Dec 16

SC EP:499 Dead Men Tell No Tales

Spoke to the witness he said “Wes, I basically grew up around these things. My family and I lived on the reservation and my grandfather and the other elders would talk about these creatures. There was one that would smack the house almost every night.

One time he hit the back window and moshed his face in the back door. I looked up right at this thing. My dad was scared and his patience was running out. One time it hit the back window so hard hits arm came through. My father grabbed his shotgun and I heard him fire several rounds. He calming came in the home and called a family member and asked him to bring his truck. I later found out he killed it and then disposed of the body. It didn’t seem that big.

Things around the property started getting bad. Aggression from these things picked up and horses and other live stock were being killed. We had to move. There are so many details and accounts I would be happy to come on and share what has happened to me and my family. I can tell you they are not human and they are not a monkey.”

The guest describes investigating a missing person report. The witness said “Later in life I started to investigate reports around the area. One report we looked into was a missing man. He decided to go “squatching” as his wife put it about 8-9 miles from where he lived and it was very rural. We found the missing man or pieces of him over several miles. We also found large Sasquatch footprints around his vehicle, they were different sizes. You could piece together what happen to this guy. No doubt in my mind these things killed this old man. I can go into greater detail.”







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197 Responses to “SC EP:499 Dead Men Tell No Tales”

  1. Trey

    Wes when I told my quick glimpse encounter and they time the park ranger told me I was on the wrong side of the mountains, this is where this was located at. At least in the same general location. From where my quick glimpse was is only 2-3 miles from the NC border. I guess the ranger wasn’t pulling my leg when he said I was on the wrong side of the mountain that time of year. Very VERY interesting.

  2. winkatme

    WES, I can’t wait until THE REALLY BIG SHUUUUUWWWWW! YOU”VE COME A LONG WAY BABY! I just want you to know how much I LOVE and appreciate your empathy, kindness, and BIG HEART. You’ve helped so many people all over the world! (Including me and my sister] My CHRISTMAS WISH is that people be more accepting, loving and kind to each other and especially to people who have had these encounters. LUV TO ALL, WINK

    • Will H

      William, that wasn’t the only time we did an investigation like that, but it was the first time that the scene was as grisly as it was, there have been others, whenever Wes and I have a chance to talk again or do another show I’ll try to get a couple other investigations in, I know all of you probably heard about the kid who went missing in Yosemite National park, then was found later on the rocks below a cliff line, we went in after the initial search and rescue and investigated the area, I’ll just say he didn’t slip and fall off of the ridge by accident regardless of what the “official release” was

  3. Asheim

    So excited to hear this show and so excited for the big 500th show!! I’ve been here since the first show and watched as Wes has become without a doubt the best talk show host out there.. Merry Christmas to all of you! 🎄

  4. jade W

    Yay!! Thanks always to Wes! & and huge thanks to
    The guest Witness. Even though I feel like i shouldn’t listen yet as my husband is in the garage still!!lol. That would be like cheating..

  5. Trent M

    I sure get that Jade, when my wife works evenings on Friday nite I have to wait till she gets home to listen! Another ggreat show and I’m looking forward to part 2 and the big 500th! Thanks Wes and all the great members.

  6. Eric H

    Awesome show Wes thankyou …Amateur researchers need a good dose of what the bible says “sober mindness” not a current attribute to 99% of americans today …

  7. Denise F

    I feel guilty for being so “positive” before hearing this episode. Horrific and sobering.

    On an up note, enjoyed Will and his retelling and CONGRATS Wes on the big 500!!!

  8. William P

    Each show leading to 500 keeps getting better and better! After listening since the beginning, youve honed this to a high art Wes. No bs! Cant wait for more..we love ya man!

  9. Reed D

    Yep, the condescending govt agents and their BS explainations. Very annoying.

    Great episode, Wes. Thank you. One of your best!
    And my thanks to you, Will. I look forward to listening to you more.


    • Will H

      Thank you for the kind words Reed. As an investigator I’ve seen my fair share of the down right insanely creeptastic. I don’t have qualms sharing my experiences with others, I do so in hopes that it will open people’s eyes to the real dangers around them

  10. Will H

    I’d like to wish each and everyone an early Merry Squatchmas and a Happy New year, exspecially Wes Germer because without him and Sasquatch Chronicles, alot of people would not have the outlet to get their encounters heard, and to hear other encounters similar to theirs and know they are NOT crazy and NOT alone

  11. Eva B

    Thank you Wes, for really getting into some horrifying, detailed encounters that did not end well. I’m not a fanatic about the demise of these people, but it’s the pure reality of how unpredictable this species is!!! This species is very devious in more than 100 ways.

    Allowing the members to hear the ugly side to these encounters makes me think that these type of encounters are in direct correspondence with missing 411 cases.

    I most definitely agree with your guest about thee nasty sasquatches could be old (not able to fend for themselves in the clan, rogue sasquatch for different reasons or juvenile sasquatches that were ousted by the clan.)

