Dec 16

SC EP:912 The Appalachian Trail Encounter

Alex will be a guest on an upcoming show. In 2006 he was hiking down the Appalachian Trail. Alex said “I thought some serial killer was following me. He matched me step for step. I stopped on the trail and caught sight of someone or something in wearing a black hoodie. I thought it was a person.

I kept moving down the trail and that’s when the rocks started whizzing past my head. I started running and this thing gave chase. It was knocking over small tree’s, it sounded like a bull dozer.

I will also be speaking to David. In 2009 David was returning from a funeral when a large creature stepped in front of his vehicle. David said “The driver coming in the opposite lane stopped and this thing went straight up a mountain side. I didn’t know what it was but it looked like a man, a big man walking across the road.




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54 Responses to “SC EP:912 The Appalachian Trail Encounter”

    • Brian L

      So this was mentioned on another SamSquantch podcast a few weeks ago.
      Check out:
      ‘Lower Suwannee
      National Wildlife Refuge
      Hunting Regulations 2022-2023’
      It’s a .pdf map on the FWS.GOV website.
      In the text portion on bottom of map; the 4th row over, under:
      Specific Hunt Regulations
      “There is NO taking of Swamp or Skunk Apes.”
      Not monkeys….APES.
      Just another subtle admission by Uncle Sam…..or at least a CYA for local Game Wardens….

        • Brian L

          The Gooberment doesn’t care what u know…..They….Them….It…only cares what u can prove….. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be the guy to drag a Skunk Ape outta the swamp behind a Swamp Buggy with the media waiting…..

          • Daren c

            For some reason, I doubt I’d get one tiied up to a buggy and make it out alive , and moreover, I have no desire to even try. See one? Heck yeah , kill one and try and drag it in ? No Thanks

            I hear ya on proving , tho S.C and the 912 episodes has pretty much made that “proving” it a mute point to anyone with at least a bit of a functioning brain . It’s statistically impossible for all these people to be making it up. Like you stated originally, they dropping hints so they can say ” we did tell you they existed in the Hunting regulations ” I read about two weeks ago on Paulides sight someone said its in Oregon’s Military Field manual under ” dangerous wildlife” and “do not approach , or shoot at” that it is against the law. I didn’t see it , they said they did , said it even had pictures. Nonetheless, it’s all pretty wild , in spite of the drama going on , it’s a cool time to be alive

  1. Mark R

    Thanks Maria! Finally got our first seasonal taste of snow here in west central portion of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Not a fan but it’s going to happen when you’re surrounded by huge bodies of water!

    Thanks Wes, way to sneak an episode past us. Except for Brian. I don’t know how he does it!

  2. Maria G

    Daren C..I heard on SC once ( I’m not 100 percent sure but I think it was Wes) that if EVEN 1 encounter was true (out of the 1000 ) heard on SC than Sasquatch/Bigfoot whatever exists…even just 1. That is very true. If someone drags one in the Govt will step in like time and time again and make it go away or have a BS answer. SC is more than a podcast it’s a public awareness/ service. (I’m struggling to find the right word) but I think you know what I mean. take care

    • Brian L

      Hi Maria,
      John Green said it quite well.
      In reference to the Sasquatch, either these creatures exist….or they don’t exist.
      If they don’t exist, then every eyewitness was either misidentifying, hallucinating, or lying.
      If they do exist, then there’s no reason to not doubt the 1000’s of credible witnesses who have stated that they indeed saw the creature.

  3. Linda B

    I agree these things are something paranormal and/or in the spirit realm too. I loved David’s analogy of the fish, that’s so smart. The UFO thing is the scariest, isn’t it? We’re seeing this stuff, it’s out there, and we’re not crazy.

