May 15

SC EP:434 Strange Lights In The Woods

Timothy Renner writes “We encountered some very weird lights in the woods. One of our party thinks they are eyeshine, but these lights were very very strange – changing color, moving, changing shape, etc.”

I spoke to Tim and he said “You had Jeremy on from Texas and he was talking about the eyes changing colors and I about fell over when I heard this, we saw the same thing. It was strange….”


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    • Paul M

      Margret F. Hope and Pray your doing well and your in good hands at MAYO.. I was in mayo for 3 week in MAYO MN. They took very good care of me after after a motorcycle accident… GOD BLESS

  1. Adam

    I chased a bunch lights…. and ended up 20 ft from a 5 ft maybe, squatch in Ontario Canada… Then got yelled at by another behind me…. You’re gonna dig this…

  2. Gumshoguy

    Does anyone believe they have this figured out yet? Are balls of light the same as orbs? Are they simply spheres of energy or somethings else? I don’t neccessarily subscribe to this but you need to know what others are reporting. If it were only one or two reports I would have overlooked this but as well see, this is a pretty thorough account of lights and Bigfoots.


    Another disturbing feature is the BF creatures occasionally appear in the company of UFOs (1970 IN, MO, OK, AR, IL, FL, PA)

    Observed large light above farm house
    (2017 B.C. )

    Blue figure has a face on the left side of the tree up higher than the leg which is still showing
    (2016 CO)

    BF and UFOS
    (1978 MS)

    Seen floating red ball
    (2014 WA)

    Two men observe Strange Lights and a “Finger” up close near Mt. Saint Helens
    (2014 WA)
    Observed what appeared to be finger tip, and the first and second knuckles crept along forest floor (2014 WA)

    Sasquatch and some form of giant black salamander-type creature crossed road
    (1995 B.C.)

    UFO appeared like a silent low flying a large passenger airplane without wings or tail (1974 B.C.)

    Two days after sighting BF’s they see UFO
    (1974 B.C.)

    Number of reports from people who seen a Sasquatch and UFO in the same area, same time (1974 B.C.)

    Several farmers see brightly lit UFO, and seen two large BF
    (1973 PA)

    Earthquake sensors activate observed a little red light came out and hovered over him, BF track were found around camp and sensors were missing
    (1977 CA)

    • Mauri G

      The Ufo ranch in Washington state near MtAdams (I forget his name) but the owner of it that claims to have contact with aliens stated on a radio show that the Bigfoot with red glowing eyes were a Android created by some aliens to protect certain area that have a interest to them.Not saying I believe this but it’s a thought

  3. Lisa H

    Wes i loved this show. rant & ramble on all u want, the great part of this show, is letting people share their entire experience . I love Tim’s podcast, Strange Familiars. I am so grateful to u & Tim for bringing these great mysteries to us on a regular basis I’m a faithful follower of these podcasts & others like it. With love carry on!

  4. winkatme

    WOW!!! FANTASTIC an extra episode! YOU ROCK WES! Thank YOU so much can’t wait to hear it. Nothing but LUV, Wink

  5. Kelly W

    Thanks Wes and Tim..whe I was young ..we used to go to a place called St. Marys glacier..3 Lakota friends and myself would sit on a rock outcropping and watch balls of light playing among the trees in the forest next to the glacier lake..we were never afriad.. but the Ute told us the place was haunted..a Lakota elder at the Eagle Center told me once they were spirits of the trees and on certian nights during certain moons the spirit of the trees were released to spend time free.. as far as I know us Lakota do not fear the spirits or lights. .we do not fear them because White Buffalo Calf Woman came to us in a ball of light and gave us the chanupa or The Sacred Pipe to our people.. with wich all prayers and ceremony are given..but some tribes do fear them as a place of hauntings..

    • Debbie C

      Hello Kelly W:)
      My husband is a Vietnam soldier.
      The Vietnamese would talk about tree spirits.
      Soldiers from both sides of war who died during
      battle would take to the trees as their resting place.
      Their orbs would glow during the night among the trees.
      Just thought I would share that with you:)

      • Kelly W

        Debbie C.. thats Father is a vet of korea and vietnam..he hasnt mentioned orbs or lights? But to get my Dad to speak of anything? You have to be very specific and patient . But you have me curious!

