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SC EP:584 She Was Feeding The Creatures Live Animals

Mike writes “I was born and raised in Natchez Mississippi and I had two encounters with what I know understand to be a sasquatch.

One encounter happened when I was about 7 years old and another time when I was maybe 20 or 21. As a young boy, I watched a neighbor give a cat and a raccoon to one of the giant creatures and there was a second one that crawled from behind her house like a giant spider and it gave me nightmares for quite some time. Another encounter happened when a friend and I were driving and we witnessed what looked like King Kong chasing a doe and a buck across the highway on a cold winter night we were heading to Fayette Mississippi from Natchez.”


Tonight, Timothy Renner talks about the Albatwitch Day Saturday, October 12, 2019

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143 Responses to “SC EP:584 She Was Feeding The Creatures Live Animals”

  1. Joe C

    oh man, the picture of that cat. Thats the first thing that came to mind, when the lady was feeding it live animals -_- … what a horrible person. i actually hope the sasquatch scares the hell out of her. or she becomes the meal. karma.

    • Michelle B

      At first I thought, maybe she’s doing this so they won’t bother her. Or maybe because she doesn’t have the money to buy food to give them to leave her alone. Here’s the thing….. traps aren’t cheap. Do they know how to open them ? Do they bring them back to her?

    • m99

      Yeah it sounds like she caught strays in a trap along with the raccoon and fed it to the monster. Yes exactly. My thought was, why can’t he catch them himself?

    • Debbie S

      Yeah, I have thought about this one all day. I just cannot wrap my head around the raccoon and cat. At our old house(with the activity) the lady 3 houses up from us fed feral cats. I counted 40 one day and those were the ones I could see. They started disappearing until it was hard to even spot a cat outside. She screamed at all of her neighbors and claimed we trapped them and took them to the pound. Nope, none of us had. I knew why they were disappearing and it was making me sick to my stomach….but sheesh…to put one in a cage and hand it over? This episode is going to stay with me for a very long time. 🙁

  2. Brian R

    Good show. Honestly I could have just listened to Mike talk longer…you guys just bullsh!tn a little more. He has a very interesting life, family history, and perception. Felt like the show ended a little abruptly…but great nonetheless.

  3. Eileen F

    Many thanks to your guest. He sounds like a great guy who came out of bad situations with his character intact. His love of the Lord, his wife, his children and his family is exemplary. Thank you for sharing.

    • Debbie S

      Yes! Thank you Mike! God bless you… was hard to hear your story but I cannot even imagine actually witnessing it. Thank you so much for sharing it. I believe you. May your future be filled with good things. 🙂

  4. Maria R

    What a great account! I truely felt for Mike, the cat, the racoon!! At one point I wanted to reach out and hug him. I hope I NEVER see one, hearing all these encounters is more than enough. Mike , if you’re reading these messages, God Bless you!

  5. Trenton S

    Loved this episode. Mike semms like the kind of guy that is down to earth, a man of his word and a family man with nothing to gain by lying. I really enjoyed this episode and believed everything he had to say. It almost sounds like those southerners have a similar way of keeping things amongst themselves like it’s natives do. The only people we’re supposed to share our cultural stories with are people we love or trust very very much. Or a person we have a ton of respect for. It’s just the way I’ve been raised and to do otherwise is sort of taboo and really looked down upon. I’ve shared one personal encounter I’ve had with you all in one of the threads on the last dogman episode but am hesitant to share others because if someone ftom back home knew I’d be chastised and looked down on.

  6. Charles R

    Mr. King talked of the Wildman with the same grass type roots for food as did Albert Ostman. The interpretation of speaking French would not be so unusual if all you knew was English. Mike, I would have loved to eat your Mother’s gumbo. I think the one Mike described is a young adult male and what is often described as the huge linebacker type body. As they mature they pack on the weight and fill out to what people describe as four feet wide. That spider walk just shows how darn athletic they are and how stealthy they can be. I have an internet friend who actually had a pic of one in this position, he was on this show 2 plus years ago, and it was reaching out to take a melon he had left for them. The pic was at dusk and not of good quality – very typical. There is no punishment to0 severe for any man that beats on a woman. I wonder what the lady that served up the cat and racoon got in exchange, surely there was a long term relationship going on. I bet they watched her back at the least. Would not it be fantastic to hear from her or such a person? Got to love and fear a creature that can make Shaq look small. Seen Shaq on the new Papa Johns commercial. Interesting take on what they are Mike. That matches what the DNA project Dr. Melba Ketchum stated. Unknown male progenitor with a human female about 15,000 years ago.