  4. Joe V

    I just met a gentleman here in Nova Scotia a few weeks ago who is like the Canadian Crocodile Dundee!!! I was working for my buddy doing lost luggage deliveries around the province and I had a delivery in Bear River, Nova Scotia. I drove up to the property in the back woods area and when I turned into his driveway I saw a sasquatch cutout made out of wood about 6-7 feet tall. As I drove up to the house and workshop area I noticed a Bigfoot Xcrosing sign. Then a rather large man exited the wood shed bearing a leather hat and an axe. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him about the luggage and he was like ‘okay’. I then asked him about his signs and cutout and then told him about my own potential encounters. He then told me he was from BC and had a few encounters out there in the rain forest areas and he is actually having issues at his new place there in Bear River! Just wild! I am going to send him an email here soon.

  5. Maria G

    Brian’s called clumbsy thumbsy. haha There’s no way that all the stories/encounters are BS. I actually feel ppl that are not nature ppl or are so busy in life just don’t ever think of’s just not even a thought ever. ignorance is bliss right? Take care and be safe out there

    • Brian L

      Yeah Maria, clumbsy thumbsy….
      I only bring up Squatch with one friend, who lived in Breckenridge for years….and saw tracks in the snow….mid 1990’s…..
      Everyone else I know has spent 0…ZERO time even thinking about the subject….
      Let alone reading any of the great books by Dr. Bindernagel, or Dr. Meldrum….
      Or listening to SC….and hearing accounts such as Claire’s….
      I tell some doubters that there is more evidence of Sasquatch than there is for the existence of ‘God’…..and 99% of the planet believes in a God…..

  6. richard r

    nice outro music.
    its true ,very easy for me to believe in spiritual dimensional realms. when we die all of these mysteries we didnt understand will be uncovered and that “veil” will be lifted. i mean we’ll know what the angels know not everything god knows but thats animal only knows so much then theres humans and after that angels which is a step futher on the level of awareness.

  7. Ron S

    “Returning from a funeral”, Wasn’t that something like Wes and Woodys main encounter? It also reminds me of my first encounter with a friend, except it started with finding a giant white cross in the forest made out of 4”x4” wood posts, it was the site of someone’s death but we didn’t know them personally. Still, no obvious ties to give clues as to what it is.
    It’s getting to the point where it’d be much easier to just change my name to “my opinion” instead of having to constantly write it, or it’s a trial by fire… at the very least tongue lashing by keystrokes I’d guess…it’s so unnecessary… in my opinion.
    In my opinion😩ugh… if you want to unlock something you need at least one key… the harder it is to get to, the more keys you’ll need.
    Let’s make this fun and simple… Life is like an escape room. You don’t win by quitting, and your not a winner because you stopped trying after solving just a part of one clue and felt satisfied with yourself. You don’t make it out in time by following one persons knowledge in the group alone because we are all playing the same game for the first time and learning as we go, also you can’t buy your way out. The designer of the game is this cool old guy that delights in seeing you win.
    One tip for new contestants is: the more stress and grief you put on the the other players around you that will help make the game exciting, rewarding and fun, results in them having a harder time trying to contribute in a unique way you’ll need.
    It takes various people with different talents, ways of looking at things acquired through their individual life and experiences to find all the keys needed to unlock the main door.
    There are so many fun twists and turns within the game that are meant to be enjoyed, and it’s supposed to be challenging and rewarding all the way through for everyone.
    Sasquatch is not by itself a key, (but is labeled with words such as trust, compassion, sympathy etc.) it’s a clue that only some in the room will want to admit to have experience with so they should be all welcomed to come forward and contribute… when you realize who’s helping for everyone’s benefit and who’s not, you’re left with fewer with actual experience and fewer still will have the skill set to discern a true experience, have the credibility combined with honesty etc…. and it keeps going until you realize that not one singular person has all the unique traits in order to get one of the keys for the group… it reverts itself back to a group effort and everyones collective intuition as to who’s contribution truly wants the best for everyone that helps you unlock the riddle and attain one of the keys… a riddle that makes you think and dwell on it intentionally because you’ll need this later.
    The final phase of the game after all the keys are installed in the door and turned, each player must take a turn standing in front of the great main door… a riddle must be answered before it opens, a riddle that isn’t very hard if you’ve paid attention and made a contribution where you could or at least encouraged other players, but impossible if you weren’t involved and spent the entire time only thinking about and doing things for yourself…in my opinion

  8. Robin W

    I love to hear people’s opinions of what Sasquatch is. Was wondering if anyone has watched David Paulides YouTube channel: Bigfoot class 1-? I’ve watched up to 5 so far and he presents some pretty interesting facts!

