Nov 7

SC EP:45 Bigfoot destroyed my camper

We talk to a law enforcement official who also served in the special forces. He shares with us an encounter he had as a child, and an encounter his brother had where Sasquatch destroyed a camper trailer with him in it. We will also see if he is willing to share some stories and encounters special forces had with Sasquatch here in the states…



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18 Responses to “SC EP:45 Bigfoot destroyed my camper”

  1. Bryan H

    Great knowledge to retain from this episode. Keep the great shows coming. It’s amazing how it takes special forces to go out and contain these creatures when issues arise, and yet so many unknowledgable people head out into the wilderness daily, and weekly, to stroll along what they think is peaceful forest. And we wonder why missing 411 books are created??????

  2. Nicholas S

    Crazy and people think that there friendly forest giants. Sounds like there out there picking people off one or two at a time until the Calvary shows up and takes them out.

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