Apr 26

SC EP:649 Hunter Encounters Sasquatch

A listener writes “I had 4 encounters on 3 different properties, 2 of which I know was Bigfoot and 2 that couldn’t have been anything else and nothing else makes since. All these encounters took place while deer hunting here in northeast Alabama. I also have a strange story about the balls of lights that my grandma told me about on the property we’re I had 2 of the encounters.”



Spoke to the witness and he said “I was hunting and the neighbor had a huge dog.I thought this large dog had its back to me in the treeline and I was mad because he was going to ruin my hunt. I looked away scanning for deer and when I looked back at what I thought was the dog I was shocked. It was now standing on two legs staring at me. I was in shock and could not wrap my head around what I was looking at.”



We are also going to speak to David and his son who had an encounter in Utah. David’s son ran ahead of him on the trail and saw a creature on the trail. His son screamed and David thought he was hurt as he caught up to his son he heard something very large tearing through the woods.




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    • F S

      There is a ZERO % chance of a Sasquatch, or any known organism, giving birth to a 100% of anything, once hybridization takes place. Use of a Punnett square to predict genotypes (allele combinations) and phenotypes (observable traits) of offspring to determine homozygous or heterozygous expression is used for single generic traits only, and has nothing to do with genome mapping.
      To put it simply – imagine all the ingredients in cake batter. Once the batter is mixed and baked, there is no way to pull out the individual ingredients – ever.
      Also – there is no such thing as a “recessive” organisms. Recessiveness pertains to traits only.
      This gentleman seems like an amiable gentleman, but his explanation and understanding of genetics needs work.

      • Kathy B

        Wes this was an interesting show tonight. Thanks for not using Shortwalkers real name. It was good to hear he was not hurt. It was great to hear from him.
        I agree with you get back into the woods. Now I know I am not the one that was petrified. Try to get comfortable and enjoy the woods again if even for hiking. The grandmother’s experience with orbs was interesting. I would never have thought about capturing an orb…..that is young people for you. Her brother received burns, Wow.
        That is why I enjoy these episodes- I always learn
        Something new. Thanks for sharing

  1. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and guests. Another great show. I continue to be amazed that people continue to go back to the scene of the encounter. I’d be a one and done if I ran into a sasquatch in the forest on a walk.

  2. Rich P

    Another great show Wes! I have to say, you nailed it with that intro and the closing music. Great bookends to some excellent content. Keep it up! Always look forward to the next one.

  3. David W

    You truely are the voice and the go guy for people who have had encounters. You give them a safe place to unload there problems and thoughts without being judged. The show is truely about the guest and there experiences But the amazing thing is your ability to interview your guess in a calm and respectful way while all slong teaching us about these creatures. Thanks for everything

  4. Dusty S

    Apparently the Sasquatch DNA shows the female side is human and the male is unknown so what If instead of Sasquatch being half human
    What if it’s the other way around and we humans are part Sasquatch

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