    As much as it’s heart breaking to hear about this camper/squatcher… I hope it wakes some people up that this specimen isn’t something fuzzy, warm and cuddly.

    Thank you for letting this guest discuss his horrifying encounters! I’m so happy you placed the warning out there!!!

    Much love 💗 ciao!

  12. harry g

    wes when do you say enough this want to be hero is the worse story teller ive ever heard are you that hard up for content really? i am embarrassed to listen any further. some of your guest are questionable at times but this guy is an insult to s.c. wes your awesome and i go back to eps.1 but its not like it used to be. i know you dont need me anymore but guys like this dont help the folks with real encounters .

    • Craig W

      Oh mighty long time listener, enlighten us on the masterful ways you used to debunk this mans encounter. A man of YOUR esteemed and long term stature is sure to have some evidence against this self professed questionable guest. Please offer up your mighty wisdom instead of bitching like an entitled twat.

    • Will H

      First off I’m not a want to be hero, I could care less about recognition for anything I do, as long as others get the message of these things being dangerous. That’s all I will say, I will not be baited into a pissing match with someone who doesn’t know me from Adam. I didn’t do the show for approval of the masses, I did it to get information out to the masses, you don’t approve that’s your right. Sorry I can’t speak a fluidly about things of a horrifing nature, without stuttering a bit. Some things you can shake off, some things you can’t if you could have been there and seen in person what I saw, you wouldn’t be calm speaking about it either. Wes is doing great with the show, nothing wrong with it.

      • Daniel S

        Will, you spoke great. But you stated this was on the news, on TV, etc. There is a record of it. Give us the state of where it was and also the year.
        I was fascinated with your encounter, but if it is in the news, I want to read about the wolf, dog or coyote attack. If it was printed, it is out there. They can’t erase the printed news, it gets archived.

  13. David R

    Thanks for another great show! Hearing this story scares the HELL out of me! The dead man could of started wood knocks after he set up his camp, and pissed them off so bad that a young buck thought he was another Sasquatch. God only knows what that poor man went through!

  14. Will H

    Thank you all for the kind and the ONE not so kind words, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, don’t be too hard on the guy, he spoke his mind and is entitled to at least that, I hope he never encounters these things in the wild, and has to get up close and personal with them, I retell my encounters over and over to those who want to know, to help educate them against the dangers of just hopping into the woods to go “Squatching”. Not everyone is going to have a docile encounter with these things, most people have very bad encounters with them, and are afraid to tell others or don’t make it out of the encounter to tell others, it’s information that needs to be told, if Wes didn’t think my encounters or anything else I talked about was worthy of airing I don’t believe he would have, or if he thought it was too far fetched, I have no reason to lie about my encounters or investigations, I have nothing to gain, I don’t care about reputation or recognition

  15. Rick C

    They put their guns down and backed away? The truck lights were still on after a week? They were only at the camp a “Couple of Hours” and they hiked 14 or 15 miles? I’m sure Sasquatch exists there but there are inconsistencies in this story. Does anybody else have questions about this?

    • Will H

      Ok Rick let me break it down for you to clear up any confusion, having seen Sasquatch when I was younger and knowing how violent they could be laying down our guns seemed the logical thing to do, once the guns were not in question, the thing calmed down and stopped appearing aggressive, in hindsight probably not a good idea, but that’s the way it happened when it happened, as for the truck lights being on for a solid week I never said that , I said his wife said he had been missing for a week, what happened to him could have happened within 24hours of when we got there, interior lights will not kill a battery in the summer that quick. We never got a coroner’s report so we honestly don’t know how long he’d been dead tho it looked fairly fresh, no bloating etc. A couple hours, a few hours, several hours we were there long enough that it got dusky dark, so saying a couple hours may not have been the right way to say it, seriously splitting hairs here, and yes it was roughly 15 miles it’s 20 miles between public Access campsites where the trail ended in another five miles is another public Access campsites and boat dock for the reservoir. If I had of recounted everything in precise detail the show would have been a couple hours long and probably well over Wes’s timeframe.

      • Laura K

        Dude, you don’t have to clarify anything… If you listen objectively the answers are in your telling.. Just saying people can think what they will or question it to death, but you owe no one explanation. You were kind enough to share and I do hope you’ll be back for a part 2. Don’t let the few dictate your experience here… The majority loved it and appreciate your time in sharing. It’s fine to question and discuss, but it should be done so with respect. No respect equals no waste of your time in answering, in my book.

    • Raymond N

      Rick, Yep! The lights being on after 2 days would be questionable! The statement “Rifles are something of the past” What does that mean? Considering ppthis guys line of work carrying just a sidearm is foolish. I don’t know about NC but in Texas hunting large predators, it’s kinda unspoken a Rifle is Primary and Your sidearm is your Secondary Weapon. Tracking the blood trail for 14 miles was that one way or round trip? How long did it take and was it dark when you got back to camp? Why tell a man’s Wife he’d been dismembered? Trying to educate Feds and State Troopers about the proper way to handle a crime scene!! Not very good judgement!! I’m with Rick on this one Wes, Congrats on The 500th!! Y’all do a Great Job!

