Jul 21

SC EP:564 Visitor On The Farm

Tonight I will be speaking to three witnesses. Mike writes “Wes, Just wondering if you have ever had someone experience small flying creatures with an orange glow..me and my wife and daughters experienced this tonight traveling down some back roads here in KY.

Right at dark this winged creature about 5 to 6 inches in size darted in the pathway of my truck and then flew straight up. We were driving slow on this gravel road and we all at the same time scream did you see that…it looked as it hovered just in front of the truck tucked its wings to its side and streak away in just a split second..any ideas what we saw or possibly heard anything similar.”


Ashley recently went out with Todd Standing and had an encounter where a creature approached a camper she was in.


Richard writes “So this started in the summer of 1982 in Yamhill County Oregon my parents were divorced and me and my sister had gone out to visit my dad for the summer.

Now we’d only been there a few days and one of our chores was to go up to the barn and feed the cows about 1/2 Mile to a quarter mile away. On the way back now mind you we had dogs that darted in and out of the trees and they were real low pine trees low to the ground and the dogs are really friendly mid-size dogs. Anyway on the way back in the clearing we were walking through the clearing and out from the pine trees that were so thick you couldn’t see through someone/something tossed a rock at us. Now it wasn’t a big rock it wasn’t throwing overhand it was like an underhand toss. My dad was at work my dad’s girlfriend had just come out of the house because we could hear the door slam. We were way back in the woods and nobody around really known we were there yet so for somebody to be screwing with us it was highly unlikely.

Anyway after the rock came out at us the dogs that would usually lick someone to death if they showed up at the house come shooting out from the trees and surrounded us and herding us down the Hill. Well we didn’t think nothing of it too much, I mean it was weird but we didn’t know what to think you know I was 12 my sister was eight. So the summer wore on and we hear strange sounds coming out of the forest I thought it sound like a woman screaming my sister thought it sounded like a howl but we also hear it sounded like a baseball bat hitting something. Well I decided to stay and live with my dad for a year ,my sister went home in the late summer. We had a spring that ran through the yard that kind of just made it a little muddy I went by there one day to feed the horse and in the mud it look like a huge footprint. I went and got my dad and he wouldn’t even look but when I got down on the ground and looked at the footprint I could see ridges like you would see you in your handprint but only in a footprint. So I went up to the barn and I went to check on the horse well the horse was nosed into a corner and had been there all night it looked like she had kicked up the dirt like she was trying to fight something off and she had scratches but I couldn’t tell what they were. The dogs on the other hand wouldn’t let me go in the barn and my dad seen this and became very angry cuz he’s just wasn’t a nice person.

When he got up there the dogs ran off cuz they knew better and we went up in the barn and I had left the big doors open where you load hay in when you stock the barn. But something had been up there and made like a nest out of a bunch of the Bales , it was real easy to get in the barn from the big doors my dad could jump from the hill into the barn because it was that close, it was just wide enough for pickup. Well as a summer wore on i heard lots of weird noises coming out of the forest and you know you would think you would see something but you really didn’t or get the feeling of being watched. About mid-January the coyotes started howling and they would start howling every night about 10 and our dogs would run out in the backyard and bark And howl and carry on. Well this particular night the dogs come plowing back in underneath the porch.

Now they would crawl under there and they’d make a lot of noise and see I slept in the basement by the window by the porch so I always heard when they were making noises and this night they were whining and hiding and trying to get farther up underneath the porch and I rolled over to grab a shoe to bang on the cement wall to get them to shut up and as I looked into the window there was Bigfoot staring at me right in the face 4 feet away and I have had that image burned into my mind since I was 12 years old. I tried to scream I couldn’t scream I freaked out threw the blanket over my head seems like forever but was probably only a minute or two went to look again and he was gone. So at first I thought maybe I was imagining things so I looked out my window and I could see the footprints by the window I was a size 8 in men’s as a twelve-year-old already and this was a good twice the size of my foot.

I thought this was going to be it at last I’ll show Dad in the morning cuz I didn’t dare wake him up in the middle of the night cuz he would have beat my ass. But as bad luck would have it it started raining. Now I got a real good look at this bigfoot because the porch light was on the Barnyard light was on so I got a really good look at his face I guess I couldn’t tell you about the hands of the chest all I could tell you is the face the eyes are so human-like the bridge above his eyes and his mouth and nose. I have a real close picture that’s really close that I’ll send to you in an email that I found somebody drew or whatever that’s about real close to what I seen. so I tried to tell my dad the next day but of course you blew me off and as spring started coming about March and April. now my dad was a guy that got stressed out a lot and he got mean when he was really stressed 1 of his ways to deal with it as he would go walk in the woods. He would be gone a minimum of 3 hours and one time he was gone almost 12 hours. This particular time he’d been gone only 45 minutes he come back in the house he told his girlfriend I wasn’t allowed to go outside he grabbed his 30/30 rifle and a 45 Long Colt pistol and said he had seen something and would be back. he never did say what he seen but after that I wasn’t allowed to go back out by myself in the woods.

