Nov 29

SC EP:63 Bigfoot on the family farm

Tonight we speak to a listener who grew up on a farm. Over several weeks he noticed animals that either came up missing or had their necks broken. The family had no idea what was killing their animals until one day he came across a Sasquatch while he was picking berries. The encounter changed his life.



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49 Responses to “SC EP:63 Bigfoot on the family farm”

  1. Gail R

    I really enjoyed this show, thanks. It was so sad when Jason said that he had been worried about telling people about his encounter because of stigma about mental illness. Thank goodness your show exists to let people hear each others’ accounts so they know they are not alone or “crazy”. Also, I’ve been thinking about the question over why parents and older people who farm often seem in denial about what’s really causing their animals to disappear or what’s really in the woods. If you live in an apartment in the city and neighbours move in who you don’t like for whatever reason it’s usually relatively easy to move to another similar apartment. However, if you are farming, have livestock and are living off and looking after the land I think it’s harder to move. I’ve listened to quite a few SC episodes where people with young children have stayed on after an encounter or even several encounters and I’ve been shouting “get out of there! Why do you stay?” but it must be hard to have to admit that you can’t protect your family and your livestock and it’s not so easy to up and leave a farm and hope to find a similar situation quickly to move to. Also if you haven’t much money or it’s tied up in the farm then I could understand people trying to deny the truth as long as possible rather than having to face the reality of trying to move. If your family has lived in an area for generations then you would resent being driven from that land and possibly hope the problem would move on in time if you just carried on and waited. Just my thoughts…

  2. Stephen M

    I still say there could be a host of reasons why a Bigfoot would toss something at a human. A huge rock is probably not a friendly gesture, no. But a pebble could be a bid for attention or an attempt to tease.. I’m sure they have a whole variety of emotions and motivations like other primates do.

  3. Sandra C

    The dreams he described are called night terrors. They’re much worse than nightmares. They’re very much a result of PTSD.

    When I was 8, we were in a serious car accident in which we were all severely injured (our car went off the road in the mountains and rolled down a steep slope into a ravine). I had night terrors for the next year. I had Very vivid dreams of death and dead people (which doesn’t even begin to describe it), and I’d wake up screaming, shaking and in a cold sweat. This was many years before PTSD was a recognized illness.

    When it happened to soldiers, they used to call it battle fatigue.

    It’s not easy to work past. No idea what happened in his marriage, but I was thinking that undiagnosed and untreated PTSD can really mess up your life. Others will notice something wrong, but have no idea what it is or why. It could certainly ruin a marriage and so much more.

    This is one aspect of these experiences that makes them so believable. I haven’t seen a Sasquatch, but I largely believe the stories on this website. You can’t fake PTSD. Anyone who has had it can recognize it in others. It takes a truly terrifying experience to cause it.

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