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Scary encounter outside a rural home

Witness Observation

I am about to graduate with a BS in Biology, and want that noted. The incidents began in the fall of 2004. It started out as hearing strange howling sounds in the evening. I never heard the vocalizations in the day time. In the fall of 2004 some friends and I went camping on my driveway. It was the middle of October, and around 2 in the morning I heard a loud grunting sound and trees snapping. The noises were so loud that they woke me up. It was a full moon that night and clear, and when I opened the window on the tent I could not believe what I was seeing. I saw a large dark figure with eyes that seemed to illuminate red in the moonlight.

bigfoot-breaks-necksIt was beating something in the head which I found to be a deer come sun up. The creature drug the deer up to the top of the hill above the camp sight. It walked up on top of some big rocks and I could make it out perfectly. 8 to 10 feet tall and covered in hair. The one friend who stayed the evening saw the exact same thing. I watched it eat the deer. It pulled off appendages like it was nothing. Shortly after it started eating it noticed our tent. It walked right down to the side of the tent, and the smell coming off of it was intensely musky.

It knocked the frying pan out of the tree by the tent as it was walking by, and when it hit the ground, it ran back to the top of the hill. The deer carcass was gone, but hair and intestines were left behind. The liver, spleen, heart and lungs must have been eaten. We followed the drag marks from the carcass and found a mass of pine trees bent and broken into some form of shelter.

ALSO NOTICED: The trees were broke off around 6 ft off the ground in the direction that it ran off. I know what all of the animals in the woods sound like. Coyotes, owls, foxes, anything in the woods. I am not mistaking these howls for coyotes or owls. These howls are very deep, long, and you just know something big is doing it. The first time I ever heard it, and did not know what it was, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It felt like some deep instinctual acknowledgement of danger.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: First sighting it was clear and cool. It was around 2 in the morning and it was a full moon.

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  1. Wil I

    Sounds phishy……
    meaning he gathered the best of multiple stories and regurgitated the details in a hodge podge to create his own. While its entertaining the original and real accounts are always better than taking the finer pieces of someone else’s work and making your own.
    We are GRATEFUL for the new site.
    (I’m an original member of this now too)

  2. Sherry B

    This guy says he is about to graduate with a BS in biology, and he wants every one to note that fact……I note the fact that pretty sure he is “full” of BS – not in biology…….just saying.

  3. Jeffrey H

    I don’t know about this one?? Cause my mom wouldn’t let me go camping on our driveway until I was 30 years old and had my Masters Degree!! Sounds like someone took a creative writing course at that thar learnin school too. Congrats to Wes, Will and Shannon, great website. I had to get a job so I could join but hey, my mom was tired of me stealing from her purse any how.. Good luck with the new website, love your show, followed you for sometime , well at least since they let me out on parole. My best to Woody too!

  4. Diana I

    Not sure, but this encounter sounds like the same one on BFRO Report #31888. I read it a while back. And if one reads the entire encounter …it does seem very possible. If this is the same encounter it takes place in Butts County GA. The property is next to The Oconee National Forest. So, lets not always jump to conclusions and down someone encounter. 🙂

  5. Lise B

    Bear talked about an encounter when he was a kid on his fathers ranch/farm. From Bigfoot outlaw radio Ep 12 part 1 and 2… BIGFOOT HAS A DARK SIDE. TABOO BIGFOOT SUBJECT. A witness described an encounter with a mare horse…what i call tunnel vision… Well, go have a listen if you haven’t yet. Some may find this subject disturbing.

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