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SC EP:573 It Huffed At Me And Ran Off

Early release for Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone! Jeff writes “Hello Wes, I absolutely love listening to your show. I wanted to share with you one of my two encounters with Bigfoot several years ago. I live in a town called Bluff City, Tn.

The first incident was back in January 2008, and I was 15 years old at the time. I remember it like it was yesterday! It was a cold, crisp night and there was at least 3 inches of snow on the ground. Where I grew up at was on an old road that ran through the middle of a holler and it was rather secluded. We’ve always had many things there on that road happen and it was conmen that none of us would go out after dark. For one the road had only one street light on it so besides the light at my parents house and the single street lamp it was virtually pitch black on the road. We also had plenty of wildlife back in that holler. There were coyotes, bobcats, bears ( and I had came upon several bears walking threw the fields and woods there), deer, the occasional mountain lion. So plenty of animals and all of our neighbors had hunting dogs and cattle and horses. I say all of that for the significance of the story. But going back to the cold snowy night in January.

I stepped outside with my dog to walk it so it could do it’s business and it started there. It was about midnight and my dog would always go out on its own, rain, snow, you name it the dog didn’t care at all. But that night the dog refused to go out. I pushed it out the door for it just to stand there and whine and scratch at the door. This was highly unusual because the dog had never acted like that before. Like it was genuinely scared. So I grabbed the leash and took it out to the front yard. Our yard at the time in front of the house was about a full acre and I had walked the dog to the far end of the yard. Back behind our house was a 19 acre horse farm that belonged to our neighbors. From where I was at you could see a very good amount of the field. So here I am at midnight in all the snow and thank God it’s a full moon night. Having the full moon and all the snow it was lit up like daylight outside so you could see everything! I noticed after standing still for about a minute or so I started to smell a rather odd oder. It’s was one like I had never smelt before. It was musky and pungent and just completely odd where we where at. I mentioned all the wildlife we had in the holler because I had been around all of it. Hunted it all too. And none of those animals ever had a smell like this. That’s when the neighbors dogs who had been barking like a mad fool suddenly went completely quiet and my dog ran behind me and laid on the ground at my feet shaking like a leaf.

I froze and stood as still as I could trying to listen knowing I would hear anything moving with the snow being everywhere. That’s when I heard the walking and shuffling. I turned around and faced my parents house and all was black because I was the only one up at the time always being the night owl that I am. But I faced the house and the 19 acre field behind it and started to look for the source of the sound. Normally I wouldn’t have been so still like I was but this was an odd shuffle that I heard. Because I could distinctively tell that whatever it was, was walking on two legs. There is a difference and I always learned to listen for that in the woods at home so I could tell the difference between game, and a fellow hunter. We all hunted the same land so it was common to run across the occasional hunter. But this was a slow heavy step that I was hearing. Or so I thought it was slow. That’s when I seen it come from behind a line of trees that was in the middle of the field and it was walking through a clearing of about 100 yards or so. It’s was huge. Even though I knew I was about 100 to 120 yards away I could tell that this thing was massive. It the time I was 6’ even and weighed around 280 pounds so I wasn’t very little at my age. But seeing this thing made me feel significantly small. I would say it was anywhere around 7’ or taller. It’s stride was huge. That’s why I said I thought it was a slow heavy step. Even though it was taking fewer steps it was making a quick pace across the field with its long gate. It was taking probably a 6’ step every time.

I could clearly see that it was extremely hairy, you could see the hair swaying on its arms has they swung back and fourth as it walked. And it had a large cones head that was hairy as well. I stood there until it got to the middle of the field and it registered on my mind what I was truly seeing. It was a Sasquatch! I had always believed and had done plenty of research on it. I knew it would be better if I stayed quiet and just watched it go but my curiosity got the better of me. So I let out a small, shrill whistle to see what would happen and the thing stopped in its tracks, turned around and faced directly towards me! I was terrified but yet mesmerized at the same time. I had always heard that these were intelligent creatures so I simply raised my hand in the air almost just as an acknowledgement, and honestly to try and make myself look bigger. But as I did this something amazing happened. The Sasquatch raised its hand in a mimicking fashion and stood there as long as I did with its hand up! When I lowered my hand down again it lowered its hand and then turned back and headed towards the end of the field! The field was surrounded by a 4’ tall barb wire fence and this creature stepped over it like it was nothing.

