Nov 6

SC EP:902: Apes In The Trees Is Now Available

Tonight I will be speaking to Justin and he describes seeing the Joplin lights in Joplin, Missouri. Several years later he had a strange incident while fishing in Missouri.

I will also be speaking to Chris. Chris writes “I am from Northeast Ohio. The purpose for my email is to corroborate a story that I heard on your podcast. I am new to this realization of the existence of undocumented animals and sasquatch so I’ve only found your podcast a month or so ago.

You had a caller on your Season 1 episode 22 that saw a “shimmer” that he believed to be an intelligent animal. He said the experience happened in the 90’s in Perry, Ohio. I grew up in Madison, Ohio and our 10 acre property bordered Perry Park to the south so we were on the border. When I was between the ages of 14 and 16 I, and some family members, witnessed small, 3′-4′ bipedal “apes” in the trees on and around our property.

I never saw the features of their face but I did watch one run across our yard on 2 feet. My brother and I also had an experience when at 1am we heard something land on our roof and run. We hid in the basement as we were alone because my Dad was at a disc jockey gig until 3am. While in the basement we heard our rear French door open and it walked in briefly. The experiences themselves are more detailed but I’m typing this on my lunch hour. I talked to a few people about it but received only ridicule so I stopped talking about it and pretty much blocked it out mentally until now. I absolutely believe that the “shimmer” that your Caller saw and the “apes” were the same thing.

Please feel free to contact me anytime should you have any questions at all. Thanks!”

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