      • Will H

        Wow you really didn’t pay any real attention did you, I never said anything about the lights in the truck being on for a week or two days for that matter, I don’t use a rifle anymore period, don’t have to my partner has several that’s good enough for me, when we are out we never separate, I don’t live in NC anymore and that incident wasn’t in NC I never said it was, we didn’t follow a blood trail for 15 miles not 14 we followed a trail of body parts for 15 miles, once you find one, you have to try to find the rest which we did, why not be honest to the man’s wife instead of lying to her like the feds did, lying to someone about something that important is going to do nothing other than make it worse, she thanked us for the honesty, more than once. And yes it was getting dark when we got back to camp, trying to educate the feds, you are kidding me right, you have to be, would you want someone walking dogs all over a crime scene knowing that they were trying to concoct a blatant lie, you would have done the same thing.

        Look I’ve tried to be nice about this whole thing, I’ve tried answering questions and filling in the gaps, and I’ve explained till I am blue in the face, my time is stretched thin, I didn’t have hours to sit and record a show, it had to be cut down. I am seriously tired of all of the so called self proclaimed researchers who honestly don’t know shit from a stick, setting on here calling my encounters a lie, and then read comments on other shows from the same ppl humping the hell out of the guests leg, if you don’t agree with what I have to say tough, get over, get over yourselves and move on, news flash there is going to be a part 2 and maybe many more after that, Wes and I have talked many times, if he had any thought that any of it wasn’t true I wouldn’t have been asked to be on the show, so you commenting and crying directly to Wes about, you are just pissing in the wind. I’m done explaining, THANK YOU to all the ones with the kind words, to the others, I hope and pray you never have an encounter with a real Sasquatch, sitting in your armchair looking at them on your phone or on your PC doesn’t count.

    • Sheila

      I was listening but I would fall asleep and wake up at different parts of the story but I too caught a couple of inconsistencies in his story. I’m glad I was not the only one who heard that .

    • Keith M

      Yup, something stinks here. Hoping for a higher standard. This guy has too many holes in the story. Hope I don’t have to listen to a part 2 without some explanations.
      1, walks 28-30 miles
      2, decided to do some crime investigation on their own instead of calling troopers when finding body parts
      3, found truck with headlights on
      After a situation like that, you don’t forget details, you don’t mis-speak. Just seems larger than it needed to be. Sounded like a guy who listens to Sasquatch C and wants to outdo all of the guests. The guy didn’t even sound like he was phased by what happened. Not credible.

    • Daniel S

      I just want Will to give the state and year of when this happened. That isn’t to much to ask. If it was on the news, it is documented.

      I know talking on a show that some stuff could be left off or not explained well, that could happen to anyone.

  16. Jon W

    Another contender for the “all time favorite “ list. WOW!!
    …and close to home. I could walk down the Appalachian Trail a few days to Cherokee or Brown Mountain. ( now I’m too scared!)
    Will, you gotta tell Wes about the Brown Mtn. Lights . I also want to Will if he knows any Walkingsticks of the Bird clan?

    • Will H

      Jon W. Yes if Wes wants to know I’d be happy to tell him about the Brown Mtn lights, it’s a sight to behold for sure. I didn’t really get to know alot of people from the Rez, my parents kept me sorta secluded away our where we were, it was mostly family that lived on our little section of paradise lol, as far as clan members I knew and old man named John Eaglefeather he lived on my grandfather’s property, but that was years and years ago, I know he used to sell bead knecklaces and breastplates to one of the stores in the tourist town and down at Chimney Rock sometimes, and used to do storytelling at Bat Caves, my grandfather’s name was Frank Standingbear

      • Jon W

        I guess everyone who has passed through Soco Gap has seen or had their picture taken with John Eaglefeather.
        The part of your story where your Dad has those “conversations “ with the nosey neighbor sounds so fantastical but, I had a good friend who was a Walkingstick. He was fearless! He fought a black bear off with a fire rake in the smokies.
        I’d love to go listen for these things some still, cold night.

  17. Taylor W

    Wes, thank you for always putting out such great work and energy. There wouldn’t be this community without your hard work, effort and selflessness. Can’t wait for 500 🤙🏼

  18. Gene P

    A .30-06 and a 45 wasn’t enough protection for the poor fella that just wanted to see them. So what king of protection should we have?
    Here in Connecticut and Massachusetts game wardens will confiscate your protection., unless its hunting season and you have a hunting permit.

    • Will H

      Gene P I agree it wasn’t enough, or it could have been plenty but just fighting for his life not able to make good enough shot placement, they can be killed, they are not impervious to modern weaponry, and yes most game wardens in most states will confiscate your protection, unless the state laws are lax

    • Will H

      Becky W Yes we took the other half of the deer, took it down the mountain aways , dressed it out and left it for the critters, not that it would have been tainted or anything, but the hunt we were on, the deers were going to be butchered and donated to a local food distribution for the homeless, My uncle didnt think they would take it ripped in half like that.

