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SC EP:395 I saw a Dogman!

Tonight I will be speaking to Andrew who had a run in with a dogman back in the late 70’s in Maryland. I asked Andrew to come on the show and he has been reluctant but finally agreed and I am glad he did because he has one of the best encounters I have heard.

Andrew said “My girlfriend and I were parked and a bunch of deer came running towards the car. The deer went passed and than we heard a thump on the car, almost like someone had hit the back of the car. Several weeks earlier my friends from the football team pulled a prank on us and rocked the car, I went chasing after them. I thought it was my buddies messing with me so I jumped out of the car. I came face to face with this giant thing with a wolfs head. I had never seen or heard of such a thing. It was growling and drooling. It had red eyes, Wes this thing was evil.”

I will also be speaking to Robert who is former Delta Force. Robert writes “I saw a Dogman a few months ago. I never would have believed it until we almost hit it while in our car driving north between Georgia and South Carolina late one night. I have traveled all over the world and I never would have believed it unless I saw it in-front of me. This creature was lite up in the car headlight. My girlfriend and I both saw this creature.

I am very credible. I have no problem giving you my name as well as my military background. I was shocked when I saw this creature. It moved at an incredible speed.”



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  1. Duane A

    I live in South Carolina and I just went and made sure the deadbolts were locked and the cat and the dog were inside. Thanks for keeping it fascinating and inner resting. When the love is too low and you want it back…..

  2. HubietheSaint

    Alpha Genesis, Yemasse S.C.
    A lot of info on them and photo’s of the monkeys. They are under fire because of their treatment and testing of the monkeys. Who knows what the hell they are doing down there.

    • Steven P

      Heres an article about escaped rhesus macaque monkeys..

      Alpha Genesis is both a breeding and research facility. It does genetic testing on monkeys it sells to buyers who use them for immunological research. And it uses monkeys on site to develop HIV vaccines.

      Monkey escapes happen every couple of years, Westergaard said, but usually involved just one or two monkeys. I’d be concerned about possible release of diseased monkeys.

      Of course it’s an incredible leap to a 7-8 foot tall dogman/bigfoot with un natural speed and movement .but who the hell knows.. We always worry what our governments may do,but those private companies are a concern too


  3. Jason T

    I live near UC Davis in the valley and have know a few people that have worked at the “monkey farm”. They have some horrible stories about the animals in there. Giving them diseases, getting them addicted to substances and more. I have never been there as it is a highly secure area. Mostly from animal rights activists. They used to protest the monkey farm on a pretty regular basis. None of them ever talked about any genetic mods. BUT I’m sure they wouldn’t be allowed or even knew. The guys I know that worked there where maintenance guys. I know they genetically modify vegetables on a regular basis and they have cows there with windows on there sides so you can look inside while they are alive awake and just being a cow. Like I said earlier freaky s__t out there! Knowing that about a UC, I can see a privately own research or government research center making abominations even though we already have big and bad unidentifide animals on this planet.


  4. Janetta V

    Wes, if I could give you the MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD, I would. You were so compassionate to Andrew, that I know he feels better, and just as great to Robert, who both had some scary stuff to get of their minds. I know you must have been called to do this. You have found your nitch. Thank you.

  5. Pete M

    Great show Wes, this one was pretty scary brother. Momma is at work, the boys and I make sure the doors are locked, weapons are within reach, we say our prayers, then start your show, better than any bed time stories. Andrew thank you for sharing, my deepest condolences on your loss. Robert, thank you for sharing, the episode Wes refers to with the thing running next to the police vehicles was episode 37 “Cops and Sasquatch.”

  6. Pat T

    Wes, thanks so much for getting Andrew on!, I can see how seeing something like this would lead someone to the ministry as this is pure evil straight out of the pit, how else do you recover from an occurrence like this than having a come to Jesus moment. Andrew, thank you for being so brave and coming on!, sorry for the loss of your high school sweetheart, and obviously the trauma is still fresh from that night. On a lighter note, my first reaction to someone kicking my bad ass ’69 Nova SS ( big block 396?) would have been that of rage, but after seeing what was standing there, man, thank God you had all that power under the hood to get outta there. Again Wes, thanks for a great start to 2018!, the product just gets better!

