, which sparked rumors of secretive weapons testing over the battlefields of the Second World War, often manifested as mysterious lights, spherical-shaped cloud-like formations or red balls of fire that remained a mystery both during and after the war.

Now, though, the phenomenon may finally have an answer (at least partially) courtesy of researchers from the universities of California, Arizona and Harvard-Smithsonian.

According to their new study, some of the objects described as foo fighters were most likely plasmas (or ionized gases) which can manifest in various strange ways.

Similar phenomena have been witnessed by astronauts on numerous occasions.

“These plasmas are electromagnetic entities that have a variety of shapes and sizes,” said study co-author Dr Rudolph Schild of Harvard-Smithsonian.

“They have repeatedly approached spacecraft and the space shuttles and are attracted to electromagnetic activity including thunderstorms.”

“Based on video, photographic and computerized analysis, including reports by military officers and astronauts, we believe these plasmas account for at least some of the numerous reports of UFOs and Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon over the last several thousand years including the ‘foo fighters’ observed by German, Japanese and Allied pilots during WWII.”


Source: Telegraph

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  1. Charles R

    I got into UFOs in the mid 60s, basically through newpaper articles. I do not remember any mention of foo fighters until the 1990s being seen around the WW2 planes. I wish I had know earlier so as to ask my Father and his cousin Abraham who both served with the newly formed Army Air Corps. Although Dad was a ground crew mechanic with the 320th bombardment group, pilots and crew on the B 25 and B 26s in this group may have talked about it. His cousin was a pilot on B 17s and was shot down over Europe, but survived as a German prisoner and would probably have known about these mysterious objects. I would put my money on them being the orbs so many are seeing to this day with possibly some UFO type craft thrown in.
    If you want to see the modern Foo Fighters they will be on tour this year. I just may go see them in July, at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.

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