Feb 1

SC EP:76 Open Phone Lines is now available

SC EP:76 Open Phone Lines and Your Thoughts is now available in the podcast section. I want to thank all of our members for the great questions that were submitted. We will be doing another show this week for you guys to answer more of your questions. Later tonight I will be posting another show just for you guys.

4 Responses to “SC EP:76 Open Phone Lines is now available”

  1. Brian A

    Why do I get the feeling that you learned something about the difficulties in producing this show. But all you guys are doing a great job with the show. It’s always great to have the earlier podcast’s too. The only thing I’m missing is how Wes used to read the stories. Mostly the same content as what I’m reading from blog, nowadays. Anyway Thanks for producing and airing all the shows and all your dedicated research efforts. Overall, when you consider that you could possibly go camping and be approached by one or more animals. I find that disturbing. Almost as disturbing as the Patriots interception on the goal line that I just saw on TV.
    No. Honestly one of the most disturbing things that I’ve heard is the Iron Curtain of Govt. Secrecy that surrounds potential public information, information that may have been collected using tax payer dollars. Ahem…….Time to listen t the show

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