    I think you are correct Wes. This is a southern type attitude. We have the story from the gentleman in Northern Kentucky with the lady that ran a Bigfoot day care, the tales from Janice Carter which I now tend to believe more, and Mike’s experiences. I will bet there are many, many more in the South and by golly maybe some more will make their way to you Wes. Keep up your excellent work.

  7. Asheim

    Sitting here with my dogs and cat not sure I can hear this. What is wrong with this lady???? Is she trying to make a pet of the creature? Ewww. Where did she get the cat? Her own? Someone else’s? A poor stray?

  8. Robert J

    Everyone part of this show who support the podcast need to see the new trail cam that caught the image of a Sasquatch,s right side face. This is the best photo I have ever seen. Apparently the camera trap snapped the picture as he knocked it down. The picture was taken in Georgia. It is awesome! I hope you guys can find tat picture, I saw it on my moms account.

  9. Allison P

    Wes, there are several Indian mounds in Natchez. There is one named Emerald mound. It is the second largest ceremonial mound in North America. Also the Natchez trace starts in Natchez.

  10. Randy F

    Wes delivers another excellent show! I must admit being an animal lover I was a bit worried about a part of this show but as usual he nails it and made the show great! Thanks for all you hard work Wes.

  11. Peggy O

    This is the first episode I looked at all the comments and I can honestly say that I am not going to listen to this one. Thanks for the work you do, and I will catch you next time!

  12. Elaine L

    Don’t be fooled into believing that an entity isn’t supernatural just because it doesn’t eat! Three days after Jesus had died from being crucified he returned and supped with his disciples. If spiritual entities good and bad can assume human form (ie Sodom & Gomorrah to warn Lott) they are quite and have known to take food and drink. Don’t be fooled into believing just because a being/entity is of a corporeal ‘fleshly’ existence that they can not assume a spiritual form and have the ability to travel through different ‘realms’.

  13. Perry I

    Great account of Mike recalling what he saw as a kid. As twilight set in seeing two creepy creatures yards away across the road would have an everlasting feeling of dread imprinted on his young mind after all these years. Could hear the emotion in his voice recalling this event. ?

  14. David J

    I wonder if some reports we hear from other parts of the world of “giant spiders” are actually just glimpses of other countries’ versions of sasquatch, moving in the spider-man crawl.

  15. Tracy L

    I loved MIke’s story and the way he told it. I felt like I was sitting on the porch with him and his grandparents, straining to see through the twilight and make out what was at the other lady’s house. This spider crawling thing FREAKS ME OUT! I hope I never see that, but, at the same time, I hope I do! Thanks to Mike for sharing his incredible story and to you Wes for allowing the guests to come on and mesmerize us with their encounters.

  16. Tracy L

    Oops! Thanks also to Timothy Renner for his incredible historical newspaper accounts! I wish he hadn’t left so early! I love his books and hearing him recount the stories from yesteryear. I remember hearing a so-called scientist proclaim that the number of Bigfoot sightings went up after the Patty film came out; therefore, every claim of encountering a Sasquatch is merely a form of mass hallucination brought on by the Patty film. They say the same thing about UFO’s and Roswell. However, finding the tales from the 1800’s, or earlier, which are obviously talking about a Sasquatch encounter, blows this false, mass-hallucination claim to smithereens. Next time, I hope he will tell us stories of the Albawitches in PA.

  17. Dimitri K

    Fascinating show and a great guest. I’m glad that you were able to come on and share your experiences Mike even though it obviously has had a profound impact on you.

    I am not condoning the actions of the the lady who fed the cat and raccoon to the Sasquatches (who knows what her reasoning was, maybe a payoff to keep her animals safe?) but some of the responses from the members are a bit over the top and out of touch. What do you think all of the predators in the wild eat, chicken mcnuggets? Wrong. Other animals. Live animals. That is the circle of life.
    For those of you whom eat meat, where do you think it comes from, besides the grocery store? Sheesh.

  18. Miss Kendall S

    Thank you so much Mike for sharing your encounters and everything that you have been through and you sound like a very honest man and a good one on top of that I wish nothing but the best for you and your family and thank you Wes that was awesome as always ??

  19. Matthew W

    No where is it established that the raccoon or the cat get eaten. The animals were gifted. Someone will have to go there and see if there is any evidence to support the hypothesis that the gifted animals were consumed. Personally, I view the lady with the 40 (or more) cats as being far worse than the small part Indian woman who was small, she was not big, she was small, who gave the gifts. When I was a kid, our neighbor had a stuffed raccoon posed in attack mode with the teeth showing. Now that was nightmare material. Did anyone find it ironic that the manscape add was in the fury creature getting gifted or et episode!?