  9. Ron S

    Take this with a grain of salt, throw it away, do whatever you need to with what I’m about to say, it’s just an idea from someone who has had experiences and strange phenomena happen… I think deeply about it more and more every day from every angle I can fathom. I’ve always been a very determined person and when I know I can do something I’m not afraid to humbly prove it. My upbringing taught me in a harsh way to seek approval by proving myself, but when strange things happened I couldn’t explain or prove I felt almost disrespected and disappointed in myself, (I’ve held respect in high regard also because that lesson wasn’t free either). I have experienced many instances throughout my life wishing I had a thicker skin as everything impacted me so much (the good and the bad), I didn’t know how to let things made me retreat from people and a very difficult person to get to know… with ADD in my case, your mind is a tornado of information, thoughts, ideas, worries, everything… I walked a lot with my head down because to look up meant to take in new information, and to try and see a person’s face moving as they talk and simultaneously comprehend what they were saying, and then respond?… that was nearly impossible… It made me realize I was different because everyone else I saw could do it effortlessly, but I couldn’t figure out how. I guess I still am a bit of a shut in but not to the same extent as before. I wish I could come on the show and share everything I’ve encountered but it just isn’t time, I’m still working through some insecurities…(even so, SC has helped me relay my experiences and open up through writing where I feel comfortable, so thank you Wes)… When I would open up and talk a little in the past it was nerve wracking to see people wanting to build friendships. I probably showed them I was kind and maybe interesting as an artist.. and don’t get me wrong, I do like good people but at the same time I struggled with viewing people as a representation of pain and also kind of an info overload… I’ve still managed to slowly connect with people, I’ve always only kept a few proven friends that aren’t offended when I don’t see them for weeks or months at a time… they are always genuine with steady personalities and we cast no judgment on each other, it just works. It’s taken me a long time to realize that what I viewed as my weakness or flaws may have actually been my gift so I started to reshape my thinking. The start of this new process of thinking in a more trusting and forgiving way and shedding some insecurities is still kind of new for me, and oddly enough I’m seeing that it started with phenomena happening I knew nothing about until I started researching it… I was always stunned when I later found out I wasn’t the only one that had the same experience as someone else, and when they would describe something that I went through to a tee, that was almost as shocking as the experience itself. and I knew there must be more to it… eventually I suffered from severe back pain and my hours at work got shorter and shorter as the years went by and it only gave me more time to dwell on everything, but maybe this was a good thing…At least I hope so.
    Now, with that said I can probably say safely that maybe I can contribute to this topic from a unique perspective just as we all can.

