Sep 26

SC EP:475 Terror in the Woods II

I will be speaking with author W.J. Sheehan who wrote Bigfoot Terror in the Woods sightings and encounters volumes 1-4. Bill will be sharing an encounter called “The Bone Pile” which is a tough one to hear. Made me think of Missing 411. See everyone tomorrow night.


This book is a compilation of sightings, encounters and evidential findings as they pertain to Bigfoot in North America and those who have encountered them.



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89 Responses to “SC EP:475 Terror in the Woods II”

  1. Ben H

    This is fantastic! I’ve never been much of a gambling man, but if mybookie is going to help keep the shows rolling out at this pace I may just have to throw down some money!!

    Thanks for the extra shows, boss. Really enjoyed the first Sheehan episode and just about to hit play on the second.

  2. Lewis S

    M1 carbine fires .30 caliber light round. A pistol cartridge actually. Men have been hit with it and not have heavy clothing penetrated.

  3. Lewis S

    Baughman was Colorado, Roosevelt didn’t believe and belittled the story as fancy. After he left office he had his own problem in the Olympic Nat For. and never talked badly about Baughman there after. Roosevelt loved hunting and nature is why he wanted a park system.

  4. Eric B

    Thanks Wes and Bill. Two great shows. Its funny…I had the same thoughts when I heard Bill mention Gifford Pinchot. And I also believe 100% that Teddy bear Roosevelt knew a lot more about sasquatches than we’ll ever know.

  5. m99

    …Wes, you sound like this new sponsor has given you needed encouragement. I “bet” it gets lonely and overbearing sometimes doing it all by yourself. BTW ~ That was SC EP:469 “Albino super-monkey in the hills of Pennsylvania” from Sept 14th. It feels like long ago doesn’t it? ~ Yes. God knows who are His, even those who don’t “know” Him yet. It’s called, ‘Heirs of Salvation’, and you are my brother. ~ Well Bless you Wes. You are a Prince to help so many.

  6. Brian M

    Great stories, I would love work and be able to listen to them in audiobook form hopefully Mr Sheehan haas plans to do so!!
    Thanks Wes for the Awesome shows.

  7. John G

    Thank you Wes and thank you mr. Sheehan forgetting part 2 out so quickly. these stories are great and I look forward to every one of them I will definitely be buying the books. Period…… Wes without being too much of a stickler for fax and whatnot I just wanted to throw this little bit of information out there for those people who think that New York is just New York City. West said that the Gifford Pinchot National Forest is huge. Wes made it a point to talk about how large it is. Even saying that he thinks it may be as large as New York. Well I’ll say this. Most folks are not aware of this but the largest national park preserve in the entire United States is in…… New York State… Our Adirondack Park here in New York state is larger than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, and Grand Canyon National Park combined. The Gifford Pinchot is a mere 1.34 million Acres. The Adirondack park preserve is 6.6 million Acres. And if you subtract the privately owned land from that leaves you with three million Acres of just state land. A lot of folks think that the Pacific Northwest and its surroundings are the big parks in the US when actually the largest park is here in New York state. There are many Sasquatch sightings here in New York and most of them are either in the Adirondack Park where down south in the Catskill mountains. it’s hard to explain to people just how much Woods in Farmland there is here in New York but I’ll say this as far as land area is concerned forest and Country Living Encompass more than 3/4 of the state.

    • m99

      My dad is from upstate New York. His parents were dairy farmers. The people are the salt of the earth. I’d want to live in the Adirondacks but it’s too cold for me. Thanks for sharing about New York.