That’s me moment I lost sight of it was when I grabbed the dog and ran for the house as fast as I could! I woke everyone up to tell them what happened and they have called me crazy every since. But I know without a shadow Of a doubt what I saw that day. Unfortunately for me it snowed again very hard that night and when I went out the next morning and into the field to find the tracks the snow had covered it up except for two wide ruts where it’s feet drug across the top of the snow. But there where no distinguishable tracks to see. I have had another encounter with a Sasquatch as well, and I also had a friend with me witness it the second time. But I won’t go into detail yet on that one since my first encounter was so long and this one is even longer! I have cold chills typing this up to send to you but I know what I saw. And I will never forget what I happened.”



Chris writes “I live in a very rural county in Kentucky. One night, after hours of playing poker, I was leaving a friend’s home at about 2 or 3 in the am.

As I stepped off his porch I heard a noise next to the tree line in front of my jeep. The distance between the porch and the tree line is about 15 yds with his driveway the only thing in between. Looking toward the sound I expected to see a deer or coon or something like that which is nothing strange in the area. What I saw was something crouched down like a baseball catcher. When my eyes landed on it , it stood. Couldn’t see facial details due to the moon backlighting everything from behind the tree line but it was around 7ft tall. It had very broad shoulders, a narrower waist and had arms reaching down to the knees.It felt like it lasted forever, us looking at each other, but probably only lasted 7 – 10 seconds. It then huffed at me then ran off into the trees. I think I surprised it by noticing it and the huff was it saying “dont follow me a$$hole.”



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    • Trey

      Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia for sure. Most people think that Alabama and Mississippi and Florida are the hotspots but there’s a ton that goes on in KY, TN, and GA as wel

  1. Mike W

    I’ve often wondered if they would react to a simple hand up in an acknowledgement of sorts. Now I know. I’ve learned SO much from these shows and the detailed entries in the blog. Thank you so much for what you do Wes.
    P.S. that doesn’t mean you can raise your monthly fee to your members either;) However, let me take this moment to ask all members to show their support for Wes and the show by going over to the store and picking up something for you or a friend. Thanks again Wes.

  2. Annette H

    Wow, what an incredible episode. Fascinating behaviour,imitating Jeff’s actions. What the hell are these things?
    Absolutely loved the intro too. Jeff’s voice has quite a rythmic almost lyric quality to it. It went perfectly with that music. You were very clever to combine it with that music, nice one.

  3. John S

    Thanks Wes, you do an excellent job with the audio quality. I often listen while mowing with ear buds, some other podcasts I can’t hear over the engine.

  4. William R

    I enjoyed Jeff’s stories and appreciate him sharing them. I have a problem with his first story. He said he went to look for tracks the next morning and because of new snowfall, he could only see “two ruts about three feet apart”. I think those of us who have had encounters and listened to, or read, hundreds if not thousands more, learned in Sasquatch 101 that these are NOT Sasquatch tracks. Their tracks are in line, not side by side. Also, I’ve never heard nor read of tracks in snow where the Sasquatch “dragged” its feet. Especially if this one was 8′ or so. Their locomotion and morphology is such that from the knee down, they kick their feet so high as to not drag their feet. Even in 2-3 feet of snow. Maybe Jeff found something other than the Sasquatch’s tracks? He did say it was 100-120 yards away. Other than that, I really enjoyed him sharing his stories. That just HAD to be a Dogman chasing his car! I know my windows would have had to been down too, but not because I wanted to hear anything, LOL! Thanks for this early episode Wes!

    • Carolyn K

      If someone is driving 35 mph, would you hear claws “clicking” or “scraping” on the road? Also, the witness said he used his flashlight while driving away to check the eye shine. Sounded a little contradictory. Otherwise, good show. Thanks, Wes.

  5. Tracy L

    I thought the description of the dent sounded like the Sasquatch had thrown the dog at the trailer, and the dog’s body weight + the acceleration caused the dent. I don’t know if the dog ran off after that, if the Sasquatch took it and the dog then escaped, or what, but one would think that if the dog had hit the trailer with such force that it would have been knocked unconscious at first.