    • Will H

      Keith M, I answered this up in the comments, I never said the truck lights were on for a week, I said his wife said he had been missing for a week, to make it more understandable, I didn’t go in precise detail, it would have ran way over wes’s timeframe, I said when we got their the lights were on, think about what I said towards the end of the recount, that he could have jumped into his truck, most dome lights come on when the doors are open, the whole incident could have happened within a 24 hour time period, before we were contacted, yes he could have been missing for a week in his wifes mind, in her mind he doesnt show up she panicks and the first thing she says is he has been missing for a week. We didnt go up there thinking he had been missing for that length of time, and the evidence around camp suggested that he hadn’t. If you would ask Wes to explain timeframes when doing shows , im sure he will explain the reason for having to leave out a bit.

      • Keith M

        Thank you for clarifying. Interesting encounters, really incredible. Most folks have knocks or slaps on their homes, your encounter had those and a hairy arm crashing through the window. Many hunters report Sasquatch stealing their kill,picking it up and running off with it, (Odenton they never see it happen). You report that it not only stood 15 feet away from 2 armed men but, it picked up the deer and hoisted it over its head and tore it in two, leaving one half for you and taking the other half. Amazing!! You find a truck with the doors open and the headlights on (your words) not interior lights, and almost immediately you and “Tom “ find an obvious crime scene. You don’t call authorities? Lastly walking 15 miles one way through uneven terrain and finding body parts and a pistol is amazing. You and “ Tom “ walked another 15 miles back. 30 miles eh? Special Forces guys would be in awe. Then after finding this progressively more horrible murder, you call the wife, when any person would be on the phone to the cops as soon as they saw the gore on the windshield and the destroyed camp. Sorry, I think you are a bullshit arist. I’ve had a face to face with a Sasquatch, every moment leading up to it, during and after is burned into my memory. It changed my life. Every detail is clear in my mind, like it happened today. What we have here sounds like an a mixture of a bunch of authentic encounters retold by a guy who figures that if he jazzed them up he might get some attention. What happened on this episode diminishes every authentic encounter that was shared with Wes.

  19. Jeremy B

    Wow Will, thanks for being brave enough to retell some of your encounters!! My ears perked up when you said something about them moving around you & you could feel the wind in your ear. I’ve had many encounters with these creatures also & I’ve also felt them buzz by me. I didn’t see them when this happened but they were definitely around..close when I felt this wind sensation go by me!! You’re the 1st person I’ve heard mention that… Thanks, I’ve got validation!!!

  20. Glen M

    This is one of my all time best episodes kinda a freaky Horrior story. These things can do some damage.


  21. Janetta V

    Thank you so much Will, you really told sobering stories, and that last one was very tragic. I can’t figure out what people are thinking when they go out into the woods without any defense at all. What would take them down with anyway, maybe a 50 cal., who has that? Looking forward for part 2. Wes dear man, did you ever think you would hit 500, I was there when your very first one came out and was glued to SC ever since. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your hard work. J.V.

    • Will H

      And another that magically heard me say the truck lights were on for a week, I never said that, I said his wife reported him missing for a week, doesn’t mean the truck lights were on for a week

  22. William B

    Love your show Wes.This story, however, doesn’t pass the BS test for me. I couldn’t find anything about a wolf attack in NC, like the man said was in the news. Nope, BS.

  23. Lee

    Thanks Wes interesting show count down is over contgrats mate 500 is next !! Thanks to the guest for so much input with the comments looking forward to part 2

  24. Samuel F

    I camp all over Brown Mountain way back in the primitive camp sites and also South Mountain state park . There are many reported and unreported sightings at South Mountain park also. My property is in the foothills on the NC/SC border and I was one of those people that was searching for them but I have since stopped. This episode is one of the best I have heard and people needed to hear this … Thank you Wes !

  25. Pat T

    Will, great job in getting your message out, really enjoyed this show. Looking forward to you coming back on, please ignore the skeptics. I’m always amazed that anyone would want to come on knowing the critics are out there waiting to pounce. Wes, Merry Christmas to you and yours! I’ve been here since the beginning and can’t believe 500 shows will soon be behind you. Congratulations and hope another 500 are around the corner. Look forward to Les coming on. Merry Christmas to all the members!

    • Will H

      Pat T. It’s all good skeptics have their place in the world just like the rest of us do, they just lack the encounter once it happens if it ever does, they’ll come around

  26. Tina A

    I think Sasquatch are around Reservations more because they know the human beings that live on the land respect the land and animals which live along side of them.

  27. Trent M

    Will H. I will say again I loved listening to your encounters and experiences and can’t wait to hear part 2. I didn’t notice you stuttering any more than any other witness recounting horrifying accounts. I sure hope my comment with the extra g in great was not taken as a comment about stuttering as I have told Wes we need an edit feature cause I suck at typing! Anyway being skeptical has it’s place but we need to very careful how we approach it as many witnesses have already been called untruthful and if they see it here in the comments it just may keep someone from sharing an excellent encounter or experience they have had , especially if it doesn’t fit in the “normal” story line. I remember when Pacific NW researchers called many Southern encounters BS because they did not believe these creatures went quadrupedal. We now know they do but it caused a lot of hurt feelings and really curtailed cooperation.