  6. Morris W

    Tim is a great author! Very impressed with Bigfoot in Pennsylvania. Have spoken to him via FB. Very approachable. I’m getting books signed. They are awesome!

  7. Pete M

    I agree with both you guys. I thought it was just an ape, but I think there’s more to it now. The lights, the cloaking, cameras failing. I bought Tim’s books after you had him on the last time. And I now listen to Strange Familiars too. Wes you may hate this field but this is my favorite show. My thinking has evolved right along with you. I first came across your show with episode 23, and went back and heard all your past shows. I also wanted to see one and I no longer have that desire. I’d rather never see one. Still enjoy hearing people’s encounters though.

  8. Pete M

    I forgot to mention that I one heard Bob Garrett say to carry a green laser to stop a charging Bigfoot by hitting it in the eyes, he said it’ll stop them in their tracks, I don’t remember if it was on your show or back when he had his own show. He said it might save your life.

  9. Barbara W

    Wes, you were in rare form tonight! 🙂 Rant on.
    Great show, and I’m glad to hear of Tim’s podcast. I’ll sub it. He is easy to listen to.
    Thanks for the extra show.

  10. Timothy R

    Thanks for the kind words everybody. I was so excited to tell Wes about those lights/eyes that I was tripping over myself a bit. Next time I’ll try to remember to slow down!

  11. Dovie D

    I thank both of you for the information you provide to the public on many fronts regarding many different “things” many of us have seen over our lives. I only listen to a few podcasts and U-tube channels. It irritates me when I hear individuals who want to promote sasquatch or bigfoot as gentle giants. ARE THEY CRAZT!!. That really upsets me because they are not. They kill and eat people. Hello… Thank you Wes for the willingness to stand up to those who choose not to be respectful of people who have decided to come out of the “closet” and talk about whatever experiences they have had rather it be bigfoot, little green people or what ever. Thank you. I know I had tried years ago to post about my encounters on the BFRO and someone even called me once but I never saw what I told them on their web site. What a joke.
    One thing I wanted to ask though. You were talking about the red eyes. What about when one comes to your window and the eyes are glowing red? I always wondered why I didn’t like sleeping by the window but from the time I was small we seemed to always have ‘peeping toms” or as my dad would also say”…HOBOS.. looking in our windows. Like I shared before I never dawned on me what I saw walk up to my window one night when I was in the 5th or 6th grade that glided or floated from the back of our home until just about 5 months ago. OMG..That’s what it was. I spent 4 or more years between listening to this pod cast and watching ..stupid shows FB for two years then one day a light went on. How many experiences have I really had? thank you Wes and to all of your guests. If it were not for your passion and willingness many of us would still not know where to go to share about what has happened to us. 🙂 Keep up the great work. REALLY!!

  12. Stacey S

    Thanks for the extra show, Wes! I think Bob Garrett also said that green lasers will stop Squatches in their tracks?

  13. Steven B

    “Aperture out” – if these indeed are “eyes” – when you hit them with a concentrated light like a laser, the pupil would contract, “aperature out”, like a camera lens, and then re-dilate once the stimulation was removed.

  14. Chris I

    I remember when Bob Garrett told you he had a green laser light that he swore saved his life. I think it was on the Lone Star trail but not sure. He said he always has it when he goes out because he can shine it in their eyes if they charge him and they stop. So maybe when their eyes turn red they are blind???

  15. Trent M

    Like Stacey I also remember Bob Garrett telling of stopping a serious charge with a green laser to the eyes. In fact I believe he felt it saved him and his son.
    Also you are allowed to rant!! As good as you are with all the folks you speak with, and the patient way you let them all unload their fears and traumas in a safe and non judgemental way, then you deserve to have us, the audience, listen to you share your feelings too!! Keep up the great work, know we appreciate you and please do not “walk away”!

