27 Responses to “SC EP:60 Bigfoot charged my car!”

  1. Janice P

    My deepest sympathies to the one lady and the one lady’s daughter for their terrible encounters. Dan, I’m glad your camping trip made you appreciate never camping solo again. Lynn, I cannot imagine how your siblings feel knowing they locked you out of the house. Your dog is thus far the only dog I have ever heard of to step out to protect. Amazing dog with amazing devotion. One day at a time.
    Don’t think I’ll ever forget these encounters.

  2. Marc C

    Seriously, if the Bigs wanted to get the guys in their tents THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN GOTTEN. It’s intimidation to get people to leave. It is NOT hunting nor preying upon humans.

  3. L S

    The sasquatch under the “sheet,” I wish they had asked what the gf saw. That one is too weird, but I do know they come into losely populated areas “within city limits.”

  4. L S

    Wow. I really feel for Lynn and what she went through. I hope she has gotten some relief. I think we should get rid of these things. I’m curious about her counselor or therapist, if they believe her. I’m sure they can tell she’s obviously been traumatized, but do they believe it was a bigfoot. It’s probably better for her to talk to people that are “knowers” than a professional therapist. I just want to give her a hug. I appreciate the courage it took for her to share that horrifying experience. We really should get rid of them, or at least every one that does shit like that. Horrible.

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