    • Will H

      Trent M. Don’t worry about it I didn’t even notice the extra g, and I don’t pay attention to trolls or people who attempt and fail at trying to bait me into arguments or attempt and fail at trying to find holes or inconsistency in a recount of an event that happened quite a while ago, and like I’ve been telling people and will continue to tell people when you do shows like this you can’t go into precise high details, there is a timeframe you have to follow, if anyone wants to hear every little detail above and beyond what they heard on a show, they can simply ask for my email get in contact with me and I’ll tell them the rest or fill in any holes they imagine that they think they found, and I’m not saying that to be rude

  28. Danny D

    Hey Will, loved your episode man! I live between Hendersonville and Fletcher.. I had one growled at me down in a ravine by the Brown mountain lookout…You still live in NC? Thanks for another great show Wes!

    • Will H

      Danny D. No I moved away from NC about 15 years ago. Still a Tarheels fan tho, haha. But yes they are all over Brown Mountain. So not surprised you got a growl from there

  29. Jay R

    Wow what a great show this one is, having me at the edge of my seat the whole way through it. Be safe out there, Will. How about using one of the new hi discharge lights to scare them away? There’s a couple of flashlights that now run over 30 thousand lumens turning day into night for quite a distance. Would this frighten them away? I use a 1000 lumen modified Maglight during my nighttime job dealing with some very sketchy individuals lol. Works every time to move human creatures of the night

    • Will H

      Jay R hadn’t thought about the bright flashlight, I have one of the super bright ones and you are right it’s hella bright, you’d think it would work, I know you can put up IR lights and drive them out of areas, they from extensive trial and error have been found to be hypersensitive to the IR spectrum

    • Will H

      They are extremely entertaining, they aren’t getting to me as some would like to think, I think they are hilarious as hell, exspecially the ones coming from the self proclaimed know it all’s who think just because something isn’t fitting into their realm of possibility that it simply isn’t possible, or the ones who half listen to what was said then start jumping the shark or automatically think that because one encounter happened in a certain place that they all happened in that place, I’m having a blast, like I said before, if anyone wants to know every little detail of the accounts in precise detail, not shortened for a show email me, and I’ll fill in any holes you think might be there, I have nothing to hide, nothing to gain, and I couldn’t care less about recognition , fame or anything like that, I just want people to know and understand there are dangers to be aware of

  30. Amy H

    Contrary to a few of the commenters who must consider themselves ungodly skilled truth detectors, uncontradictory in every statement they’ve ever made, I appreciated and enjoyed this episode for what it was. Pretty much as I’ve enjoyed all of Wes’s episodes. We all know these critters are out there, we don’t need confirmation via more episodes. That begs the question, why then be rudely critical of a story you might not find to your liking? Why say anything? The nasty comments seem petty and self aggrandizing. Perhaps the worthiness of those rude commenters gives those poor commenters something to feel worthwhile about…
    Great episode! Can wait for round 2.
    Bring on #500!!! I feel like a kids in November trying not to think of Christmas….

  31. Kris T

    I think you are a madman, and an innovator. Keep going and the work will follow. We scout and collect in South FL, and our rule is to go in threes. All are armed, one audio tech, camera geek and dog handler/tracker. All are vets and slightly crazy; some more than others…

    We carry 12 gauge shotguns with slug barrels; I prefer sabot or flechettes. Fast red dot sights on all. We do NOT look tactical. We look like three rednecks and this is intentional.

    Not sure what you meant by saying rifles are in the past (if you carried a long gun in your past but do not own one at present, etc.?) but I would highly recommend you bring along at least one teammate who does carry one, and is a proven shooter with tested skill and a history of keeping their wits under stress. If sidearms are your thing, may I make a suggestion? Look into a S&W 500 magnum, or 454 Casull (or anything approaching these calibers ballpark designed for bear hunting).

    In the gravest extremes, I personally would want the extra range, penetration and capacity of a long gun over a sidearm, but you are a big boy now and can choose your own kit as you see fit. Don’t let the armchair commandos rattle your cage, brother. Keep going, good hunting.

    Holler if you ever come south,


  32. Will H

    Kris T. I am not new to this by any means my brother, I’ve been at it for roughly 30 years, I am not one of those self proclaimed researchers either, I never go anywhere half cocked or alone, there are always rifles taken just not always seen, the friend I mentioned carries a Barret .50 Cal, he’s a big big dude, I myself normally carry a .44 mag and a few other choice toys.

    I have no delusions of what may and can happen, I’ve seen the outcome and results way too many times, and I get the vets and being a little nuts comment, just look at a person’s face you see thousand yard stare like someone is looking thru you you know.