      • John G

        M99 my grand parenst too were Dairy farmers from that region. Our last name is Garrand. There is MANY farmers with that name in the area
        I love the Adirondack Mountains. , But I too hate the winters up here. I didn’t mind it so much when I was younger and hunted more. But now that I have such difficulty walking it’s not as fun as it used to be. We have a beautiful log camp on 78 Acres in the high peaks region of the park. In 20 years I’ve never seen a single person on the property besides ourselves. The Adirondack Park is so vast…. That it is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

        • m99

          It sounds like heaven, albeit a Cold heaven. 🙂 Chances are if my family had 78 acres anywhere, I probably would never leave. Ya’ll are blessed to have such a place friend.

  8. John G

    Please excuse the numerous amounts of grammatical and spelling errors in my post above. I didn’t type it all out I was using one of those voice things on my phone. Sorry for all the mistakes.

  9. Scott B

    I could listen to this guy for hours tell these stories! Ordered vol 1 & 2! Thanks Wes for having him on and I hope he sells lots of books! Great job Bill and Wes!

  10. Roy M

    Wes, this terror in the woods series is the best thus far; saying this from someone who Began listening since ep.4. Thanks for the work and time to put this out. Will there be a 3 or 4,etc. Keep up the good work!

  11. Jeff D

    I could listen to Bill for hours! You should have him check in quarterly!! Such a kind grandfatherly voice/vernacular. You guys are two peas in a pod. Great show!

  12. Brian V

    As far as Gifford Pichot National Forest goes, any place that has the names “Ape Canyon” and “Ape Cave” in it?

    That’s yer sign!!

  13. Molly Hart L

    Seems like many of us are now requesting these stories in audiobook form. Wes or William, can you comment on that possibility? Great stuff.

    • Bill S

      From W.J. Sheehan…Thanks so much…And if I knew how to make an audiobook it just may get done…But as of right now I am lost about such things…

      • Robert B

        Bill Sheehan, I’m pretty sure those are done by a service with professional voice actors etc. Not sure how expensive something like this would be, but as they would have a financial gain in it’s purchase, they would probably have additional outlets for the audiobooks. I’m only 55, but for the last few years, my eyes have gotten to the point that I can’t read for more than about 20 minutes or so and then they are done. And that’s with glasses. We “older” folks would love to have books in a different format. I used to read so much too. As a kid, I had a library card and would consume at least 3 books a week. Thankfully I went through all the classics that every young boy should read,,, “Old Yeller”, “Where the Red Fern Grows” and such. It really added a great deal of color and character to my life. Nowadays, most kids can’t be pulled away from Call of Duty or other such nonsense to even understand what it does for you to read like that. What a shame for our society.. Bob in Germany

  14. Pat T

    Wes, Bill needs a producer, hoping Discovery channel picks up on these stories, would make great TV. Thanks so much for the extra stories!

  15. rosalyn b

    Does anyone know how Bill acquires all of these stories? How do people know to contact him to share an encounter? I’m hoping that the books explain a little about that.

    • Darren H

      Roslyn B, I have the same question!
      How does a person find all theses people that have had an encounter?
      It’s a fair question!
      Wes, Bill can you enlighten us?

  16. Asheim

    I would love to listen to a kindle with W J Sheehan as the reader. He has such a soothing voice. I have really enjoyed immensely the shows with a sneak peek into his books. My books are supposed to arrive on Monday – can’t wait to read them! Thanks so much as well for sharing your very personal angelic encounter Mr. Sheehan. Thanks as always Wes for bringing us such quality shows. You are the best talk show host out there. Any chance we could do another show with Mr Sheehan?

  17. Renee S

    Amazing! A great big thank you to Wes & Bill? My books are on the way & looking forward to reading each one! Wes, please have him as a guest again soon

  18. Eileen F

    This was another great show. Many thanks to Bill and Wes. I am looking forward to books 5 & 6. I would also love to read a book by Bill about angel encounters. Or perhaps a book along the lines of “Edges of Science” by Thom Powell. Also, it was very nice of you Wes to leave a post on Amazon about one of Bill’s books. We all benefit by helping each other. I would love to hear from Bill again on SC.

