Nov 22

SC EP:382 Bob Gimlin Returns

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My favorite guest returns, Bob Gimlin. This is going to be a laid back show where I just let Bob speak. We will be discussing the time Bob and Roger Patterson found the Ape Canyon Cabin that was attack.

Ape Canyon is a gorge along the edge of the Plains of Abraham, on the southeast shoulder of Mount St. Helens in the state of Washington. The gorge narrows to as close as eight feet (2.5 m) at one point. The name alludes to a reported encounter with several “apemen” in 1924.

I will also be asking Bob if he has ever seen anything strange in the woods, outside of Sasquatch. His answer might surprise you. He will also be giving us an update on the drama from the 50th anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin film.



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47 Responses to “SC EP:382 Bob Gimlin Returns”

    • Michael V

      I love Bob Gimlin, what BF enthusiast doesn’t? But I’m over whatever happened at the 50th anniversary. You already had him on to talk about that…..? So why again ? Not the kind of episode we wait all week for. I know it’s Bob, he gets a free pass…But I hope Bob can put this behind him and continue to be the great ambassador to the BF world he was prior to that unfortunate 50th mishap. Just sucks the bulk of this episode was re-hashing crap from the 50th again. Such a great guest, just a missed opportunity for better topics to discuss with Bob.

      • Antonio C

        Why don’t you pick a side of your story and stick to it, you hate the episode or you liked it. This is what the Bigfoot world is. We are getting a glimpse of the truth by the only man that got international recognition for filming Sasquach. This was very insightful, he also went to that ape canyon cabin. I got my money’s worth this week.

    • F S

      Wes, Mr. Gimlin:
      Thank you for a fine show.
      I listened to both interviews on the subject of “The Conference”, and must confess that I’m more confused now than ever.
      My sincere compliments to “The Wives” who have now stepped into the fray, and about whom I offer this cautionary quote:
      “For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.”
      Rudyard Kipling

  1. Paul T

    Love me some Bob G. Regardless of what anybody thinks or says. Happy Thanksgiving Wes, hate The Holidays Like I hate Hockey Denterestry Absolutely have zero use for the holidays. That being Said happy Thanksgiving Buddy

  2. Pat T

    Wes, people who stab you in the back are jealous of your success and only wish they had half of your game. Your success has come from being humble, allowing your guests to be the star of the show. Never have you made the show about yourself. Speaking of being jealous, what a blessing it is to have Bob Gimlin as such a close friend in your life, this man is the salt of the earth kind and I really hope he can put all this behind him. Wes and all the members: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as we have so much to be thankful for, this show being one of course!!🦃

  3. Amy H

    It’s always nice to hear the legend, Bob Gimlin, talk.
    He is honorable human being. A rarity. Sadly it’s not surprising how people without honor treat those who genuinely exude integrity. When possible “ fame and fortune” is involved you really get to see the character of people. It’s a crappy experience but at least now you know those aren’t the kind of people worthy of your friendship.

    Happy turkey day!

  4. Gene P

    Thats a really nice rendering of Patty, Roger and Bob. Is Bob on Pattys left? Those two little feet must of scared the by-jessus out of her.

    • Gene P

      The two little feet meaning Bob and Roger are two little foots and Patty is a Big foot. It sounded like I said Bob has little feet. I wish I could correct what I wrote.

  5. Duke S

    Nice! Thanks Wes, if he wanted to talk for an hour about tying his shoes, you would let him on, LMAO! If you did the show, I would LISTEN to it! I love Bob Gimlin, it’s always a good time hearing about some of the amazing things he has done.

  6. Terry R

    Wes, thanks for the great show. I love hearing from Bob and can’t help but feel like I’m listening to family every time I hear him. In that respect, fitting to have him on for Thanksgiving… sit back and listen to family, treasure every word. Thanks Bob for coming on and I hope I get a chance to meet you someday. I suppose at that point my world will have been completed.

  7. Antonio C

    Wes I feel really bad that Mr Bob G is feeling so betrayed. He is a living icon of our time. I emailed you my story and though it’s not about Bigfoot, I tell you seeing something that goes against science makes you feel like an outcast so you learn to not repeat it to anyone. Listening to your show is pretty much a nest of trust because while most of us have not seen one of these creatures, we believe because we relate to the callers. People that backstab in the Bigfoot community will probably do it in any other community. Every one of your episodes is important and of the highest quality. Thank you for your hard work, and please tell Bob to tell us more stories. Have a happy post thanksgiving day.

  8. Jessica R

    Has anyone thought about the gentleman Tom, and that to be going through the stroke could be jealous of the ‘new guy’ Russ. So they stirred the pot to feel involved with Bob and the fun they had before. He’s no longer the buddy and gets the perks from Bob’s recognition and fame. People do crazy things through the cloudy eyes of jealousy.

  9. Roy D

    Such drama… and over such petty things… Mr Gimlin is correct. Its ALL about fellowship… the backstabbing and name calling and bs are exactly that, bs. Thanks Bob for being a man that I strive to be. And thank you Wes for your kindess and compassion with everyone. Ive been listening to yours and (when he is around, Woody’s) podcast since episode 6. And no other podcast has ever held a candle to SC. Thanks for all you guys do and thank you too all the witnessess. God Bless

  10. Shana K

    I sure enjoy listening to Bob speak, no matter what about. He’s such a genuine gentleman, and someone you’d cherish as a friend,, as Wes does. I’d love the opportunity someday to be able to shake Bob’s hand and commend him. Thank you Wes and Bob; hope you both had a blessed Thanksgiving.

  11. Kevin B

    Grate show Wes’s and Bob very good show gives a lot of insight into the big foot world. Guys like this that have caused thease kind of problems,are what help,s keep the real research knocked down or not looked at as seriously as it should! It is just bull shit! Move on ward and upward Bob, thease guys will get their due. What goes around comes around, Tom and the rest of his clan have lost their credibility now! And it is no ones fault but there own.!! Go Bob! Your a real man,we need more like you.

  12. David C

    Bob Gimlin, A real life walking-talking John Wayne… People like Bob built this country. Self-reliant, rugged, tough as nails. We need more Bob Gimlins in this world. Thanks for having him on again Wes…Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Shelly S

    We loved having Mr. Gimlin stop by unexpectedly! Thank you, Wes and Mr. Gimlin. You are both class acts in our book!

    Mr. and Mrs. Shelly

  14. Dave H

    I would like to have heard more from Bob about his premonition dreams of places he’d see from the air, only to later visit them for the first time and feel like he’d been there before. It sort of got brushed over, sadly. What the heck is that all about? Has anyone else experienced that? Next time he’s on the show Wes, would you ask Bob to expand on this please?

    Very interesting to hear about Bob’s experience visiting Ape Canyon. It would be good to get someone to sketch or digitally create the cabin and surrounds based on Bob’s memories, as there won’t be too many people left alive who remember it.

    Thanks Bob and Wes.

  15. Andrew O

    Hey Wes and Bob. Always good to hear from you both.

    You know, I don’t think you could trust the entire Patty event in more safe and trusted hands than Bob Gimlin. His integrity is beyond measure.

    I’m upset that all that crap happened to him on that special day. Hopefully you can all move on from this, and get back to more positive things.

    Kind regards

  16. Benjamin B

    Good conversation between two honest guys. They’ll most likely be will off the record when they apologize to Bob but I’m sure they will. Sounds like their pockets were being filled by some outsiders.

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