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SC EP:987 Who Would Be Dressed In A Gorilla Suit?

Chad writes “In 2003, a friend, my 12 yr old son and I seen a Sasquatch at Fish lake, Beaver Swamp area. It was during the month of July, during Graffiti weekend. The whole point of this trip was to avoid the noise and people of the graffiti cruse. I’m a disabled vet and don’t much care for crowds of people anyway. This Fish lake is east of Canyonville, OR.

We camped at the trailhead and decided to pack for a day trip the following day. We were both armed, my friend had a pistol and I packed a rifle amongst other equipment. Beaver swamp trail is ridiculously steep, going in 30 min, coming out easily an hour and a half all up hill. As we descended the trail it was a warm sunny day, we got to the bottom of the trail and preceded along the lakes edge we were met by a family on their way out. We made some small talk about the weather and fishing success. I noticed they had two big Rottweiler dogs both on a leash. They had a few kids also and between the dogs and the kids it was a very noisy exit. I believe the families exit covered our entrance.

After we talked with the family we proceeded along the same trail and came to our spot at the north end of the lake and sat down in some tall grass in a bare spot to start fishing. After some time, the fishing was spotty, we had to chase away some ducks being bothersome. Everything seemed to get real quiet no nothing.

My son was standing in the water in the tall grass and he related that someone had walked out of forest as was standing in the tree line wearing fur. My friend and I both stopped what we were doing to take a look as it was the month of July, very hot out, what would someone be doing in a very remote are dressed in a gorilla suit.

As we layer our eyes on this individual we got a strange feeling, we all froze in place and were very confused. The Sasquatch stood there looking around as if trying to spot the previous people and those two dogs. Once the it figured the coast was clear it proceeded to the waters edge. It walked up right with big strides Ann’s you could clearly see daylight between its legs as it moved. It probably was twenty five feet from the waters edge and it seemed like the number of strides was greatly reduced to get to it destination. We were about 50 to 75 feet away and still concealed in the tall grass.

I had a scope on my rifle and my son urged me lay my sights on the figure to get a better look, I refused to do that, my military experience had taught me not to point a weapon at someone unless your ready to use it. I told I would not scope out what it was, still in disbelief and confused. The figure was at the waters edge, you could see it turn it conical head, looking around on guard. It then dropped to its knees and put its arms in a posture like doing a push up, leaning down to the water and drinking.

It did this about 4 times, it then stood back up again it looked around and walked back into the forest and disappeared with in seconds. After that we sat and tried to figure out what we had just seen, after about 30 minutes we decided to shoot up a few snags and logs to make a lot of noise. We thought maybe if they knew we were in there they would stay away and we could make our way out quickly.”

We will also be speaking to Derek. Derek writes “Hi Wes, I did not think I would be emailing you! I was traveling from Gresham Oregon to Gardnerville NV. I exited Hwy- 5 to Hwy 89 south of the town Shasta CA heading east on Hwy 89. I passed the little towns of McCloud CA and Bartell.

About 15 minutes after passing the town of Bartel at a speed of 70 MPH I saw what I originally thought was a backpacker with hiking poles and a large black backpack on the right shoulder of the road at about 300 to 400 yard ahead of me. it seemed to pause for a second and then proceeded to cross the highway. When it started to cross I still thought it was a backpacker until it was about half way across the road and I saw the way it moved. Its upper body and head rose with each step. It took 4 strides to cross the highway. Just as it was almost off the road it moved so that I could see the width of its shoulder and see that there was no backpack. Where it crossed the road it was darkened by the shadows of the trees and when it got to the other side of the road the sun shone down on its back and it looked like charcoal gray to me.

That is when I knew it was not a person!! I had slowed down a little and thought I could get a good look at it but when I got to where I thought it crossed I could not see anything! This was approximately 10:30 am. The closest road I came across shortly after was Dina MacArthur.

Wes I make this drive a lot and I have seen a black bear cross the highway near this location and I was able to see the bear run through the woods for a few hundred yards. This thing seems to just have vanished. Wes I would just like to know if anyone else has had sightings in this area. Please feel free to contact me.








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51 Responses to “SC EP:987 Who Would Be Dressed In A Gorilla Suit?”