    Yeah if I’m ever down that way I’ll look you up for sure

  33. Will H

    Allow me to clean up any mess or miscommunication that there might be, if you still feel my encounters or whatever are BS, or you think you have found inconsistency in my retelling or you think you found holes email me at and I’ll give you the unedited version of the accounts, and fill in any holes created by telling the accounts on air.

  34. Danny D

    One more thing will.. You mentioned something about being a I’m originally from chapel hill brother.Yes, .Go tarheels!!lol Hey, i’m going to hit you up later tonight or tomorrow.. Just want to see if you know what’s going on near the reservation today.. Talk to ya soon man..

  35. Kris T


    Hah! Last week we were in a slough area – my attention was on this rotted tree. My buddy sees me looking at it and busts out with:

    “Abe Lincoln”

    The tree suddenly had a profile that looked like him.
    Crazy eyes, man.

    If three busted up AFG vets can see Abe Lincoln in dead trees, its a fine day.

    Stay sharp bud.



    • Will H

      No doubt, me and Tom, and a couple others, did a follow up for search and rescue when they couldn’t find a lost skier once, you see all kinds if shit in the blinding white light of snow as far as the eyes can see, we found him safe and sound , the story he told us of how he survived -25 degree weather the night before was a strange one to say the least

  36. Michael S

    Another amazing encounter! How horrible for this man, and I wonder if they tracked down this group of Sasquatch, like what has been stated before on other shows, and dealt with? I’d like to hear more encounters from Will. Thanks Wes…

  37. Doug K

    “Damn”. This was a very frightening bunch of encounters tonight. Thank you Wes for all these 499 episodes. You go to so much trouble to bring all this to us every week. Big shout out to Will for sharing all these encounters. Thanks Will. YEEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!!

  38. Celia

    Well, that was terrifying. Will, where (in what state/province) did that violent campsite encounter take place? Did his wife mention he had experienced activity there before or if it was his first time in that area? I’m just curious if he had ever encountered that group before. I guess we’ll never know. Side note: I saw a strewn/dismembered body once (suicide by train). It’s something that will stay with me forever.

  39. Matt L

    I loved the show. However what I’m disappointed in, is the people who are trying to pick the story apart, because they weren’t paying attention. I understood the story clearly. He never said the lights of the truck were on for a week. Keith M, seems how you weren’t paying attention, which by the sounds of it you weren’t. Will is NATIVE AMERICAN, who do you think the special forces learned to move 30 plus miles in a day from. Apaches could travel 50 miles in a day on foot easy (not saying Will is apache). If you are not going to pay attention to the stories then don’t listen to the shows and don’t be an armchair critic when you weren’t there and don’t comment if your are not going to pay attention. God D**n you can’t fix stupid.

  40. Will H

    Now to those armchair warriors who were talking about there not being a wolf attack reported in NC, it didn’t happen in NC, to the one who thought his shat didn’t stink and tried to tell me that there has only been two reported wolf attack in the US in 70 years, you are full of yourself, there may have only been 2 reported on by the media, there have been countless attacks on man by wolves that have not been reported on by the media, secondly this was a local thing it was called a wolf attack even tho I know it wasn’t, you know it wasn’t and everyone involved knows it wasn’t, but that’s what authorities said was the official cause, it ran for four days in the paper and on televised news, then nothing else was said, I’ve contacted several ppl that were involved and no one can find anything on it, like it never happened, go figure. When has the government ever lied to us or covered something up for the sake of not losing face with the public, now this is the end of it, if anyone has any serious inquiries feel free to email me, I’ve left the email in the comments several times, I will no longer entertain trolls or idiots who think they know it all, don’t listen, don’t pay attention or want to play keyboard Rambo because my story and encounter doesn’t fit into their make believe world of everything revolves around them

    • Daniel S

      I believe you, but not sure why you won’t give location. Just give the region of U.S.A. or Canada. I can find it. You don’t have to give a city or reservation, just give the state or region.

      Also, what year did it happen in?

    • Will H

      Curtis R. Oh I’m coming back. Next time I’ll make sure all time lines, areas, time of day and everything is included, take all of the ammunition away from the trolls and watch them founder trying to grasp for anything tangible lol, glad you liked the show, listened to it several times wow, was it really that good, I couldn’t do it, I can’t stand the sound of my own voice, glad you like it tho, can’t wait for Friday Episode 500 with Les Stroud

  41. Daniel S

    I tried to look up news reports of wolf attacks, and his claim as it being in the news wasn’t found. Can someone verify this? I am not one to believe people outright, and he did state there were news reports stating the person was attacked by wolves. I want to see the news report. In fact, I would think wolves would be in North or South Carolina’s. But if there was a news report, it would add to believing his story.

  42. Kris T

    I recall reading a news report of a woman being mauled to death by res dogs; there was another in CA I believe, of a young boy who got run down while riding his bike, and the report stated that feral dogs had killed him.

    I will do some digging and see if I can locate those. No promises though; you know by now how certain content gets deleted when it draws attention toward certain topics.