  16. Frank E

    Hey Wes good show. You sound burnt out and for good reason. With the amount of witnesses you talk to and the amount of bs you have to sift through, it’s gotta be exhausting. Its kind of like walking in a circle and going nowhere for a long period of time, although you’re making progress in this!
    When we spoke and I showed you the footprints and tree breaks, you encouraged me to get plaster paris and to be safe. I was on cloud 9 because I was just introduced to a whole new world and you helped guide me and relieve the enormous sasquatch burden everyone gets when they realize its not a fairy tale.
    You’re like the Bigfoot Communities big brother that everyone wants to have a beer with. You’ve also heard a million encounters so it’s probably getting a little mundane to you too….but a lot of people want to research at first because finding footprints and teepees is exhilarating so let them have their fun dude. Shitting on people isn’t normally your style but you’ve gotta shut down assholes.
    Don’t let the opinions of sheep effect the wolf. If you walked away tomorrow I wouldn’t blame you, but it would be a shame to see you go. You’ve invested a ton of time, money, and effort into this and have made a huge impact on the community and the people in it.
    Cheers brother ?

  17. Sam C

    I’ve seen eye shine/glow several times. Mostly light blue or jade green, sometimes white or red. On one occasion there were three individuals on a hill about 50 yards from me and each of them had a different color glow. If they get close, you can see the detail in the eyes and they almost look like a light shining through a marble and you can see the darker & lighter areas of the eye.

  18. Tammy S

    What if, like us, when they get angry, their pupils get very large? If you take a picture of someone with large pupils, the eyes appear red. Just a simple thought from a simple mind. ?

    • Chris I

      I would buy into that theory. Sounds like it makes sense. And when the flash goes off and your pupils dilate, what happens? It blinds you.

  19. Kim S

    ? great content guys ..I love the fact it’s a genuine convo..great work more please.i totally get all your saying…they are flesh and blood..but why I think the Bigfoot community will never figure it out is because “their” more than that…it really is to do with the intuition a better lack of a word that everyone understands…their dna gives off a vibe that we’ve all felt…if you use your six sense…whatever you want to call it…they’re is a lot I’ve said before they have ear shine as well…it IS NOT a physical thing..please remember that..

  20. Kim S

    Damn straight your not going anywhere brother wes…your here to learn the people’s that want to learn….good job way in advance….you are a good teacher don’t stop something that your good at…I teach stuff that does my head in too…and it’s a lonely road.

  21. wolfheathen

    This is exactly why we love you Wes. Well, this and Woody!

    One of the best, purely SCIENTIFIC discussions you’ve aired, brother. True science is an open-minded pursuit of data with the intent of winnowing it down to “facts” via Occam’s Razor. We are NOWHERE close to a full understanding of this situation.

    I applaud both you and Tim’s open minds, in the face of the sad, common, human nature to wanting to feel we understand it all…even if a few inconvenient additional “facts” have to be ignored or covered up. That is an INSULT to the scientific process you tools.

    And I use “tools” for the double entendre it allows, because it is quite possibly in certain groups favor to have those sort of “ignoring (or ignorant) experts” out there spreading hallf-truths to undermine any full investigations with an air of “fantasy”.

    We do not understand what much of the universe surrounds us with so we ALL have beliefs.

    It can be very comforting (and profitable) to substitute our belief as fact in a very uncomfortable universe.

    We believe to fill in the gaps of our facts, but should never confuse the two.

    The Fae world (as my own beliefs would call it) has always been with us, and with closed minded pursuits, it always will be.

    Great show, sirs!!

  22. Eric H

    Awesome show , one thing is true the educational system has TRAINED our minds how to think , enslaving us in many ways …. Jesus said the truth sets you free ! Hallelujah

  23. Bob V


    Stay away from the lights. When my Son and I saw them at a campground. For us, being the only people in a North West State park by ourselves in March was creepy enough, but arrive at the site and see a light bounce around. This turned into a demonic situation. We ended up sleeping in the car. The reason we slept in the car, is I felt this light would bring in something to attack us. I strongly believe these lights can lead Sasquatch or who knows what else to the campground.


  24. Mark T

    I carry a military grade green laser when I go mushroom picking at Mt. Rainier in the fall.

    I bring it for protection in case the hairy guy shows up and gets to close to my daughter and granddaughter… totally serious. I have for years now.

