Apr 13

SC EP:422 This haunts me to this day

A listener writes “I lived in lenexa ks. in the 70’s and 80’s I was about 10 to 12 years old. I used to walk in the woods around my house all the time by myself.

I was outside of my house I cannot remember exactly what I was doing at the time.. I just remember seeing something looking at me from behind a bush.. I thought it was some of the kids in the neighborhood playing.

I had a football in my hand and threw it at the bush and screamed I see you.. it or they ran away …The same night later was very interesting.. as I was visited by I don’t know if it was a male or female protecting what I now know as the young one I threw the ball at…I was sleeping…I always for some reason was freaked out sleeping in that room because I always felt watched.

So I slept on the floor close to the window…I was awaken by something looking dead at me in the window it scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know what I had seen I just know it was something I had never seen before.

The next day I found all kinds of prints in the yard around the front window in the back yard around the tomato plants. A few nights later I was under the feeling I was being watched I turned off all the lights in the room when I looked outside I couldn’t see anything but I could hear the hard steps in the yard.

The next door neighbor had a flood light in the driveway that lit a tree in the yard it was a very large old tree I don’t know what kind it was. When I looked out the window I heard a loud Growl then i saw a large branch on the tree get snapped right off.

I ran to my mothers room and told her something is out there. She called the police they came and nothing was found…I can also recall getting up in the mornings in the summer and hearing this weird howling that made my hair stand up. I didn’t know what it was I thought it was a dog.

I would shout at 4:30 in the morning to shut up. I didn’t understand until now what I had seen and been dealing with in my friends yard down the street there was several crab apple trees, neighbors in the area had fruit trees and also gardens.

One winter we had a snow day and were snow ball fighting in his yard. When we discovered prints in the snow we followed then around his yard to the point where it walked over a chain link fence in stride one side of the fence had left foot over the fence and the right foot was on the side of the fence were were on. We followed it around under a bush they had separating his yard with the neighbors yard. there was a kinda cave inside the bush where we used to hide from each other…it had been in the bush…how scary….I can imagine it used to be in there times when that family came home from where ever..I know now that this Creature is out there every time I talk about this i get goose bumps.

I can also remember putting foil up in the front door window…because I was sick really sick.. so I was sleeping down stairs on the couch, I remember seeing what I thought was a face looking at me in the window… it wasn’t stationary… it walked across the steps and down them or over the rail…I told my mother I saw a face in the window…

This haunts me to this day.”




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44 Responses to “SC EP:422 This haunts me to this day”

  1. keith s

    Great show Wes….hey what ever happened to the two brothers, I think, that lived a couple houses apart and were seeing them all the time? One of them was chased into his garage?

    • Jay Carlsen

      They used the name of GOD and drove these things away ! (………….. Imagine THAT ? ) From last I heard they stayed away from the ones House – but the Other Brother that lived just down the Road still would go searching for Them. They will stay away unless Pursued.

      Isn’t THAT Fascinating ?
      That was the Episode I lost my Fear of these things. If these things can be turned by HIS Name alone . Until This Restrainer is taken away ? ( & I do not believe it has )

  2. Dovie D

    Thank you for sharing. I enjoy hearing about all the encounters. I know I’ve been camping many times in Oregon and heard something walking around near our camp site on two feet. It would wake me up but my husband would sleep through a fire. Sometimes I would try to wake him up and if I did he would brush it off. Now he won’t. ? had small pebbles thrown at us from across the Santiam river while fishing. Heard wood chopping many times at midnight 1,2,3 am while camping. What idiot is chopping wood out in the middle of the woods. Many many things. If I only knew then what I know now. ? saw a huge pile of poop large poop on a game trail and told the person I was with “that must be from a 9 foot person and why would they dump on the friggin trail”? Never thought it might be a Bigfoot. My husband and I went out with our son a few years ago and took a picture of a track. I forgot I took the picture. I sent it to Wes but then forgot I had it.