      • Matthew W

        If Bigfoot is a protector of the forest, perhaps he let the cat and the raccoon go, relocated them to a less habitated area.
        There are many accounts of Bigfoot rescuing children or helping injured hikers. Why is it difficult to consider a more benevolent motive? I am not buying any of that demonic crap.

  20. Matthew W

    “Umphff”: translation: Thank you for the kitty and the raccoon small lady, we will return the empties next time. The Mrs., oh she’s crawling around here somewhere. Chow.
    So are there people in that neck of the woods who speak bigfoot? What if the small lady who gifted the animals listens to this pod cast and tells Mr. and Mrs. Bigfoot about it from her kitchen window?

  21. Renee S

    OMG! I almost fell outta my chair listening to the manscape commercial!? I waited to listen to this episode because spiders (anything resembling them) are my kryptonite…one wonders if the lady has to appease these creatures by giving them the live animals?! It’s a shock no matter the reasoning

  22. Celia

    Great episode. I love the way Mike tells a story. So visual. I felt like I was on the porch with him and his grandparents watching everything go down. As an animal lover, it was hard to listen but please try not to condemn the old woman without knowing the full story. I’m sure she had her reasons for keeping such an agreement.

  23. Christian L

    Bigfoot probably needs to Apescape w a Lawnboy… but seriously that has to be in the top 5 SC episodes ever!! Creep factor was huge. Not camping in Mississippi EVER!! Very sincere witness.

  24. Evelyn L

    Mike mentioned that parts of his family raised most of the food that they ate. Sometimes he and his siblings did not eat at all. When you live that way it can cause you to look at life a lot differently than people who have always gone to their refrigerator for food whenever they were hungry. Some people have had to look at animals as food and nothing more. Having a pet to them would be out of the question because food was so scarce for the people. Some of them probably never considered the fact that animals could have feelings. How else could they survive? I think that people who are so appalled by this story need to rethink their attitude and just be thankful that they have never been that hungry.
    It was an awful thing for that woman to do but we have no idea why she was doing it. She may have been crazy, she may have been a witch, who knows? I feel bad that she was trapping what may have been people’s pets to feed to these monsters that could very well have fed themselves. It could have been some kind of offering. Just don’t berate Mike’s family for not seeming to care about the welfare of those animals. To them it was just a fact of life. A way of survival. They did not have the ease in life to think of animals as part of the family as many of us do.
    I believe Mike’s ghost story. I have lived in a few places in my life because we moved around while my husband was in the military. Let me tell you, military towns can be some very haunted areas. We experienced more than our share of homes inhabited by unseen entities that had remarkably creepy abilities. I have never seen a monster but after what we experienced it is not difficult to believe that these things exist as well. I would think that these creatures could grow very large in a place like Mississippi. Plenty of wildlife in the more rural areas.
    I really think that the older women that befriend these things must not be totally right in the head. Maybe they get lonely but it seems that they would rather have a cat as a friend than a monster.

  25. Robert J

    I really feel sorry for the people who move onto that ladies old property after she passes away or leaves. The next person will be in for quite the surprise when a 8ft Sasquatch comes to the kitchen window, barking for dinner. I believe my heart would give out if that was me. I give that next family two days before they high tale it away from there!!! Welcome to their nightmare.
    Another great show Wes!
    Ps What a couple of lazy Sasquatch.

  26. Richard F

    Good show. Ordinary person sharing an extraordinary experience, that’s what makes this podcast so good. Can anyone tell me what episode the guy who makes the 911call in the opening of the show is from. I’d like to listen to that one. Curious as to what happened.

  27. Milik S

    Thank you Wes for continuously putting out great content. Hey Mike??, what can I say fam, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Wes’s audience & me in particular bro. You have truly inspired & transformed a few more common theories I know of into a more meatier bone of improbable/probable possibilities into what Sasquatch is all about. Referring to your testimony Mike & audience, I’m thinking the Lady living alone(presumably) is giving these life forms caged cats & raccoons out of fear, symbiotic or some sort of exploratory reasonings? Maybe a mix of all three?‍♂️. Like Charles R mentioned previously in an above comment, might there have been something the older woman had been receiving in exchange? We need to keep sharing our experiences so we can find out some of these answers. A pleasure of feeding Bigfoot cats & coons off your homes porch would be living so foolishly I’d be surprised if anyone who thought like that would even make it to live & see a ripe old age! I’m just saying ?‍♂️ lol

  28. William S

    This story fits the paradigm:
    1. Significant crouched/prone movement.
    2. Animalistic and predatory nature.
    3. Significant distress evident in witness testimony.

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