Mar 27

SC EP:527 The Paranormal Portal

An extra show for the week. Tonight I will be speaking with Brent Thomas who hosts The Paranormal Portal Podcast on YouTube. We chat about many topics tonight. I hope you enjoy the show.

Brent writes “Paranormal Portal is a Paranormal Internet Radio Show that features all things paranormal on, IheartRadio, Tune In and available for streaming on Paranormal Portal airs live on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm – 9pm PST on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, we do our Bedtime Stories From Beyond, which are our shorter format episodes that cover just a few stories and thoughts. The Portal is live 7 Days a week at 7pm PST Right here on our YouTube Channel!”


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60 Responses to “SC EP:527 The Paranormal Portal”

    • Rick P

      Yup- just don’t try fall asleep to this one ..the terrible ong at the end will jump you out of your skin Its more with Demon s than the stories…. Stay awake to shut it off real quick or you may find yourself with visitors?

          • Rick P

            The song is fine soundwize…to clarify… Rick did not make that comment. I his wife is who made it. The music itself sounds is fine but alot like the music I made when I was fighting suicide. Our band never played the music again once I had it recorded. Pretty much just gave the CDs and passed em out to people struggling. The music has the feeling of dispair-Possibly suicide. For reals- when it comes on – my whole spirit nearly jumps out of me in panic. When I recorded my music I hiding from someone who was after me to kill me. Being beaten as a child gave me the perfect victimized spirit that attracted more abusive characters. Im too sensitive I guess but the singer and music and its darkness terrorizes my soul. I am ? Guess I tried to write answers to the problems but everytime I would hear the cds I would through them against the wall and tried and tried to get the pain out of my voice. The lady singing may have alot of pain and till I get my own traumas healed I cant listen to music that spiritually carries its own demons. This is the first time in my life I ever felt panic hearing music. Im ? In the 90’s A voice told me… “Give me your sould and I will make you famous” After 3 days of thought … I said, “no.” For the next six weeks 2 friends were killed in auto crashes… My Buisness burned down…our Orchards of apples had all the moisture sucked out . 350,000. In crop loss. Lost everything to the bank. Car was stolen and crashed into a canal.. And so on. Guess I have PTSD . Needless to say I nnowam just in a cover band.?

          • Rick P

            Just can’t get this topic off my heart… The Darkness is Death… the only illusion of beauty it hols are the gifts, talents or abilities of the one it possesses. As far as the previous statement made I am being convicted to give credit where credit is do. Since this is a Paranormal episode, it may possibly fit in with the topic I guess. After saying no to the Voice that said, “Give me you soul and I’ll make you famous”and I said, “no” after a few days because I hoped my whole life that their was a God who loved me. Within a couple days of that “No” I had to take a trip to Kansas City for a week training at company I was going to branch off of my current business. On the flight back I heard another Voice … Deep loving and compassionate, “Father place your Angels around her protect her from the things to come.” That freaked me out, I repeated those words over and over the next couple hours till the plane landed. As soon as back home again I was looking through the newspaper and that’s when I saw an Obituary for the man I played music with. That was the beginning of my world being crushed as stated in the previous statement. Spiritual beings were also trying to crash my car and other people into me continually. The details I will leave out, point being Obvious Angels were standing between me and the oncoming…much more miraculous things ever since then. I have never told this story in my life .. needless to say.. The kingdom of LIGHT is Beautiful, and that beauty is in all people- till we trade our souls for? The following is a link to some songs we give for free, that reflect the struggle of this life and the hope of the Fathers love. My heart goes out to the soul who sings , Beauty is a Darkness. I PRAY PROTECTION AND THE FATHERS ANGElS BE WITH HER. My time has passed, I pray her best is yet to come.

        • Cynthia W

          God bless you. I have been through a lot, not the same as you have. I am so happy to hear you choose God. Reading your comment it seems I have heard your experiences before. Did you ever submit your experiences to Steve White’s YouTube channel? Kind regards.. 😉

          • Cathy S

            Yes Jesus is the answer. I found Him years ago and even in the Lord’s prayer he told us to pray to deliver us from evil. He will protect us with his angels if we ask him.