  25. Robert B

    When I had my first face to face encounter up in the Desolation Wilderness area of the High Sierras in Northern California, I was convinced that they were flesh and blood, but she looked like a giant cave woman. Other than hair all over her body, and the thumb looking like it was positioned a little farther up on the wrist, there was nothing ape about her. When I started looking into what happened to me, and checking out forums online (Because we all know that’s where the experts are), besides getting flamed by everyone for having a horrific experience, and not getting pictures, they all kept telling me they were apes. So that’s what I went with. And honestly, I can say I wasted almost 11 years chasing apes in California, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, and now Germany. By the way, everything was the same, behavior, tree structures and on and on, regardless of which continent I was on. The only differences here vs. the US, is here most of them seem more timid. Most of them. Some are just as angry and cantankerous as in the States. But also, here there is a considerably more of the weird stuff. And when I started focusing on the weird stuff, it absolutely took notice of me! I’ve never followed the lights in the woods. Something about it just seemed too far off to try and go there, but I have video’d it. I’ve taken screenshots of some of the strangest stuff I’ve ever even heard of. Jan 2017, I got hit in the head by an orb. That’s when things started going pretty south for me, and shortly after retired myself from the woods. Put away my cameras, took down my YouTube channel, and now I live vicariously through Wes and SC. So Wes!! Don’t you go into retirement!!! I don’t know what I might have to do!!!
    A good idea for a show, might be for Wes and maybe Duke, to talk about the weird stuff that has been reported and the people didn’t want to come on the show. Change the names to protect the innocent type stuff, but the only way this is gonna get solved is by sharing notes. No one person or group in the so called Bigfoot community , and I say that loosely, is going to solve this enigma. It’s been 50 years since Patterson/Gimlin and except for witness testimony and a crapload of footprint casts, we’re no farther than when we started. So if witness testimony is what we have, than that’s what we have to go with. Following the evidence, regardless of where it leads, is the only way to get to the bottom of the rabbit hole. Unless the damn rabbits keep digging!!! Bob in Germany aka Bigfoot in Germany

  26. Scott P

    There is a three dimension world that we can’t see. We live in a one dimension world where what you see is what you get and I believe there are supernatural events that happen all around us that we cannot see, these lights and orbs are existing in a three dimension world where they can be in three different polaces at one time and can peer in and out of our reality at any time.. There are good lights and bad lights so maby we are entertaining angels unware.

  27. Marc C

    Wes, you must be evolving since I talked with you long ago about “eyeshine” versus what I had seen, “eyeGLOW”. “This guy’s a kook!” is exactly what I had felt from you as you certainly seemed to disbelieve me. Red, orange green, blue, white… It probably didn’t help when I described seeing the 15 and a half footer I watched in my FLIR. I am glad to hear that the open minded are actually becoming more openminded to the possibilities of these creatures. Blessings…

  28. Christine D

    Do you like jigsaw puzzles? I feel that all of life and all the mysteries it entails is a huge jigsaw puzzle. We struggle over how all those oddball pieces fit together. We need a multidisciplinary approach to the problem, or better still, we need Einstein’s theory of everything. Yes, we really need something that big. Missing 411, UFOs, orbs, bigfoot, the paranormal all must fit into one big picture that includes the mundane and the super ordinary. If the oneness stems from God, then the rest can fall into place easily. God created everything, one of His created beings got “too big for his britches” and the fight was on.
    The enemy wants the power of God. We see technology heading into an “all knowing” state that can track us everywhere.
    He wants to lure us into the paranormal and away from God. Sometimes those psychics are spot on. Why wouldn’t they know where grandpa hid his money, they watched him do it.
    He wants the power to create life. That could be virtual or it could be chimeras. Consider the Missing 411. Who would you study? The young, the old who are doing great, the disabled to understand those things that genetics affects. Perhaps this is where bigfoot came from. Consider how many times we applaud animals – strong as an ox, fleet as a deer, eagle eyes, etc. Wher all those Greek myths just tall tales. How about the Egyptian dogman, Anubis or Horus? Who would accept the mark of the beast? Many if it would give them perpetual youth through genetic renewal…
    Just a thought for your consideration.

  29. Debbie C

    When the topic is about Sasquatch/Bigfoot, nothing is odd.
    I think Sasquatch eyes are able to
    not only reflect light but oment their own eye shine or eye lights.
    Whos to say that the eye of a Sasquatch has a night vision protective cover? Lizards do. Cats eyes do.

  30. Debbie C

    I suggest create a t-shirt with the words;
    “It has nothing to do with the woo”
    Right below those words is a Sasquatch silhouette image
    with glowing green eye shine 🙂

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