    • Jay Carlsen

      ……………… Funny ! There are those who believe Europeans descended from Esau – The Eldest Son of Issac & Rebekah. Because He came out Red all over , like covered by an Garment of Hair. ( People mistake this for meaning Esau’s Skin Color as red …… But says nothing about SKIN Color )
      And I am certain of My Interpretation of the Ancient Text. PLEASE Ask the Native American to check what I am saying about this Nocturnal Nation of People who are of a Different MANNER than You or me or any other Modern Human on the Planet Today.
      Who does live in the Field
      Who is the Cunning Hunter
      Who are known to have a Dominant Red Hair gene in Their Population
      Who is the Hairy Man
      Who does have Wrinkly Hide Like Skin
      Who are known to emit a Foul Odor
      Who does have the Dominant Presence ( We know of that Feeling. When these things are near ? That GRAVITY They Project )
      Who have NO Understanding in them
      Who there are many more than we Realize population wise , but still would be considered small among the Great Nations of the World
      Who would be Despised by everyone if it became Known that these things are Cannibals ( THIS is the reason we have no Bodies – Very TIGHT Family Groups .(IF There is nothing in the Vessel ? Why allow it to go to waste ? ) These things are Very LARGE Animals. I am Sure anything they can put in their Mouths is eaten.) They do not Track Time as us Modern Humans do. So I am not Certain they observe the Sabbath ? Could this be why GOD Loves Jacob but Hates Esau ?
      Who are on EVERY Continent
      Who have NEVER Been Conquered before
      And we all know there is Plenty & Enough WOOOOOOOO to explain these things Sleeping among the Stars
      Everything I have read that was Describing Esau I can directly relate to thee Feral People. Isn’t it funny ? How it says Esau would be revealed in the later days ? Is this that Revealing ?
      (……………………….. maybe I should have tagged this to the Forum ? )
      I was a Staunch Evolutionist , TOTAL Unbeliever. Until sometime in the Month of August 2001 I had a CRAZY DREAM where I was shown my Children before they were even Conceived. And a Head Injury that I have had since I was 16 years old was taken off of my Shoulders ( JUST LIKE THAT – faster than magic ! ) …………………….. But what did it was I Heard HIM say 4 words.
      I woke up from that CRAZY DREAM a Creationist.
      Have you ever wondered ? ………. what if it is ALL REAL ?

      • Robert B

        Most of your points I can make direct correlations to Esau, but where does it say he was stronger, or foul odor, dominant presence, Esau’s tracking of time. Never being conquered before. On every continent. Sleeping among the stars? I am also a Creationist, and in fact a Pastor. But I am also ex-military with a tremendous amount of time in the middle east. If you spend any time over there, you will see these red haired, red skinned, and hairy Arab descendent people. They are in fact almost revered because of their appearance. They track lineage almost as much as we do. Most of these guys are in a position of power. Esau is the direct descendant of the Arabs. Which is why God punishes them over and over throughout time, and again in the end, for their anger against their brother. Stealing his land and on and on.
        Where does Bigfoot fit in all this? I really wish I knew. As far as the Revealing? That is coming. Unfortunately it won’t be Bigfoot that is revealed. In my current estimation, it will be Erdogan of Turkey that will be revealed. But maybe he is just paving the way for someone else right now.
        I am going to recommend a book. It’s called God’s War on Terror by Walid Shoebat. Right now their website is down. Some internal strife where the executive director of the board was caught embezzling millions from the company. It might be available used on Amazon.com or perhaps you’ll just have to wait until things get straightened out in the company and the bookstore is up again. Walid was a devout muslim that converted to Christianity. There are plenty of his lectures at conferences on YouTube if you’re interested. How he puts it all together will really blow your mind. Anyway, take care SC brother. Bob in Germany

  3. Charles W

    I have heard several reports on the old “Alabama Bigfoot” site of people seeing bigfoot riding between the cars. Contact former members for more details.

  4. Kerry D

    Thank you Wes
    Thank you Sean (Shawn ?) I had to stop after hearing your interview, and comment. My heart broke to hear what you went through and NOT be believed. Especially by your mom. I don’t know how many years have passed, but as you were sharing with us….it was still fresh in your memory. You came to the right place to share. We believe. I know it won’t change what has transpired in your life because of these events in your childhood, but you still sound like you turned out to be an intelligent, articulate, and wonderful person,. God bless. Thank you again, Kerry

  5. John G

    Wes, u told the last guest that you wouldn’t bring your younger brother along because he likes to point guns at people. Can you please elaborate on this I don’t know the story and I’m super interested I’m a one-year subscriber paid up in full if that helps any LOL.

  6. michael m

    another great show and guest .thank you. before I was reading the replies. I to was wondering about the young man that came up missing .did they ever find him?

  7. pam purple rose

    Poor young Sean (Shawn)?…and how bravely he handled it! Call the Cops,now! and leaving the place where it happened- brave guy, smart too!
    Jeff was an awesome guest- a guy with reasoning ability. Thanks Wes, AGAIN!

  8. BrokenMind27

    Great show. No offense to the second guest but the first guest did an excellant job wirh his description and encounter. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Rick C

    I have often said; If it looks in my window it’s getting either a one ounce 3″ Mag Slug or a 300 gr. 450 Marlin round right in the snout. I will gladly replace the window pane.

  10. m99

    @Shaun ~ Thanks for sharing on SC. So sorry you experienced such trauma. Sounds like you had a fun time as a younger child, but everything changed after these experiences. So happy you’re here and had the opportunity to speak with Wes. It must be a relief. Take care & thanks again! _m99

    PS~ We laughed when you mentioned the flea song from Tom & Jerry cartoons. I looked it up. Here’s a clip:

  11. Brett H

    Is there any way you can find out where in Lenexa, KS this was going on? Lenexa is fewer than 10 miles from me, and I would love to know specific location.

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