I have had some other experiences in different states but not like this.”




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  1. Stephen T

    Oh come on man. She and Todd are selling a show rn. I saw their fake sounding account on his youtube and thought I’m so glad Wes doesn’t have people who sound like con artists like this on his show and HERE SHE IS.

  2. Bonnie I

    Actually just saw a segment on the Travel Channel today about a father in England who was videoing taping his two kids outside walking up to their apple trees. They were picking an apple and looking up into the tree when they noticed what they thought was a dragonfly. As he was videotaping this thing fluttering (with kind of a white glow around the wings not orange) it became apparent (as it began to fly up in plain view of the camera) that it had little legs hanging down, a body, arms and a head. Then as it seemed to look right into the camera, the dad and kids all screamed and ran off. Have to say it did not appear to be a friendly tinkerbell type fairy. Perhaps similar to what Mike witnessed.

  3. Kristi S

    Awesome opening with the AZ weather clip! For those of you not from AZ, the weather screen on the news glitched about a year or so ago listing the local Phoenix city temps in the 1000+ degree arena. The temps on the screen were obviously off a little bit but not by much! Sasquatch in AZ are smart to live up on the Mogollon Rim!

    • Charles B

      They have been encountered down on the Gila river in the lower desert, historically reported near pine Butte of of highway 87. I saw a good photo of a print found in Deer creek near there last year.

  4. joeydeveever

    My bet is that Mike and his family saw a giant lunar moth. Under incandescent and fluorescent lights they appear green, but in the time frame he describes where they observed it and under halogen lights they can appear orange. I killed one once at a gas station where I worked back in the early 80’s and remember being horrified at its size and how I had to clean up the two huge broken parts of its body.

  5. Richard P

    I’m giving quite a bit of thought about how to handle contact. Both cryptid and ET. As much as I want quality evidence that I can stand behind and that can receive judicial and scientific level authentication. I have to balance that with my goal of relationship development with other sentient lifeforms. Who may not want audio visual evidence of them being obtained and circulated for privacy and security reasons just like humans.

    Having someone shine a light in my face in the dark isn’t something that I like. Neither is someone taking pictures and video without permission. I’m assuming other sentient lifeforms share similar feelings. Bigfoots are obviously very camera shy. Or the encounter to picture and video ratio wouldn’t be so low. When everyone these days has a smartphone with high quality audio visual capability.

    I’m not going to use these considerations as an excuse not to have good quality audio visual equipment with me ready for use when the opportunity presents itself. Including on my weapons. I’ll be much less inclined to refrain from using recording equipment in a security situation.

    During initial contact with the unknown. My inclination is to record it. And if things develop from there. To use recording equipment on a mutually agreed upon basis if things get to that level.

  6. Richard P

    I’m planning to make extensive use of thermal imaging during contact for location identification of nonconventional activity that is hidden from view. I have a Seek Compact Pro thermal imager for my smartphones. Which to the best of my knowledge is the best quality highest resolution imager of all of the phone USB Flir and Seek imagers.

    I’m also planning to buy a 300 or 600 Flir imager for my drones.

  7. Denise F

    Thank you again Wes and all the guests….good show.
    I guess tonight’s show proves at any time we can get shocked by something we would never expect. Have a
    Good week everyone.

  8. Richard P

    It would have been a simple matter for Ashley to have had her phone on with her and to have taken a picture or video of the bigfoot in the window. It seems self defeating to go through all of the trouble to go on a bigfoot expedition. And not to take a picture or video when the opportunity presented itself. When she could of easily done so.

    I never go on an ET/ED contact op without my phone. Primarily for satcom navigation using offline Google maps that I download of the area before I get into no cell signal areas. Because I still get a satellite signal for a map location beacon. On my new Galaxy S10e I can even use the directions feature in sat signal only areas with offline maps. All of the forest service roads are included. If it’s shown on the map I can get real time driving directions just like in cell signal areas.

  9. Russell B

    Whatever they are they didn’t evolve into what they are. Everything was made by God even the fallen angels. We didn’t evolve from monkeys God made monkeys and God made humans. They may be creatures from ancient times that made it till now that may have adapted to live in today’s world.

  10. Russell B

    Whatever they are they didn’t evolve into what they are. Everything was made by God even the fallen angels. We didn’t evolve from monkeys God made monkeys and God made humans. They may be creatures from another time.

    • Joshua P

      Hey Rus, maybe a book written 2000 years ago by a bunch of goat herders isn’t the best place to find.. well, anything based in science. Its these bible thumping cavemen who are to blame for the lack of scientific knowledge in the U.S. The more people that ignore fact based evidence the worse of we are moving forward as a species.