    • Robert B

      Eileen F I am right there with you! I would love to hear Wes’ angel story. I have one myself. In a way, Wes and Woody’s Bf encounter could be considered an angel story. Something kept those Squatches from just outright attacking the car…. Bob in Germany

  19. Tamsin D

    Dear Wes and Mr. Sheehan,

    I have many favorite episodes, but hands down these two with Mr. Sheehan are my favorite.
    Both your voices are calming while the content has you at the edge of your seat. Great combination!
    Heading over to Amazon to purchase those books.
    Thank you,
    Tamsin ??

  20. Joe K

    Yeah really enjoyed this show and the first part great guest with exelent accounts I had a great time listening and deffos will be in my top ten thanx Wes great work

  21. Kenny H

    I bought Volume 1 on Sumday, finished it, and buying the next one tonight. Next to Sasquatch Chronicles, this is the best media on Sasquatcj, great job, I love the casual voice and tone of the writing.

  22. April O

    What’s truly amazing, is the fact that people give their real names in these stories. Certainly adds validity to the content. Thank you Was and Bill.

  23. John G

    We could have mr. Sheehan back once a month and I don’t think anybody would complain. His stories are absolutely fascinating and his reading voice in storytelling is top-notch. I once bought an audiobook called scores about the New York City nightclub and it was read aloud by it’s author… Michael D. Blutrich. I can only assume that he too is from Long Island as him and mr. Sheehan have damn near the exact same voice and annunciation. So far we’ve had him here two times and he has four books out. I think that once five and six hit the shelves we should have him back for the next two books. That’s just my humble opinion any other takers?!?!?!

  24. Christopher U

    Wes,I would like to thank you for introducing us to Mr. Sheehan’s work. I find his way of framing the encounter very compelling, as you know an arthur is like any other craftsmen. They can start with the best material possible and the quality of the finished product depends solely on the skill of workmen.
    Thanks Again !!!

  25. Ernest M

    In Episode 473 Bill tells of the hunter 25 feet up in a tree stand who had something take hold of his left heel and looking down saw Sasquatch looking up and sneering at him. Then, just as you please, he left as stealthy as he appeared. Now we have here an account from an orthopaedic surgeon who came across a poor, poor soul whose torso was separated from his lower extremities. To me this indicates that Sasquatch’s personality and demeanor is as variable as that of mankind. Think of the most kindest, gentlest person you have ever known, for me it’s my maternal grandfather, then consider the subhuman beasts such as Manson, Ramirez, Bundy. One does not know which one they may encounter or even something in between, such as the case of the fellow catching a Sasquatch unawares and he, him, with both screaming and running in opposite directions. I wouldn’t want an encounter more dramatic than that.
    Another excellent episode Wesley.

  26. Eva B

    Thanks Wes and My Bookie for the extra shows. I’m sorry Wes, it’s Sunday, I’m running behind on my shows. Today, take a nap or lounge around. You wicked deserve it! The show’s are off the charts! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bill, you’re a great writer and story teller! I’m going to try and get your books today. I don’t want ebooks, I’m old fashioned. Your angel story, I believe you 100% and your car, my cousin had one of those mustard yellow. Lol Thank you sir, for sharing these encounters from your book. It was meant to be that you and Wes met. I hope you still come back from time to time!!!


  27. Eva B

    I wanted to mention, I’m from New England and would go hiking and canoeing in Bennington, Vermont. When Bill brought up the rutland story it reminded me of the “Bennington triangle.” People have gone hiking in Vermont for decades and many do not return. This has been going on since the 1940’s or earlier?

    There have been stories about it, I believe on the history channel and/or A&E. They think the woods are haunted. When I was a kid in the 70’s, I had my encounter. When I was in my twenties, I would always go to Vermont to ski in the winter and hiking/canoeing in the spring, summer and fall season. Look up how many people have never come back from the woods in Vermont triangle! It’s creepy!

