May 8

SC EP:431 Encounters with the unknown

Tonight we will be talking to three guests. My first guest Brian describes a terrifying night in the Uwharrie National Forest and having to pull his weapon.

Next, we will be talking to Josh who comes to us from the state of Minnesota. Josh has two encounters he will be sharing with us. Josh originally did not want to come forward because in his second encounter the creature looked very human in the face. Josh says “This has really bothered me Wes, the thing I saw looked very human like in the face but it acted like an animal. Here is a picture that is very close to what I saw..”


Then we will wrap up with Boni who comes to us from East Texas. She describes breaking down on the highway about 6 miles from her home and being stalked as she walked along the highway. Boni says “I was so scared, I had no idea what was going on. I could hear talking in the woods but could not make out what they were saying and whatever this thing was, it was big and was pacing me as I walked along the highway.

Every time I stopped I could smell this terrible smell like rotting meat.

I have had some strange things happen at my house I would like to discuss as well.”



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87 Responses to “SC EP:431 Encounters with the unknown”

  1. mark s

    Thanks Wes for the extra show especially Uwharrie forest incident because that is not far from me and I am very familiar with this area.
    Very cool brother!

  2. mark s

    Wes thanks for the extra show especially about Uwharrie because I am very familiar with this area being in Charlotte.
    Thanks brother peace!

  3. m99

    Thank you Wes, you are the best host of any program, anywhere, bar None! I’m so glad you’re having Bonnie on. After reading her encounter in the blog she’s really been on my mind. You’re therapeutic for the victims ( But, I’m a SC an addict now. Oh well, can’t win ’em all). Can’t wait Wes!

  4. Barbara W

    Josh, thanks for working up the courage to come on and share your story. We know it’s not easy to speak to strangers, and we thank you. Can’t imagine being in your shoes during that encounter. Going through it is bad enough, but you also had to consider the safety of your legally blind friend. Poor lady!
    Thanks to ALL the guests that make this show what it is.
    Wes, please have Dave the deliverer/flood inspector on again, or at least on one of your other podcasts. I rolled when I heard your funny story about the singer Pink on Renegade Podcast. If your listeners aren’t aware of it, they should go check it out.

  5. Oliver R

    Regarding the sketch makes you wonder what the author of the wizard of oz saw. Modern America a straw man with no brains, a tin man robot with no heart and a man beast with no courage.

  6. Sherri M

    Thx for the bonus episode, Wes. Keep em comin’! Lol.

    Love the new player- excellent quality.
    Also- when did ya get the Search Bar on the website? AWESOME!!!!!!

    Have a great week!

  7. Doug K

    Wes… are the man!!! Thank you so much for having tonights show. You made my whole week. Thank you to all your guests tonight as well. YEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!

  8. m99

    ~ I had to look up where the park is that Brian spoke of in his encounter. I had No Idea it was in N Carolina. I’ve only been to the Smokies portion of the state, and on the road coming from S Carolina. I always wanted to go back there. Awesome place. His friend girl sounds like a real trooper to go out in that kind of weather. I love cold weather, just Not sustained, cold weather.

    “Your average Sasquatch”… Seeing it’s silhouette? That’s scarier than anything! Ruined your innocent fun at camp! dang! Poor little guys! You’re fortunate to be alive! Then by the duck pond you say it took off on all fours. Did it look like it was on it’s fingertips? And you said, on the fans page you were ridiculed? Did you mean here you were teased? Yes Wes, Mike’s drawing looks just like a native american in the face. We just agreed Wes, you are so kind.

    ~ No Bonnie, it was NOT all in your head! I walked out of the bottoms one night and never heard anything (thank God) like that. Either it was pacing you or it was not. God was with you. I read that the bears are coming in from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Wildlife specialists in Texas talk about it. Go to Texas sites. Please, please keep a cell phone and get AAA! Thanks for sharing. Listening to this made me so glad you have family living with you. Be careful! Happy Mothers Day Bonnie!