      • Jay Carlsen

        Esau is what the ancient Hebrews called the Sasquatch People. These People who are NO QUESTION the Stronger than Modern Humans are.
        Who have NONE Understanding in them. ( Because of the way their Brains are set up )
        And YES ! I have taken everything said in description of Esau as given in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah to my friends who are Native American ( Ojibwa ) Who tell me I am right on the Money on the Identity of Esau in that 2000 year old Book.
        I have even seen one of these Feral People a year before I ever even believed in GOD. And I was a bigger unbeliever than You are. But after a CRAZY DREAM I had sometime in the month of August of 2001 ………. just as I am a ” Knower ” these things are real I do know that that 2000 year old Book is also real. Because I heard HIM say 4 words.

        Do you require Evidence ?

  11. Eva B

    Thank you Wes, these encounters were amazing! I wouldn’t want to be in a trailer faces to face with one. No, yeah I’m good! Lol I just recently saw David Paulides Missing 411 The Hunted. I believe people are most definitely being taken by this species. We have a guy down here in Florida pushing his luck and is getting too close to them. He calls them “cavemen.” I’m so scared for him because we zoomed into his videos and found them around him. Scares me, because they’re pissy in Florida because of any reason. I’m sure mainly the reason being hotter than Africa or Hades. My encounter was enough in Connecticut as a child in the 70’s. Although, I’m still curious. And yes, children and women seem to be a curiosity factor to them. I wish I could send this picture to you or attach it , so the members could see this all black one with the coned head.

  12. cyndie r

    Russel B: are you saying that you believe living beings are incapable of evolving? That what ever form all living things are in now is the same exact form they have always been in? Because I think we all know that is not true. We know that plants and animals change form over time in varying degrees. We morph, we adapt, we evolve and we change depending on our strengths and weaknesses and needs and the environment (among an almost limitless number of other variables). The planet earth and all living things are in a constant state of change. We know this to be true. But its ok, you can still believe in god.

    • m99

      No question I believe in God, and can certainly express that evolution within species is an absolute, provable truth. Just Sayin’. I would hate to think I haven’t ‘evolved’ from where and how I used to be.

  13. Robert M

    Mike’s sighting of an odd animal is interesting. I was listening today to Monster Talk about the Kentucky Goblin case in the 1950s, the guest here made a very good argument that that sighting was an owl. I think Mike’s sighting may have been an owl as well.
    What we don’t know is what the ambient light was and whether or not Mike had his headlights on, and what direction he was traveling which would be useful if it were still twilight.
    An owl flying down the road directly toward the car would appear to hover as there would be no aspect change for observers and object traveling in a straight line to each other. Then the bird pulls up suddenly (since he figures the truck is
    too big to eat) and flies out of sight.
    Then I found this graphic on the internet – an owl with an orange breast. Can’t seem to paste it here but the URL is https://yokoent.com/image/fly-png-owl/283941.html

  14. Joe D

    I have been following Todd Standing and Ashley Veenstra on Instagram, and am interested in seeing what they do.

    Ashley seems like a nice lady, and is certainly fit enough to keep up with Todd in the mountains.

    That being said, her ‘upspeak’ made her difficult to listen to. I hope that if they are developing a TV show that she gets sone vocal coaching.

  15. m99

    I’d personally hate to have a TV show with these two people. TV programs are scripted and eliminate the reality of what goes on. Plus his reputation isn’t as good as say, Les Stround’s, and his shows are worth the watch, although probably heavily scripted.

    • m99

      _ yes, Joe, her questioning voice at the end of each sentence was distracting. I really didn’t know the term ‘upspeak’, so looked it up. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was bothering me as she spoke, but wondered why the questioning sounds at the ends. I concluded that might be a regional thing where she lives in CN because I’ve heard others speaks that way.

  16. Mike W

    Thanks Wes? Thats all you’ve got to contribute? Sometimes I read these replys and think this is just storytime for alot of people. That gets us no where closer to the truth and whats going on. I seriously believe Wes is about done with the topic, and I don’t blame him. Nobody is really trying here. No expeditions, no answers, no body. Just a bunch of people running in place. Dont be surprised one day if we log on to find out that Wes, like our friend.in Utah, is done. Contributions to this riddle are sorely needed.

    • m99

      @Mike W ~ I disagree. Wes has made it abundantly clear, the whole reason for SQ is to give people a place to talk about their encounters. He’s not a researcher. He’s not one to push anyone’s agenda. And he’s made some great friends. He’s clear he hates these creatures, but his opinions don’t bleed over very sternly, as do others podcasters before. I agree there’s times it’s better than other times, but he’s only human and probably tired. I loved this episode.

      Thanks Wes!

  17. Chris K

    I used to think Todd was full of Shit…no more though. He spends way to much time me out in the remote areas by himself. Been looking at his work since 2012.

  18. Sangha K

    I`ve seen the same kind of elve thing in Switzerland.
    What it is? I just think there is solutions to all kind of paranormal
    and brakeaway tech.

    Take gybsum (Plaster) and mix it dry with resin from trees.
    Then put gemstone powder or granulate in the mix. (Something cristaline maybe sand..)
    Add some metal powder and then put water in it (not to much) and stir it up.

    Fill it into a metal pipe and let it dry.
    Watch what happens.

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