  1. Pete P

    Hi Wes, I thought you might get a kick out of this. My 18 year old son is in BUDS training to be a Navy SEAL. He gets his butt kicked everyday. He is at the stage where they are just trying to make you quit. He told me the other day that his escape is to listen to your show whenever he can . He says it’s his therapy and helps him relax. We used to listen to it together before he left. Thanks for a great show. Pete Post – Nee York

    • Denise F

      Brett seems great. Can’t imagine doing a live show daily, props to him.
      I heard a story the other day that reiterated to me that the lights are not something good! My son’s friend (have known her for over 10 yrs) has a grandmother who practices Santa Ria ? and of course she’s distanced herself from this grandmother. Her sister on the other hand, goes to visit occasionally and always comes back in a ‘psychotic’ state. Last time , after a visit, the sister was smiling strangely and a goldish colored light flew out from behind the strange acting girl and disappeared!
      Can’t exactly say what they are but I don’t get the warm and fuzzies from them. ?

  2. Tedd

    Extra show, Wes and Duke commenting or responding, boy o’ Boy right when I was feeling a little down a little gift picks me up!!! Thanks ?

  3. Maynard w

    Thanks Brent. I like hearing all types paranormal encounters. Definately checking out Paranormal Portal. Thanks for bringing some episodes and posts with a little broader scope Wes. Interesting.

    • m99

      Well, that was really good. I like people who are willing to think outside the box. I get what Wes was saying. I’ve cycled through BF beliefs too. What the heck is that thing?! // I’ll check the guests site out. Thanks again Wes.

  4. Evelyn L

    There can be various types of entities that can effect a building or a piece of land. There are higher level entities that can manifest as a physical being. They can also shape shift. The spirit realm is real no matter what you believe in. The Native Americans are very spiritual and believed that there were good and bad spirits. Many of those tribes were afraid of their own shamans that used drugs and the summoning of demons to obtain powers. Sadly, many of the modern Christian churches do not even touch on what to do with entities that the Bible says that the Christ and his disciples easily dealt with. It is sad to see people turning to psychics and mediums for help get rid of these entities when it was the assignment of the believers in the Messiah to deal with those things. Much of the modern Christian church has just ignored the spirit realm altogether. Some say that they believe the Bible but they have cut out so much of it from their belief system that there is no power anymore.

    • m99

      Whoo Evelyn, you said it best. It’s my belief (now) that the sign of the falling away is just that… falling away from the truth and becoming worldly and greedy. I used to think that the scripture meant believers falling away and becoming nonbelievers, but that clearly is NOT the case. It’s the church becoming worldly and turning for the Lord’s way to mans way (aka_ religion). That was clearly the case when Yeshua walked the Galilee. The other thing is, there’s so much we should say, but because “the church” has become so judgmental, non believers group us in the same group as those so called Christians. I keep hearing about “knowing the Lord”. Did Yeshua say depart from me, for I never Knew YOU?!

      I have always listened to paranormal and taken it up with the Lord. He is great. He can handle it! I do agree with what the gentleman said, it’s about Faith. Faith is dead if it’s just talk. Faith is kinetic and it is a force to be reckoned with! I am so impressed by this site.

      God Bless and protect Wes and his team.

  5. m99

    ~Just went to sign up at his site on youtube & see I have to use my gmail acct. I don’t like or trust google and use a scrubber after using google. I have a gmail acct because I have a google phone, but that’s the extent. Wish you’d provide a different way to sign up. Just saying…

  6. Patrick O

    Digging the paranormal stuff. I lived in a haunted haise beside Lake Lyman in south Carolina as a kid. It always had a weird vibe, but things got REALLY bad when someone baught the land next to us and started clearing out all the treees and digging up/flattening the lot for a new house. Something walked through my parents wall, solid black, crossed in front of them and their television, opened their bedroom door and went down the hall and out our front door. They didn’t tell me until years later, but that’s why we immediately moved out of the house. Crazy stuff

