May 27

SC EP:438 I hit one with my car

I am returning from the beach after a long needed break. Tonight will be a replay. I really needed to recharge the batteries. I will return next week.

Bo writes “If you got time maybe give me a call sometime. I want to tell you my encounter. To sum it up, I hit one with my car when I was 19 yrs old.”

Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on the show. The encounter took place almost 20 years ago. He describes leaving an area late one night when this creature jumped in front of his car. He said he had his high beams on and saw this creature right before he hit it. He said it was a small creature and it reminded him of a baby gorilla or monkey. At the last moment he hit it and the impact caused a lot of damage.

As he slowed down he heard a scream/roar from the tree line. The witness said he was terrified about what he just hit and now something else let out this scream/roar that seemed to shake his insides. The witness hit the gas and as he came around the bend he is pretty sure what ever roared at him was chasing him because he heard it again right next to the road.

There is a lot of details we will discuss in this encounter.

I will also be speaking to Tom who was on SC EP:319, he is returning to the show to talk about a recent encounter on his property.



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35 Responses to “SC EP:438 I hit one with my car”

  1. Rick T

    You deserve a break Wes. Take one buddy. Thanks for your hard work. Always appreciated by me and I am sure most all of us up in here

  2. Wolf W

    What is it with these animals and cars?
    A young bloke wrecked his car trying to avoid one on a windy road around a large dam on the Gold Coast hinterland (Australia)…

    … of course everyone thought he was just making excuses for losing it on a bend…

  3. Wolf W

    (fictional 911 account):…
    911, what’s your emergency?

    Ah, we’ve just had a car accident.

    Is anyone hurt?

    Don’t think so, not seriously anyway … you okay sweetheart?

    I think so, just banged my knee a little… what was that? Did we hit it?

    I don’t know baby… Jesus it was big though.

    Sir, is your vehicle blocking the road?

    No, no it’s not. We’re in the ditch, but I think I may have hit something… something big… an animal, a bear maybe, I dunno.

    Sir, is your vehicle safely off the road?

    Yeah, I think so. Some kind of animal ran out if front of us. It practically charged us! I’m pretty sure we hit it…

    Can you see it? What is it? Is it hurt?

    No, I can’t see anything, it’s too dark. God it was big! Some kind of bear, or giant gorilla or something. Baby, can you see it?

    No, no I can’t see a thing. It looked like a wolf to me… a real big one.

    Sir, please stay in your vehicle, emergency services are on their way.


    Sir? Are you okay?

    Yeah, something just hit the car… baby, you okay?

    Yeah, just gave me a fright, sorry.

    Sir, please stay in the vehicle. You could have an injured animal outside your vehicle. Police are on their way.

    We’re not going anywhere. There’s something big moving out there! I can hear it growling! What the f… (SOUND OF BREAKING GLASS) Jesus Chri… (LOUD GROWL)

    Sir?… Sir?… what’s going on now sir?… hello? Sir?



      • Wolf W

        Imagined transcript inspired by a reported 911 call with no record…

        Apparently the police found an abandoned car in the ditch after a caller abruptly hung up after saying he had hit a very large animal. The theory was proposed a Dogman had deliberately wrecked the car to get at the travellers inside.

  4. Steven B

    When you need a break, you need a break. Wes, a lot of work goes into producing each episode. you DESERVE a break, brother. 🙂 You have a life outside of this…you should be allowed to live it…or else all the ugly, hairy creatures of the night win. 😉

  5. Aaron W

    I agree with everyone here! Thank you Wes for all you do with SC, we all enjoy this show soo much! You deserve a break brother! If I was there around you, I’d send you a cold one on me! Thanks again!

  6. David R

    Thanks Wes! I don’t know what’s going on, but I heard this before, or it was someone that had almost the same thing happen to him! DILLY, DILLY!!!

  7. Christopher N

    Looking at the areal map, it’s clear that area next to the lake offers a very small territory for these things to inhabit, especially for long-term habitation. But then you see a rail line on one side of the lake and a power line on the other. This is a relatively heavily populated area. Interesting that they would choose to live there considering how much wilder territory there is to the south and east of the state, but you can see how they could travel through there undetected.

  8. Larry T

    Hello everyone, just joined as a paying customer, just glad to be here. Never really seen or heard anything out of the ordinary in the woods, and I’ve been to AK over a dozen times, hiked most of the Appalachian trail over the last 30 years. Of course, I wasn’t looking for tree structures and the like, until I found this podcast. Just because I haven’t witnessed anything doesn’t mean I’m not a believer…enjoy the subject and look forward to hearing more stories from Wes’ Sasquatch Chronicles.

    • Jeffrey H

      Hi Larry T: Welcome! Sit back and enjoy the shows. You might want to listen to the “Members Shows” from the past now that your a members. In the most part, I think the member shows are better and you can also comment on them as you already know. Glad to have you aboard!! ??

  9. Michelle L

    Thanks Wes – hope you enjoyed the downtime and had good weather. Did anyone else think the guest sounded similar to the actor Owen Wilson? I wonder if they are from the same area because the speech pattern sounded so so similar to me.

  10. michelle m


    I live in Concord NC not far from you. My husband and I have 13 acres that is on the Rocky river. If you ever want to hike in back of our property to see if we have any activity it would be great to know. My husband has seen a cougar in this area. I think this would be an area they could travel through. Very wooded.

    Thank you for doing such a great job. I just love your show!

  11. Eva B

    I thought I was behind! Whew! Thank you Wes! I hoped you enjoyed the beach and thank you for showing us the sunset! Ciao!

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