    • Janetta V

      You all sound like a bunch of little girls. If it works out better for Wes this way, you should be behind him all the way. Look at all that dear man has done for us. Shame. Great show Wes and I hope you’re feeling better.

      • Connie O

        @Janetta….I totally agree! Wes, is a very dear, kind man. He has gone through so much personal sadness and yet has given people show after show. Some of you sound like whiny spoiled two year olds. Instead of thinking selfishly, how about being a little selfless. Adjust! It’s a one day difference! If that’s all you have to complain about you have a very good life! Thank you Wes, for your willingness to even keep doing S.C. Take care of yourself!

        • Radman

          Honestly, I believe we were told that an additional episode would be delivered as part of this change. There is nothing wrong with Wes’ schedule. But I will say this. Is it better to promise and not deliver or never to promise at all?

    • Rob S

      Worse when you’re not on Portland time. Saturday night show is Sunday afternoon for me. “Sunday shows” are often so late I can’t listen till Tuesday. I gave up waiting on releases years ago and usually just listen to both back to back late.

  1. Geneva V

    I so thought I was going to be first!!! when I scrolled to the comments it said zero. I scrolled back up to check the date and come back to find 9 comments!!! sure let the steam out of me!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. anyway lots of prayers your way Wes! hope the dental issues are better!!! And thanks again for all your hard work!!!

  2. James G

    I really think the wild animal theory people need to open their minds and listen to their fellow knowers. There’s something a little more to these beings than being an undiscovered wild animal.

  3. Josephine L

    Hola SC family ❣ I’m loving Saturday’s even more now…and on Friday’s after a long work week, I’m listening to all the other posts like Strange Familiars, etc. Thanks, Wes for all those, some are pretty interesting & they even mention you! What a blessing. Until the next show…have a great rest of your weekend everyone ❤👀

      • Josephine L

        Awww…thanks m99….you know one of the things I really love about SC is not just listening to the episodes but also reading the comments from everyone. And even though from time to time someone may not sound very happy for their reason, I love it that the majority of listeners are supportive of Wes & his show. It’s easy to let one negative thing overshadow a million positive things & SC fans & members won’t let that happen…that’s why I call you all my family 👀😊. Onward❣❣

  4. Virginia S

    I enjoyed listening to Chad’s sighting but I have to disagree with him on a couple of his opinions. First, I believe (IMO) that there are ALOT more Sasquatch inhabiting this country than we think. Secondly, I don’t believe every one of them are horrific, people eating monsters. I do believe that this most likely occurs however, there are far too many encounters of them actually helping people in certain situations.
    No one(except possibly our government) knows exactly what these beings are.
    In the past I was of the opinion they were some type of animal but after years of interest and listening to so many encounters(my favorite being Sasquatch Chronicles😉) I now am of the opinion that they are a type of people and like us humans, there are both good and evil personalities.
    Again, these are just my opinions.
    Thanks again for another great show, Wes

    • Matthew J

      Agree 100% Virginia. I shake my head every time a person tells of a sighting where the BF does nothing out of the ordinary. Those folks go on to tell us that they do not believe BF is ever paranormal. WTH? I’ve never seen one but the evidence is overwhelming.

      As far as population in the US and Canada, I can easily imagine 1 million. That would be 1 sasquatch for every 30 deer.

  5. Roy F

    even if he meant 50 – 75 YARDS (60 feet is from pitching rubber to home plate), you figure for fishing they are at the lake’s edge where there isn’t much cover since you keep away from trees for casting your line. Sorry, I believe in the possibility of this creature mostly based on the emotional testimonies of credible people, and when things seem off, I’m suspicious. And I’m not going to light up a fallen tree with 1 of 3 magazines when 3 or 4 shots are good enough to let Sasquatch know I have bang bang stick, especially when I’m responsible for getting my 12 yr old safely home.

    • Que

      All of those alien abduction where they were tampered with and ape DNA. Made Sasquatches possible. Hence the paranormal activity that surrounds them. IMO

  6. Lettie M

    I know they’re THICK here in southern Oregon, I loved hearing about one right smack in my “backyard” the most I have witnessed has been footprints… I kid you not you can throw a stick and hit someone who has had a sighting/heard something /footprints in this area he’s talking about…

  7. Ron S

    I still lean on my personal opinion that sightings are a message, wether the message is personal for self reflection and personal growth or a story to be shared with others for everyone to learn from is still debatable, it’s likely both.