  9. Denise F

    It was a treat ?

    Thanks to the guests and thanks Josh for sharing. All of us SC fans are here to support each other.

    Take care everyone and see ya Friday lol….

  10. Frank E

    Im from NC myself and had that “punching bag episode” about 2 hrs from the Uwharrie National Forest. My dad is from Albermarle in Stanly county and he grew up in the Uwharries, or the “you are harries” as he called them! ? I’m barely 20 minutes in and wanted to say that I love this show and the people on it! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the episode!

  11. Shirley S

    I’m grateful to people for having the courage to share their stories here, and I want to be supportive of them, but I have to say that I’m very disturbed that in the first story, Brian shot AT something twice that he not only didn’t identify or warn, but repeatedly said he thought was people messing with them. He wondered if they would find a bleeding body! I understand they were terrified, but that’s not an excuse, and this isn’t okay. He sounds like a very nice guy, and I’m grateful he shared his story, but anyone who carries a firearm needs to have the self-control and judgement to use it responsibly, especially in frightening or stressful situations.

  12. Steve W

    Wes, please never stop doing the show. I have been listening to sasquatch chron since you started. I never miss a show. I lost my 21 year old son a year ago and your show is the only thing that really eases my pain. I can escape for a few minutes every time I listen. You mean more to people than you know. Steve

    • Colleen C

      Please accept my condolences on the loss of your precious child. I am so glad you find refuge in this amazing community we call Sasquatch Chronicles. I will say a prayer for you tonight fellow SC friend.

  13. Eva B

    Once again Wes, appreciate all that you do to bring these encounters to us. My heart goes out to all your guests that have the courage to call in and rehash their encounters. Despite the fact that some people, that believe in BF, heckle them about what they actually saw… because it doesn’t fit the “criteria.” Josh, I believe you hun. Thank you for coming on that took a lot of courage. God bless on your marriage. Much ❤ from Florida.

  14. hickory67

    I’m confused on the first story. If it was winter, and they were in a deciduous forest (because there was leaf litter all around), then why could his headlamp not penetrate for him to see? Some kind of evergreen brush around the campsite, or white pines mixed in with the hardwoods?

  15. Mauri G

    Great show!I lived within a hour or so of the Uharrie forest and last year I was in a gas station and a Fed ex driver was in and was upset he was driving thru Uharrie and claims a Bigfoot ran out in front of his truck and he had to hit the brakes to keep from hitting it,he said he did not believe they existed till that

  16. Samuel F

    I say the first guest encountered some juveniles I have heard many accounts of juveniles messing with campers in tents and in RV’s. Just a thought anyway…

  17. Paul M

    Good show… It’s really amazing how many young people have INCOUNTER S !!!! But think about it… who’s outside more then young kids ??? It’s makes good sense … lm convinced most are truthful experiences… And I think BF is far less nervous about the young… infact more curious then anything… THANKS

  18. June P

    Great show!! Awesome, spooky encounters!!!!
    Wes-you and others are not being disrespectful in describing a Sasquatch’s facial features or skin tone as appearing ‘Native American, black, white, Aboriginal Australian or otherwise.
    It’s a shame that we have to caveat and disclaim everything we say. If the Sasquatch resembled a human in any way, we should be to able to understand that they might be similar to us without believing someone is trying to insult a particular ethnicity or race of humans.

  19. Robert C

    Great show Wes!! Thanks for the bonus episode!! Also I want to thank all the guests! Josh… I lived in Minnesota for 12 years. 4 years right in the Walker/Akeley area! I lived between Chippewa National Forest and Paul Bunyan State Forest. I would snowmobile through the Chippewa forest sometimes on my way to Walker. Coming back through those trails late at night was Spooky! I worked for a local contractor so we built houses and worked on cabins all over Leech Lake. Also I rented a house not far from Spirit of the North resort . So I am very familiar with the area of your experiences. I have camped on island campsites near where you second encounter happened.. Little Bass Lake. Anyway I am facebook friends with Wes.. My name is Bob Clift. Friend me up and lets chat! It blew me away when I heard your encounters!