  6. Tracy L

    The Daniel Boone Nat’l Forest in Kentucky is where the footage of the strange lights and the couple experienced their haunted cabin, dogmen & Sasquatch choir, strange Teradactyl-like footprints in the forest, etc. as retold by them in the cable series, Terror in the Woods (not related to WJ Sheehan’s great book series by the same name), on Destination America; here’s a link to the show, which can be seen On Demand or purchase per episode on Amazon Prime, ITunes, etc.:

  7. Denise F

    Neat show, Wes and guest. It’s so fascinating when we hear the encounters where there is a type of interaction.

    I remember Knobby talking in the forum about someone pointing to a location and a Sasquatch stood up from behind a bush (assuming he realized he had been spotted). They understand much more than we give them credit for sometimes.

  8. m99

    Whoop! Whoop! ~

    I was thinking about this encounter today. Could it be a gesture learned millennia ago from peoples who traded with the clans, and it was taught through the generations? Like some “people” are courteous and have been taught to be as well, whereas others aren’t and don’t really know manners. Just thoughts.

    Have a great weekend Wesipoo. 🙂 Whoop! Whoop!

    • Gregory H

      You know I have often thought that. They way many people describe it it fits right into the dimensions of the size of the comic book/movie Hulk character frequently (not always, but frequently).

  9. Charles R

    I agree about the huff. OK dude you found me out – good job – I’m outa here. Still think that Jeff saw Mr. Howdy, as the time frame is right. In any case a great encounter. As far as being chased and keeping up at 35, a Bigfoot can run this speed and perhaps 40. A lady south of me by 20 miles swears she saw one running down the road at 35 back in 2013. I also heard a sighting 8 years ago or so, can not remember from where, that a Bigfoot came out of the woods and paralleled a lady in a car. It was right outside her passenger window on the side of the road. She looked at the speedometer and was amazed she was doing 40.

  10. Bonnie I

    Didn’t some Native American people traditionally raise their hand as a sign of peace when confronting someone outside of their tribe? Seems the Sasquatch was either mimicking him or something else entirely. It would be interesting to know besides the other forms of communication like wood knocking and whistling if they understand and use hand signals as well. When my grandfather had his encounter with a Sasquatch at about 11 yrs old (always referred to it as a big hairy man) he was riding his horse to school (year about 1910) and the thing came up behind him and spooked the horse. Grandpa said he smelled it before he actually saw it. Then got a good look at him before it also walked over a 4-5 ft barbwire fence and into the treeline. Only told his mother but she said not to tell a soul not even his father because they would all think he was crazy.

  11. Pete M

    I heard that the real reason native Americans raised their hand was to show each other that they only had five fingers and not six, like the nephalim have. But I don’t know for sure, that’s just what I heard.

  12. Gregory H

    I think the hand up was more than mimicking. It huffs as acknoledgement. I think it was smart enough to figure out that his hand up was his “non-threatening huff”. That’s what I think. I think the thing knew what the gesture meant and took a moment to assess whether or not to respond in kind.

  13. Jo M

    Fascinating. I used to live in the tri-city area and spent a lot of time playing in the woods . Now I’m in KY. Geez! I just want to walk in the woods without fear of giant scary things!! Anyone have an Iowa story? Please say no. 😀

  14. Elaine L

    One thing I hear time and time again when asked ‘what the creature was that they saw was’ (ie.dogman) so many people say ‘oh, it’s a’ flesh and blood creature’ as if to negate the fact that these creatures aren’t and/or can’t be demonic or of the spiritual realm. Well, I’ve read many places and not just in the Bible where people meet, eat with, talk to, and even hug a ‘being’ that appeared to them to be of flesh & blood. Moreover, there are also stories of people meeting, being kidnapped or being physically hurt by creatures/ beings (including aliens) who are said to be also of flesh and blood and these creatures disappear before them. IMO, with what I’ve personally seen and gone through these beings/creatures they too have appeared ina a corporeal reality and then disappeared.

  15. jade W

    Dang….. you know the only time I cant listen to sasquatchchronicles is because I was in sasquatch territory! Camping at a lake in northern Minnesota called McDougal lake. That has a habitual bear problem. And graffiti on the restroom walls says sasquatch lives? ~for sure it does , thanks Wes and guests who bring it to us!!

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