    To those who get caught up in thinking about a paranormal/supernatural experience that turned your world upside down and caused confusion and stress or basically put your life on hold, I get it… I feel this was intentional, and if you’re still on hold this could be a good thing and shows you haven’t committed to the wrong path yet. I want you to at least just try this (just for a while) stop worrying about what your encounter was, where it came from, where it went, it’s habits, who made it, where it’s bones are or where to find it again. Think solely of the encounter as an outward expression of yourself or something only you or the witnesses involved needed to learn that’s holding you back… something that you weren’t seeing on your own, with help from friends or family or even in more subtle ways such as odd coincidences in everyday life… it could be something you suppressed or a way of viewing the world in a negative or depressing light or lacking spiritually… something you were or likely still are in denial of… something making you stuck that you are blind to or refuse to admit. You’ve likely adopted a bad mindset somewhere. Maybe something wanted you not to stay in a rut but give rather a drastic way to get unstuck from your rut that came in the form of a locomotive locked onto your frame going 30mph instead of your friends giving you a push, something so jarring that it causes you to constantly think about it searching for the answer. Think about yourself honestly at the time of the encounter, you’re biggest flaw, what you needed to see, what you needed to see in other people, something you were doing or way of thinking that was keeping you from being on the right path, your weaknesses holding you back in life… think of your encounter metaphorically such as “the creature had black eyes so maybe I was blind to something” look from every angle and every shocking detail… and look deep, like dream analogy science, my gal was telling me about it, sounds like it might be similar… I think you’ll eventually get the message you were supposed to receive as I am finding out on my own. When you start to understand why something needed to be shown to you in that way and you make sense of it, some bizarre things start to happen, like an enlightenment, the fear subsides, the “creature” is not as important as what it represents, it’s just part of a unique complex message just for you. You’ll see other peoples encounters completely different and how each of our unique qualities can be used to help each other. I know this sounds absolutely rubber-room crazy to anyone who hasn’t had any encounters but that’s also part of it all, an interest in the topic is why you are here, it’s your chance to make a change for the better under your own free will but with some hints, I can almost bet. It’s on everyone to have trust and compassion and work together. This is what I’m beginning to understand from my own experiences and I sincerely hope (encounter or not) everyone finds their own answers as well…I’m noticing this new take on phenomena is making me a better human being for my family, friends, everyone in my life and people in general…as bad as my world was flipped one way with nothing but questions, the answers you might find will flip it in an entirely new and positive direction. I hope this works for others as it seems to be doing for me… Maybe this thought process is how I’m meant to contribute and help others all along. I’m sure time will tell.
    And lastly…if this theory doesn’t pan out and I accidentally hit a Sasquatch with the truck, meet me at the Walmart cause we’re dragging that dang dirty ape down the road over to Wes’s basement, then he can finally stop saying he doesn’t have one😁
    Take care everyone

    • Ron S

      Art Bell Area 2000 binge 2 just popped up on YT and I’ve been listening…smh…people have been trying to tell us basically what I just wrote for years! smh…this synchronicity stuff is just flat out eerie

  10. Bryan G

    Wes, Don’t let the enemy discourage you. You don’t realize how important your podcast is! These are not “natural” creatures, and they will NEVER have good intentions. These are “the beasts from the Earth” mentioned in the 4th seal. They are the descendants from the tower of Babel that were cursed by God to become like apes and elephants. Don’t think it so strange….. Even Nebuchadnezzar was cursed to become like the beasts of the field. These creatures are the descendants of the same Nephilim that built the tower of Babel. According to the book of Jasher (mentioned in the book of Joshua…. Apocryphal book), God killed 1/3 of those people, made 1/3 like unto apes and elephants, and scattered the other 1/3, as well as the 1/3 that He changed into beasts throughout the entire Earth. God also “confounded” their language, but He never changed it. God just confused them so that they couldn’t communicate. That’s why they all sound the same. Some of them look more like giant men, and some look like giant apes. They are seed of the serpent….. The descendants of the tower of Babel are the ones who built the burial mounds all over the world, and they’re also the ones who built all of the pyramids around the world in rememberance of the tower of Babel, apart from the ones built by the Hebrews that were enslaved by the pharaohs in Egypt. Our government has allowed them to grow their population, because they know they’re the sons of the fallen angels, and they’re all on the same side ultimately….. Our government plans to push the US into another full depression and famine, because they know we’ll flee into the national forests for food. That is when the church will come face to face with the descendants of Babel, when the deer begin to run out….. Your podcast is opening the eyes of common folks to be prepared for what’s coming. Never quit Wes! You’re right in the middle of God’s plan for your life!!! After this trial, we’ll witness the opening of the 6th seal for the resurrection of the dead in Christ, and the appearing of the Son of Man! Jesus is coming, Wes! Keep telling the truth about these beasts! They are not man made, and they are not of God! They are absolutely enemies of the bride if Christ, and everyone who crosses paths with them. I can’t help but notice just how many Bible believing sons of God are sharing their stories with you….. These scenarios are going to increase! It’s a guarantee!!! The seed of the serpent will be at enmity with the seed of the woman! It’s the very first prophecy in scripture, and we’re in the last days….. Things are about to get VERY interesting……