  7. pam

    Wes and Andrew- really felt the pain of remembering that encounter. Every time someone has that reaction I get PTSD all over again, lol.
    That EVIL feeling we get- especially from dogman / Gugwe BAD dudes; I liken it to what we felt- total, complete impending erasure from the planet, with no possible other outcome. What else causes that except pure evil bearing down on you?

  8. m99

    ~Andrew, we sure are sorry to hear of the loss of your precious wife. Thanks for sharing your story. You know, we haven’t been given a spirit of fear… they say, one of the best ways to overcome a trauma is by talking about it. It must have been something to talk about it with Wes. Good job Andrew. Good job Wes. I’ll be thinking and praying for you. Blessing Andrew.

    ~Robert, That’s EXACTLY why I believe this show IS Saving Lives. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for your service, and humility. God Bless you and God Bless the USA! ~ I was wondering what Wes mentioned. Could this have been a juvenile that occasionally plays “chicken” and wants to “scare” humans? I was wondering too, was the creature, that was down on all fours, was it as tall as the passengers side window? I thought chimeras were proven, for instance, (in UK) it was printed that scientists created, then destroyed all the genetics creations in their lab… what about later? There’s no question “they’re” splicing human (CRISPR tech) DNA.

    Here’s an article about science working outside the species:

  9. Danny G

    Great episode. Both stories were compelling.
    Imagine breaking down on the line where that creature was spotted?
    AAA couldn’t get there fast enough.
    Thanks Wes!

  10. Taylor O

    Thank you Wes, Andrew and Robert!! Both compelling experiences. Andrew: being from MD, can you give a general idea of the location the encounter occurred? Thanks

  11. Mauri G

    BTW speaking of Dr. Spock ears I always felt the Hoffman Bigfoot video showed a creature with Spock ears and to me a muzzle. The creature in that video is something diff than a regular Bigfoot to me

  12. Charles R

    Great stories from both Andrew and Robert. Sometimes it is so traumatic for people to come forward such as Andrew. A friend of mine with an extremely close encounter went about 10 years with out relaying it to anyone except his wife. He choked up and got very emotional retelling it to me and then later to Bob Daingle at a conference in Commins, MI in 2011 or 12. Never went hunting again.
    The lady that contacted Robert from Alpha Genisis may or may not work for them and it could well be dis information to throw Robert off track about the escaped animals. It has happened to folks close to me in Montgomery County Ohio when Wright Patterson AFB personnel told them the 7 to 8 foot subject they had seen was an escaped Asian Monkey. ( They are about 3 foot at most and 40 pounds ). Very hard to make that mistake. Robert says genetic manipulation, I would say that is a good guess. Maybe an experiment by the Sumerian Anunaki gods that did not turn out so good. Tales of werewolves have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Maybe Demonic. They sure seem more aggressive than typical bigfoot encounters and I hope to never run into one.

  13. Anthony C

    Great stories Wes. Keep rockin the 80’s back ground music, love it !!! I believe you Robert. I am glad another creditable witness opened up and yold their story. Wes, you are the Best Bigfoot Counselor, lol. This episode was a home run; I give it a “10”. Wes we are of the same 80’s era. Keep that music coming, brother.

  14. Michael K

    A number of genetic stories around this facility..blech. They test make up and skin crap on primates, its very sad you horrible humans. Stop buying chemical crap. “Leave them poor sick monkeys alone”. FOTC

  15. Daniel S

    I’m catching up on all of these episodes – I stopped around 200 and am just coming back now. When Wes said “Delta Force” I thought, oh great this guy’s probably a fake. I know a few actual former Delta/CAG guys from what I used to do overseas and they DON’T. TALK. ABOUT. ANYTHING. But, once this guy started talking about being an 18D and had all of the information right and I was relieved. Wes just got “Delta Force” confused with the dude’s MOS as an 18-Delta I’m guessing. Passed my pointless sniff-test.

  16. Blanche D

    Defo a weird one. Could be a new cryptid or unusual sassy, or ET. Cannot see commercial value of manmade genetically modified primate/wolf, so not persuaded by conspiracies of that nature. Could always be a creature from another dimension that found its way here via portal/skyquake. Be interesting to see if others catch a glimpse of this beast.

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