    • Daniel S

      Please post if you find it. I think Will’s encounters are fascinating, stuff you could make a movie on. We all need to validate everything, not to call someone a liar, but to strengthen theirs stories. I have friends that are biologists, and they need more to get them to bite on to the subject. I think this show is what skeptics need. I never heard any show like this, that has such good witnesses and details.

  43. Kris T

    Anyone from the UP care to back me up on this?

    In the winter of 2014 I witnessed more wolf numbers than ever before, and every hunter I knew had been scared by the aggressiveness and size of the packs. The deer population that year was lower than anyone had ever seen, and nobody got meat that Fall unless they were extremely lucky. I was not one of them.

    If any listeners are Yoopers, I would love to know how that wolf explosion has affected the area, and if it died off or has grown worse, and especially if anyone has been attacked there.

    • Daniel S

      I read a few things about red wolves in NC about being shot, but that is it There are achieved newspaper websites you can go on, but need a subscription and read recent to 200 year old newspaper stories that were printed in the past. I might just do it to search for this and other stories. I think history is being made with all this stuff.

  44. Kris T

    I managed to locate the res dog report, here :

    The article on the rug rat in CA getting run down while on his bike is not coming up anymore, but there are some disturbing deaths being blamed on dogs.

    An elderly woman was found torn to pieces in a quiet neighborhood after she went out on her morning walks. In my hood, when a dog barks everyone on the whole street can hear it. How can a whole pack of dogs and a woman getting mauled by them go unheard, I wonder?

    The cops rounded up dozens of strays and had them euthanized; not one had its stomach contents checked for the woman’s DNA. No samples from her remains were taken (or more accurately, no findings such os canine saliva, hairs, etc. were verified to the public), and their narrative ran without anyone asking questions such as:

    1. What pack of dogs suddenly appeared, and where are the witnesses?

    2. Why didn’t anybody hear that commotion?

    3. Why were no tests performed on the rounded up strays to prove they ate her?

    Because its all lies, that’s why. They rounded up local strays and cooked up a cover story, conveniently disposing of the evidence.

    F. Yeah.

    • Will H

      No I don’t think you can Daniel, I talked to the lead Editor myself on the phone, to try to get a clipping of it, to post so you could all see it, and even tho I was here when it was released, read it with my own two eyes, and watched the news cast with my own two eyes as did, several of my family members and friends, I was told by the Editor that to his knowledge no story like that was ever printed or released to the public, and it happened in Idaho. Of course it was printed, and aired on the local news, do you really think the local and state authorities would have released that a Sasquatch had done it, nope so give it a cover story that would be accepted, then cover up that cover story with a blatant lie of we never heard of that, I have gone to several different places here in town that keep old newspapers on digital format, one lady says she remembers it being printed and released, but couldnt find it in her database, and it was the same story everywhere I went, the library everywhere, so good luck

  45. Debbie C

    Love this episode! Looking forward to part 2!
    I remember well CB Radios:) My dad and brother used them.
    Listening to skip feel the airwaves from near and far.
    My handle was buckskin. Those were great days:)

  46. Steve K

    Not sure if anyone else has pointed it out but all of the nasty shat happened after the the noisy one was killed by his dad. I think it’s a fools errand going into woods with any type of firearm and believing you will be the one coming out with the trophy. Carrying protection against bears, lions, drug smugglers etc. is suggested but honey, Sasquatch is the king of the jungle and you pass through his woods with his mercy. Better not misrespect or underestimate him.

  47. ROB B

    I have lived in Cherokee NC area for 20+ years but never seen a story in local papers about a man being killed by wolves. Can you tell us name of person who was attacked and if it was recent? I’d love to read the newspaper article to see how it was covered up.

    • Will H

      Rob B, let me say it yet again, that investigation DID NOT HAPPEN IN NC. It happened where I live currently. And I NEVER said that it was a wolf attack I said the news covered it up claiming that it was a wolf attack, it was a damn Sasquatch attack, which is what I said it was. Seriously ppl if you are going to try to pick my story apart at least pay attention to what was said

  48. Indignico

    Normal people aren’t so ‘in yer face’ rude like the jerks trying to pick apart Will’s story… the small handful of jerks more or less calling Will a liar to his face and knowing that’s what they’re doing sound exactly like the small handful of jerks who jumped down Wes’s throat about a supposed full moon discrepancy in Wes’s Encounter story back in the day… these jerks are professional jerks doing what they get paid to do. Real jerks would display a little more variety in their approaches to the task of poking holes in a story by way of testing the honesty of the storyteller… some would be timid and polite and some would bury their criticisms in compliments and only occasionally would any of them get in someone’s face and rudely call them a liar especially in a public forum where 99percent of the commenters who had already commented had done so with grace and respect in order to pass along their appreciation for the story and the storyteller and Wes, the host who made the whole experience possible… to wade into that context with a faceful of hateful spew contradicting all that has come before takes a… unique? personality yet each of these negative commenters had no problem attacking Will and doing so using the most abrasive phrases and angles possible… so I bet you anything they aren’t what you’d call ‘naturally occurring critics’ but instead soulless paid professional trolls. Anyone else think so?