    • Bob V


      I wish more people who live in the midwest would tell of their encounters. I know they are here in: MN, WI, MI, Ohio, IL, and in Ontario. I also believe the ridicule here has to be far worse than anywhere else. What is so frustrating to me, is if you look at the topography of the midwest it’s perfect for them. Sigh. As an examples: fly over Upper Wisconsin, drive along the Missippi on either the Wisconsin or Minnesota side, really look at Upper Michigan, lower IL, or anywhere along Lake Michigan. These are perfect habitats. Look at the deer populations of these states. I really believe these creatures are living near what I’d call a transition area; meaning in between rural and urban. As an example Waukesha County or Washington County in Wisconsin. Or Deer County in Wisconsin. Or where Still Water is in MN. I really believe these things are seen here, but because of the “practical” nature of the midwest, people are very unwilling to say anything. Bob Clift…I wonder how many people on Snowmobiles get “lost” every year in this country. I’d like to see a 411 book on them and Rail Road workers. I’ve often wondered how many Railroad workers spot these things and are sworn to secrecy….the creepy question…how many get taken. I say this because there is a rumor of a “big man” hanging around railroad tracks in Waukesha county.

  20. Duke S

    On the first encounter, I think Wes’ guess was dead on, I have heard MANY examples of them tag-teaming humans, one distracts while the other moves. It’s a very common tactic for them.

  21. Margaret F

    That first encounter was very believable to me..He sounded so mystified that he has encountered something like this.And has been back out with nothing happening…Strange.

  22. Bob V

    Hello to everyone,

    I want to encourage anyone who have seen these things in WI, MI, IL, MN, and Ontario to contact Wes. I know the ridicule in the Midwest has to be worse than anywhere else, but this won’t change unless people start saying what is happening out there. I listen to every podcast. I have been following this subject since I was little. My mom was fascinated by the topic. I’ve come to believe she seen one. I can’t ask her because she passed away many years ago. I believe many people even see them in these states and convince themselves they’ve seen something else. I believe one used to come into my Grandmothers yard, this was in Waukesha County WI. Just west of Milwaukee. If they are coming in there…they are other places. Just my educated guess.


  23. Sue X

    Poor Boni-can empathize. Ladies..please keep your cell phones with you at all times and seriously consider packing a large caliber pistol..for a just in case moment. There’s nice compact 45s for smaller hands.

  24. Alan H

    Great show, as usual! Wes, you are terrific interviewer who can allow someone a comfort zone to tell their story. I am always interested in firearms when they are discussed. It was clear that the gentleman in the encounter had no idea that such beings exist, but now that he does, I hope that he will carry a heavier handgun (and he did say he will be taking a rifle now – wise choice). A .40 is not adequate for a large powerful animal. Given the choices, and his military background, I am surprised he wouldn’t have had as the ‘emergency ‘ firearm a 10 mm. instead. Much more power in same type of gun. .44, .454, .460, or .500 even better, but I assume because of military training he prefers a semiauto. Very brave man, he took care of his friend, and that’s what’s important.

  25. Curtis R

    Wes, you dropped the ball on that last interview! Did the gifts and other weird happenings at her house happen before or after her night being followed?
    Does she keep any livestock?
    The previous owner said something jumped down out of the tree to get the chickens…well had she seen it? How did she know it jumped out of the tree?
    What did she store in the shed? Was anything missing?

  26. Fran S

    I would have never walked along a highway by myself at night. She is very brave. I am glad she made it safely. I would like to know where in Minnesota the first encounter was. Great show! Thank you

  27. Ernest M

    If you hadn’t have told us this was a sketch, I would have thought of it as the real deal, and in a way, maybe it is. So, the rhetorical question remains Wesley, what is it?

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