  7. Judy S

    Regarding lights in the sky……..several years ago I would see three lights in the west, while standing looking out my back door….oddly, usually late on Tueasday nights. I had told my sister in law about these lights and told her I would call her the next time I saw them……she lives next door a few yards away….we live in the country…in Texas. I saw them again…I called her….she, said yes I see them….so we just watched and talked about them on the phone. A few days later I heard helicopters…I went to my back door to see 3 or 4 black helicopters flying so low it seemed like they were just feet above my house….I think I could have thrown a baseball and hit them. I looked for logos or numbers….didn’t see any. Haven’t looked for lights since… lol

  8. Terri N

    Thanks Wes, and Brent! I’m looking forward to more PP shows too! I feel that its just Great that you’re mixing it up here with a little more paranormal. It seems that there is enough evidence at this point in time to tie many of our inner and outer earth beings together. Humans however, well, most of us, have just been out to the Loop for so long! We need to climb away from what we’ve been referring to as the Woo and just let it meld where it may.

  9. Carolyn R

    I haven’t listened to the extra show yet, thank you Wes, but I’d like to comment on the lights. They indeed are not to be messed with. The lights are to keep track of the cymeras (sp) that are in areas that lights are observed. I know that I will sound crazy for this next comment, but back in the days of Eisenhower the deal that was brokered was for “et’s” to continue their genetic applications , the orbs keep track of them and our government cleans up any “mess” created by them…i know it sounds crazy but love put a lot of thought and research into this and more. Thanks for listening..

  10. Terran S

    Wow! Great show. Like his perspective and will be listening to him in the future. I generally steer clear of the paranormal but have had my fair share of experiences. The older I get, the more I don’t know ?

  11. Terri C

    great show! Very enjoyable. I live in a similar home here in northern Michigan, with its own expressions of the paranormal at times. I was so appreciative to hear him say, look, it doesn’t bother me that much. That’s the way I am with it all. If things stay calm and friendly, they are welcome to share my space! But I hardly ever hear others voice that. Thank you, for the show!

  12. Cynthia W

    Thanks Brent and Wes. I subscribed to Brent’s channel. I had a blue orb about the size of a soccer ball in my house one night. I was sitting on my bed and looked up and watched it float through my house and into my bedroom. It stopped right in front of me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. It started to increase in size. I swung my Bible through through the orb and it disappeared. I never thought to grab my phone and take a picture. I have had strange experiences most of my life. I have seen several UFOs. God bless.

  13. Jennifer F

    Nosferatu is an OLD (1922) German movie, Nosferatu is the OG of vampires – you’ve probably seen stills of his face around Halloween.
    Also, check out Shadow of the Vampire,, it’s a fictional story based on the filming of the movie, and how the main actor, Max Schreck, who played Nosferatu, stayed in character during the filming, and how the cast and crew suffered for it.

    Wes – Please delete this if it isn’t cool to post a link from another podcast, but Astonishing Legends did a great three part series on the Black Eyed Kids. They talked to the original reporter about his experience, as well as other witnesses, and authors who have researched the phenomenon.

  14. Cathy S

    Yes Jesus is the answer. I found Him years ago and even in the Lord’s prayer he told us to pray to deliver us from evil. He will protect us with his angels if we ask him.

  15. Ronald M

    Just a note on the orbs “big ones in the sky,” I have seen three types of these. Glowing plasma ones of different colors, cloud covered ones, and straight up metallic ones. My personal thoughts are these might all be the same thing. The metal spheres can either generate a glowing field of some sort or even clouds as a form of camouflage for daytime use, although this is a bit confusing because they can also just disappear with ease “which is the best camouflage if they are still there?’ I don’t know if these are drones or piloted but know they aren’t ours by their behavior. One was hovering near a small airport and another was stalking a large commercial plane. We would not produce a secret anti gravity metal ball and then follow airplanes with it.)

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