    The truly amazing part I’d like to share with people who haven’t had an encounter is that from the witnesses standpoint, sightings of many things appear as physical and real in the hear and now as your pet, your refrigerator or your underwear. For this reason I totally understand why different people have their own beliefs as to the nature of “what it is”.

    If I only ever saw one drinking water I’d be right on board myself with thinking it was an undiscovered animal as well. In all actuality though, I think I’d feel more unsettled with the “natural animal” idea as it would include more unknowns, which equals more fear.

    I’m thankful for having witnessed many unexplained sides to life so far, I guess it makes the bigger picture more amazing but still not definite, which is pretty cool in its own way.

    I thank the first guest Chad for coming on and for his service. I mean no disrespect to Chad at all, but first I’d like to tell him that I have indeed walked in on a bear in the wild before, I’ve had many encounters with bears before and also encounters with thousands of different species of wildlife that simply didn’t know I was there.

    When you are properly trained how to hunt and fish and be successful, being stealthy is key. Personally, I can sit for hours on end being (for the most part) very still… my movements while hunting are to scan with mainly my eyes or my head movements are so slow side to side that they aren’t readily noticeable by game animals… I take it very seriously, which in turn makes me respect everything more I believe. It makes what I harvest more earned and appreciated.

    Being familiar with the outdoors myself, I would have to ask Chad why he felt the need to take a scoped rifle with him fishing? A scoped rifle is not primarily a self defense weapon, and in Oregon the predatory animals aren’t that different from the ones here in Wi., black bear, wolf, mountain lions etc.

    The scoped rifle’s primary use is for taking steady longer range accurate shots at game or targets.
    I wish Chad would explain this clearer because it gives me the impression that he’s either not telling the whole truth or he doesn’t know as much as he might think about the outdoors or the competency of others that hunt and fish as well.

    I find it unlikely (not saying impossible) that while his son is walking through weeds looking for lures and both of them are talking, that even someone like myself coming through the grass stealthily wouldn’t know they’re there, or at least that someone else was in the area close by.

    I find it strange (but not impossible) that some people would report seeing a Sasquatch drinking water in such a manor simply because it reminds me very much of how people of Muslim faith pray. From kneeling to bowing and back up repeatedly. They pray this way in large groups as well, and that’s about all I know about that particular religion.

    I’m still only 30-40 pages into my own Holy Bible but unfortunately my memory with what I’ve read is so bad that I couldn’t recite a single verse word for word… it makes sense as I read it slowly though and take time to ponder different lines before moving on… I think it’s truly amazing and a blessing when people can remember so many things in detail… But it isn’t me and I perfectly and comfortably accept that:)

    Sometimes with different (ok, all) encounters I’d like to know even more about the state of mind of the witness, their thoughts and beliefs and their unresolved fears… Not because I’m a Nosey Nelly or would get my rocks off with a confessional booth at the State Fair, but because I think there are more answers within that Scope of knowing each other, more than there are answers within scopes mounted to weapons. 👁️ 🙏🏼🌞

    • Ron S

      After I proofread my thing above, I meant to say thousands of different animals, I couldn’t say how many different species offhand… so yeah, that’s what I meant. The rest conveyed my thoughts and ideas pretty clearly I think.

      Thank you to the 2nd guest Derek also. The encounter sounds similar to a road crossing a friend of mine had with his daughter while she was sitting in the back seat. He also stepped on the gas and drove up to where it crossed and didn’t see anything running away either.

      I wouldn’t let it bother you or haunt you too much Derek. It’s something that just happens IMO… hopefully you can reflect on the experience and something good will come from it someday.

      None of us are baptized at birth knowing how mysterious life can potentially be… I haven’t really thought about the effective usefulness of an instruction manual for life that automatically comes with a Birth Certificate… To me that’s more of a responsibility that should be more on the shoulders of good well rounded parenting more than anything. 🌞

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