    • Will H

      And that’s not the worst part of it, ppl have a tendency to either not read all of something or not pay attention when they are listening to something, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain to ppl that A. Everything did not happen in NC, B. I never said the wolf attack was true, it was a cover up by the news media, I even said as much, I could go on and on, but not like it’s going to do any good, even after pointing out the trolls mistakes and assumptions because they didn’t pay attention, they still don’t listen, they just keep harping on the same thing beating that dead horse harder and harder, hell I’ve even gone thru and listened to my own show thinking I may have missed worded something that would have made the trolls think they had heard it a different way, but it’s just simply not the case. They can’t get to me, or on my nerves, or under my skin, and honestly I don’t care if they believe me or not, I have nothing to gain by telling my encounters, my full name isn’t being used, no one other than Wes knows who I am, I don’t care about fame or fortune. I mean seriously listen to the stories like them or don’t. That’s everyone’s choice.

  49. William B

    Truth is that Will’s story does not pass the BS test. Wolf attacks are very rare in North America. There are only 2 fatally attacks recorded in the past 70 years and neither correspond with his story. Will, if you are listening, explain this please.

    • Will H

      William B, you really didn’t pay attention to what was said did you, let me reitterate it for you, the Sasquatch attack was covered up, it is was reported by authorities to the local media that it was a wolf attack. I NEVER said that it was a wolf attack, I repeated what was reported to the media, and it DID NOT happen in NC, never said that it did, ppl just assumed that because Wes opened with I had encounters in my youth in NC that all of my encounters happened in NC. So you can take your BS test and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

      • William B

        Will H, Go “F” yourself, You are a liar. There have been two fatal wolf attacks in North America in the past 50 years and neither match your story. Stick that where the sun never shines, BTW your pants are on fire.

        • Will H

          And you STILL aren’t paying attention, I NEVER SAID that IT WAS a wolf attack, I said the newspaper reported it as a wolf attack, and I NEVER said it happened in NC, ffs man, pay attention. I know it wasnt a wolf attack I just told what and how it was reported and covered up. Maybe, just maybe if people like yourself would actually slow and take time to pay attention to what is being said you wouldnt make complete and total fools and asses of yourself, news flash sparky, attempting and failing at calling me out on something you clearly didnt pay attention to, is not making you look good, ppl are reading your comments and laughing at you, honestly I dont care what you think or thought about my recounting of the events that happened, the only reason why I am even responding is to see if you even read and pay attention to what I am saying now, btw Happy Valentines day, now back under the bridge with you

          • William B

            My point is that if it was in the newspapers/local news, I would be able to find record of it. What is so hard to understand about that? Maybe post a link to an article or newscast.

  50. Paula B

    That was one of the most awesome episodes.
    Really brings home what you tell people all the time…. be careful what you wish for – you may just get it. 😮
    Keep ‘me coming Wes.
    Hopefully we will get some disclosure from the government.
    *not holding my breath*

  51. richard w

    Thx Wes! That was a really cool show, haven’t heard one like that before! Poor deer 🥺. Stay rad!
    P.S sorry Will! Your encounter was so scary! I feel so bad 4 you!

    • Will H

      Don’t feel bad for me, when you work in SAR, its just something you come across from time to time, as for my encounters thro out my life no mattter how they happened or what Happened I am greatful for each and every one. It has given me a new perspective on life.
      And it has given me the experience to help try to better prepare others for the dangers when outing where these things are

  52. Will H

    Now on to the Trolls on this site, keep the comments coming, I know you all have nothing better to do with you time , then sit behind your computer and attempt and fail miserably at Trolling me and others who have come forward and did a show with Wes, now you all say you like Wes and respect him, and then come on here and bad mouth his guests, funny, that doesn’t sound like respect to me, anyone ever heard the quote, if you don’t have anything nice to say , keep it to yourself, yeah, a few of you might want to start practicing that, because honestly calling someone a liar just because something doesnt fit into your realm of possiblities only make you look like a fool or a horses ass which ever way is fine. I don’t care one way or the other if anyone believes anything I say ever, I know what happend to me, it happened to me not you, you werent there, you didnt experience it. What Wes says all the time, be careful what you wish of , you just might get it, I didnt wish for any of the encounters I have had to happen to me, they just did. but since they have it has given me a better understanding and new perspective on things. Does that make me care anymore about what ppl think of me nope not one teeny tiny bit, Im not on here for anyones approval, I was asked to do a show by Wes, and I did just that, if Wes at any point in time found any inconsistancies with anything I had to say, then there wouldnt have been a show PERIOD. but by all means keep trying to pick my stories apart, I enjoy the entertainment, it really is funny to watch the trolls founder and flop, because they just cant prove or disprove anything I say.

    Happy Valentines to all and have a wonderful day

  53. BirdMama

    Just started listening to the episodes and this was a great one, very informative. But it seems as though some sasquatch want nothing to do with humans, while there are others who go out of their way to stalk and harass humans.

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