Oct 20

SC EP:592 Confessions Of A Retired Police Officer

Kurt writes “I had an incident in 1995 in Northern Michigan that I would like to run by you. I was jogging and this thing got up and took off running. It looked like shaquille o neal in a ghillie suit. I have never disclosed this to anyone but my wife…… but now that I am retired (training units only), I’m not so nervous about speaking about it.”

Spoke to Kurt in depth about his encounter including other strange calls he has been on. One account Kurt relates was a call where the home owner said there was a prowler on the property. When the officer’s arrived they said there was large canine tracks around these peoples home. These tracks were larger than normal and there was scratch marks on the side of the house about 8-9 feet up.

Kurt relates “I got a call one time about a lady who said someone was walking on her roof. When we arrived we walked around her property and could not find anything. There was a lot of snow but as I shined my light up on the roof I saw what appeared to be footprints on this ladies roof. It was odd….I remember getting in my patrol car not sure what to make of this.”

Kurt will be sharing this and many more incidents that he encounter as a police officer. Join me as we pull the curtain back and take a look at law enforcement from behind the scenes.






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66 Responses to “SC EP:592 Confessions Of A Retired Police Officer”

  1. Todd W

    Has anybody checked out that show Geek Devil ,this is the first week that host hasnt complained of havin the sniffles or a scratchy throat( I wonder what that scratchy throat is from….) u dont hear from him the whole show until these two lackeys cant answer a simple question, so the summon this dude to answer these common sense questions like he is the holy spirit of the sasquatch, my God how pathetic. Does anybody know who this guy is………crickets…I didnt think so. WHAT FANTASTIC PODCAST SASQUATCH CHRONICLES TURNED OUT TO BE😎

    • James H

      Lol……… I have actually tried to legitimately give it a chance…………. I have yet to be able to make it through an entire episode. and you speak of the very problem that I have with the show is that there’s one person that thinks he knows it all and he has to have to sub servants to provide the most ridiculous questions. In all honesty if he were to do the show by himself he would come across much better

  2. LaVonne J

    Kurt thank you for your service on the homefront. I can’t think of a tougher job than our police, fire service and military. Young officers certainly need the experience, knowledge and skill you’re imparting….. it’s wonderful you’re doing that. After a lifetime of policing most would just retire and enjoy a hobby, but you sound like a guy with loads of integrity. I’m just glad you’ve been able to go home to your family at the end of the night and after your service. Again, thanks. And thank you to our other officers out there putting their life on the line every day. I tip my cap to you.

  3. Doug K

    Hey Wes…..this was a great show tonight. I really enjoyed hearing about all of Kurt’s different experiences in law enforcement. Thank you Kurt for sharing these amazing experiences. YEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  4. laura t

    My mother was possessed, cops were at my house a lot, my mom weight is about 115, 5’6. It took 6 cops to put hand cuffs on her, when they finally got her in the car, she was showing me all her teeth growling at me. This encounter remind me of that..

  5. laura t

    My mother was possessed, cops were at my house a lot, my mom weight is about 115, 5’6. It took 6 cops to put hand cuffs on her, when they finally got her in the car, she was showing me all her teeth growling at me. This encounter remind me of that

  6. Janetta V

    I so enjoyed listening to Kurt. He’s a real hero along with all of our other first responders and I thank you and all of them. You have certainly had you share of experiences, some of which I hope don’t bear on you too much. I love you kind voice. Thanks Wes.

  7. Neil P

    I felt like this episode was really an effort in coaxing content out of a reluctant conversation. Hearing the officer’s stories was intermittently interesting but this was a lot of fishing with mostly boring results. And my goal of tuning into the podcast is for sasquatch, not unrelated odd old stories.

  8. Charles R

    I can guarantee you Kurt, that was a Sasquatch and I imagine you know it also. Where did you play your college football? Not that it is related to this but the strange death of Cullen Finnerty who played quarterback at Grand Valley State ( 3 national titles with him at the helm in Division 2 and most wins in NCAA football history with 51 ) happened in the Manistee National Forest Memorial Day time, I think in 2013.

    The language was probably either Latin or a much older Mesopotamian dialect. Some of these demonic entities , incubus’ and sicubus’ can be many thousands of years old. Figures that an Ouija board was involved, never ever mess with one. Pop Fisher thought he should have been a farmer. I think I should have also. I am glad you stayed with your law enforcement profession Kurt. Society is indebted to good officers like yourself.

  9. Shawn S

    I have a couple friends from Michigan and this guy sounds just like one of them lol.

    But the other guy I know fork Michigan swears up and down he has actual video of the Dogman. I asked to see it and of course he can’t find his phone with the video but he was very adamant it was real whilst making fun of me and another fiend for believing in Bigfoot lol

  10. Pat T

    Wes, imagine if more police officers were willing to come on your show. Especially the ones in rural areas, so many great stories out there no doubt. I’ve been a member since the beginning and it seems like 2019 has surpassed all before! Keep up the great work!!

  11. Graden Q

    Wes we really appreciate your hard work to maintain such a great show, crazy you have gone nearly 600 episodes strong! Here’s to 600 more, or less haha Cheers! Hopefully technology gets easier, you would think though right?

  12. Maria R

    Loved it, thank you both for bringing this! I felt Kurt is a true hero and did his job to the best of his ability. I’m glad that he still works in training law enforcement. Great episode. Will not forget the creepy story about the possessed nurse anytime soon. Wes I hope you invite Kurt back on the show again.

  13. Jeffrey H

    I wish more officers were like Kurt. He seems like a standup guy. I think he would agree that you mellow with age and see the gray in things, instead of everything so black & white(no pun intended). Most of the older officers aren’t so quick to arrest and would rather look into what’s going on to help. I appreciate what Kurt has done for his career and that he was able to go home safely ever night. Thanks, Kurt, enjoy your well earn retirement! Stay safe too. All the best to you and your family, Kurt!

  14. Tammie S

    I’m very honored to know that you have those who really are truly coming forward to tell their tale of all strange things here and now. I’ve had so many experiences with the strange/but crazy more so encounter of paranormal and a hairy individual I grew up seeing all the time, hard to explain why but I’m 48 years young now and I’m still experiencing these entities. My life has been one big dysfunctional episode of wtf did I just see. Anxiety stricken

  15. Thomas J

    Wes and Kurt thanks for the show. Kurt your service to the community is much appreciated and thanks to all LEOs for the job you do. I sensed that you were holding back information but you do what you have to protect yourself and family.

  16. Dovie D

    I know I had forgotten about my encounter from the 5th grade in the 60s and as a teenager in the 70s until I was 35 I shared with a therapist and then with Wes. I was always told it was a nightmare. Since then I have had other encounters

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