  28. Debbie C

    Bill Sheehan? Do you have your own website, Youtube, Facebook to follow you?

    I am a new fan of W.J. Sheehan!
    I am glad he brought up his Angel story!
    I hope Sheehan will write true encounters books
    with Angels:)
    I completely believe Sheehan’s Angel story!!
    Glad he is alive to this day:)
    “Book(6)” Cannot wait for it to come out!!

    Maybe near Christmas time, Wes could do a special true Angel encounters? If
    Sasquatch is part of the story, so be it:)
    Please bring Bill Sheehan back soon Wes!

  29. Curtis R

    I love Bill, he is a great guy and a wonderful story teller. Wes, you do have a talent for finding really cool people.
    Some of Bill’s stories were quaint, cool and just interesting but a couple really got my hair on end.

  30. Arlene K

    These are fictitious stories, as per the author’s disclosure on page 1.
    Don’t mean to burst the bubble and frankly am disappointed in reading what one reviewer of the books states. Here it is!!
    2.0 out of 5 starsThese are fictitious stories, as per the author’s disclosure on page 1.
    ByRoyell A Dobbson September 29, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    If you are looking for actual encounters, this book is a work of fiction. The author says so on the first page of the book. I bought the book after hearing the author on Sasquatch Chronicles, but wondered how he was able to get volumes of encounters. After reading the author page inside the book, he clearly says “…Therefore, this is a work of fiction. Names, characters, locations, and incidents are either the result of the interviewees’ imaginations or if they are real, they are being conveyed fictitiously.”

    • Bill S

      From W.J. Sheehan…..Apparently Arlene, you and several others have failed to read the first sentence of my little tongue in cheek disclaimer. Which says that whether or not Bigfoot is real is something that is yet to be determined. Therefore this book is a work of fiction. Accordingly, everything that has been spoken, filmed or written about Bigfoot since day one is all fiction in the eyes of the masses. Which is exactly why we do what we do. It frankly seems very mean-spirited on your behalf to make such a comment.

  31. Andrew O

    I’ve just received my first book, ‘Terror in the Woods’, and can not wait to get reading! Thank you Bill and Wes. Fantastic stuff. Really appreciate it.

    My 2p worth about what Sasquatch is comes from the suspicion that not all our predecessors (Neanderthals, Denisovans, Heidelbergensis, Erectus) completely became extinct, but survived and flourished in the deep woods and forests where humans never set foot where they evolved and adapted to those extremes of conditions becoming enormous and lived by their wits and stealthy intelligence. As we encroach further into their territories we are beginning to really witness their existence, and some point soon I do reckon someone will capture high resolution images or film of one or some for all to see. As long as they don’t trust the standard news networks there must be other channels like Sasquatch Chronicles that could lend assistance.

    Keep up the excellent work ?

  32. Arlene K

    Wes, Bill,
    Yes this was a review that I read on the book. I tried to make it clear that I wasn’t the person claiming the book was fiction, but that it was a comment made by A Dobson. It was her quote.
    I also wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t sure what the comment meant and was hoping that Wes could shed some light on it.
    My intent was not to be mean spirited but rather to get clarification on her review. I’m sure others considering purchasing the books and reading the review, would also have come across her statement.
    Bottom line, I’m good with it and happy you addressed it.
    I’ve also asked my adult daughters to order all 6 books for my upcoming birthday. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  33. Kenny H

    Bill and Wes, I have purchased and finished episodes 1-4. Each night when my wife and I take the dogs out for a walk she asks for an encounter…thanks for the material. And Wes, you should package episodes 1-4 add an accompanying booklet of photos ( just 16 pages) and sell it as a Christmas set. One thing I have noticed that these books mention many gruesome encounters, which typically Wes does not feature on this program, I have a feeling that may be a result of some outside pressure. No reaction is needed to that statement it is just an observation. Please know I will be buying many of these books from Christmas gifts. All my best. Kenny

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