    • Ron S

      Hey Bryan, looks like we’re making a tower of babble here…hardy har bar:)
      I think I appreciate what you’re saying? It sounds a little fear mongery imo, and I’m always suspect when people don’t leave room for interpretation, and frankly it sounds scary with seals and so forth, but I’m also glad we can all express our thoughts. Thank goodness I have my fiancé here to interpret bible references here for me or I’d have no clue what you’re talking about, but that’s on me I guess as I haven’t read any scripture yet… I have a hard enough time reading directions and putting a chip-board tv stand together, (ok, I don’t use the directions at at all, you got me). It seems as though you’re talking of seals and some apocalyptic things happening with no time reference and also drawing your info from different sources through time and it’s the same general thing some people have been spouting for generations, and frankly I think it’s just stressful and entirely the wrong approach in a world where we have enough stress as it is…idk, it just personally makes me feel icky and not want to get to know anything involving religion at all when I hear a statement like yours… it makes me want to get a family size bag of chips and binge watch Trailer Park Boys. I’m not trying to put you down or be mean, I think you have good intentions but I just figured maybe it was a good idea to shed light on how your thoughts can be perceived from someone pretty average…in all honesty there might be some crazy ending some day, but maybe not for a thousand years or more, but yes people should choose to be on the side of light over darkness sooner rather than later. Idk… to me if you want the best in people to come out you lead with love and by example and let them want to find their way to better choices…and not prod them along with tales of fire and brimstone… or pretty soon they’ll get tired of getting poked in the rump… And also I kind of like elephants and gorillas and see wisdom in there eyes…especially when they aren’t being abused by humans. Is that so wrong?

      • Ron S

        Bryan G… ok, I keep rereading your comment and feel more disturbed by it each time, sorry bud. You’re totally trying to insight panic and confusion and cause chaos imo. You’re trying to come off as an angel while either trying to seduce or prod people with a proverbial pitchfork…not cool. Nobody on here is making a blanket statement that Sasquatch is in fact a Nephilim, we don’t know what it is or even if it’s evil…idk Bryan, it seems like you’re playing games with trickery all of the sudden… But god bless you… I hope you find peace and less exclamation points😊

  11. Donna H

    Hi Wes, another great show and I love the music at the end, would you please tell us who the band is and name of the song. Like many of your listeners at bedtime I get settled into bed and go to sleep listening to your show. Tonight’s music was so very peaceful.

    Thank you!
    Donna from Atlanta

  12. Alex P

    Ryan b…not sure why you wouldn’t believe me. It very well could have been a guy in a hoodie lol. That small glimpse I did get wasn’t enough to actually “know” what it was. I only wanted to share after hearing many other stories similar to mine and making a connection to that strange day. Take it how you like, but rest assured this wasn’t something I just made up for fun. Regardless thanks for listening, and Merry Christmas SC peeps!

  13. Andrew B

    When I heard that Alex started from Unionville, I almost swerved off the road. I grew up in the next town over from there and could see the monument at High Point from my bedroom window. When I was growing up in the ’70s, there were rumors that someone had spotted bigfoot on a property not far from my house. It was on a road between my house and Unionville. I’m going to be in the area again soon. I might have to hike a little bit of the trail.

  14. Joshua M

    I love it when people brainstorm on Sasquatch origins, particularly when they’re atypical as it’s like a good mental workout. I lean more towards the interdimensional side of things (while not doubling down on it as I could easily be wrong) as it’s really the only explanation for certain accounts. There is one solid possible biblical explanation that I’ve come across but in my experience it’s something people just don’t want to hear, especially when it does not concern the nephilim or demons.

    Great episode as always Wes. In case I’m not here for a few days I’d like to wish Wes and company, as well as all the lovely fans a very merry Christmas!

  15. craig d

    Alex has a big guy in a hoodie trail him and sneak into cover when he turns to see who’s following him, then a rock is thrown at him and he thinks it’s a squirrel???
    Wouldn’t be the first conclusion I’d jump to!
    I’m not questioning his integrity but it’s these little inconsistencies that fule sceptics suspicions and lead to disbelief.

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