Oct 29

SC EP:375 Investigating Bigfoot

Doug Waller is a member of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation. The club was started in 2008 to give everyone an opportunity to talk freely about their investigations and experiences without fear of being ridiculed.

I will also be speaking to Teal and she writes “Hi Wes, I live in Missouri about an hour west of St. Louis currently. I have 3 and half encounters of my own that I’d like to share with you. I grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis. We have a small lot of land out in a recreational subdivision in Sullivan, MO. We go there in the summer to camp and swim. The subdivision is filled with numerous lakes and is set up like a camp ground and extremely wooded. My first encounter happened about 4 years ago. My husband, 2 of our friends, our then one year old and myself went camping, it was Memorial Day weekend. My husband was hanging out at another camp site that night about 10 minutes from ours. Our lot is pretty secluded from the rest of the lots. We only have one neighbor where as in the rest of the subdivision is more heavily populated. So later that night we all settled down and went to sleep. My husband was still not back yet. I awoke sometime in the middle of the night to heavy footsteps circling my tent. At first I thought maybe it was my husband. I called out and whatever it was froze. I tried to look out the tent windows but it was too dark to see anything. A sudden fear washed over me when I didn’t get a response. I sat down and pulled my daughter closer. The footsteps continued all through our camp but kept coming back to my tent. It went on for at least an hour. I finally went to sleep and the next morning when we got up my husband was still not back. We searched all around our camp only to find out that he stayed at the friends camp and never came back to ours until the next day. I never put much more thought into this experience until this past summer which is my half encounter. By this time we now have 3 kids, a 5y old, 3y old and a 2y old. We went camping at our same lot in Sullivan. It was in mid August. Everything was completely normal with our whole entire weekend. When we got home and I went through our pictures I noticed eye glow behind my kids. (I will include this picture and a picture of our camp as well).


My next encounter happen at our house. We live in a lake subdivision, very rural. It was New Year’s Eve 2014. I was home alone with my kids and I was pregnant at the time. After I had gotten everyone to bed I could hear something out on our deck walking around. I went to the window to look but nothing was there. As I cleaned up after the kids and put stuff away, something started tapping on each of my windows around the house. The window it seemed to focus on was my kitchen window and it’s about 7/8 feet from the ground. I can’t reach it from outside, I’m 5’3. It eventually stopped when my husband came home. I can’t remember how many days exactly but that same week I had left something in my car and had went to go outside to get it. Our house is in the middle of the woods, we have no lights in the yard except for our porch light that barely made it to my car door 10 feet from the house door. I got about 2 feet out the door when I heard a low guttural growl come from in between my husband’s truck and my Jeep. The sound of this was weird and foreign to me and rattled my insides. My fear overcame me and I turned around and hauled ass back inside and started crying. My husband went out with a light and a gun and couldn’t find anything.

My final encounter just happened 2 days ago. I had taken my 3 kids to Robertsville State Park that early afternoon. It’s a park that is in the country so it’s heavily wooded. It was sunny and warm that day. When we came into the park it was empty, I didn’t see anyone or any other cars. The playground is about half way into the park and at the end of the park is the river. The playground was empty as well. When we parked and I started getting the kids out I had noticed some commotion in the woods off to my left but I didn’t really give it a second thought. The kids took off running to the swings and started chattering and giggling. The commotion in the woods stopped as the kids started yelling and playing. About 15 minutes into our visit my daughter had to use the restroom which was up behind us on the left. As we walked to the bathroom I had a weird feeling as if we were being watched. The feeling was strong enough that I locked the main door to the restroom we went into. We made our way back to the playground and the kids started playing again. My youngest who is 2 started squealing as her siblings chased her. I was sitting on the bench watching when I heard a loud crack sound like wood splitting and a few seconds after the first crack was a second crack and then I heard a tree hit the ground in the woods off to my right. It was so loud that you could almost feel the sounds it made when it hit the ground. My oldest stopped playing and asked what it was. I stared off in the direction the sound came from and continued to stare as the noise continued. I couldn’t pinpoint where exactly it fell but it sounded super close to the wood line. It had sounded as if someone had hit the tree. It wasn’t a swift movement sound that you normally here when a tree falls. My kids continued to play and a few minutes later I heard someone stomping through the woods slowly on my right in between the playground and where the tree had fallen. The footsteps didn’t sound like a deer or any other animal. They were heavy almost like someone walking through the leaves with teardrop snowshoes on. The playground is circled by the woods and maybe 5 feet from the wood line. I stood up looking into the woods to try and see what was there. The woods were too thick to see in very far. When I stood up the steps stopped. I told my kids to get to the car now. They didn’t hear me at first and the footsteps continued and sounded even closer, maybe just 10 feet or so from the wood line so I yelled at the kids to get to the car now and I grabbed my 2 year old and sprinted to the car. I threw everyone in, jumped in and locked the doors. I got everyone bucked in and sat there for a few minutes staring into the woods safely from the inside of my jeep. I couldn’t see anything. My oldest started to get upset and begged to leave so I drove off. As we made our way out of the park I still saw no one and no other cars except for those at the ranger station. I know I never saw anything so I can’t say 100% what it was but my gut instinct tells me this wasn’t a person, deer or a bear.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email. I greatly enjoy your show. Have a great day!”




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24 Responses to “SC EP:375 Investigating Bigfoot”

  1. Lee D

    Just downloaded the episode. Going to listen with my fiancé when we are relaxing later tonight, sounds like another good one. Thanks Wes, I always really enjoy what you do, but have to say that the shows as of late have been very entertaining, interesting and informative. Thanks for all your hard work and that is to all your guests. It feels good having others that can relate.

  2. Tracy W

    Great show Wes!
    Can someone please tell me the name of the song that plays at the end of each show? I absolutely love it 😊

  3. Charles R

    My friend Sam has told me of Doug’s group and some day I have to go to a meeting, being 3 hours away and with my schedule it makes that tough, but I really do need to find a way, perhaps in 2018. The eye glow has pretty much been accepted by the top people in this field, but how it works we will have to get one on a table. I think it was Freeman Young that penned a long article a few years ago on his experiences with it. Red glow is high alert or danger about. The blueish to greenish glow is on alert. The amber glow is relaxed mode. It may be a way for those in the group to keep track of each other and the state of excitement to follow, kind of like their Defcon, without knocking or making sounds and giving themselves away, but of course just a guess.
    The lights in the woods, orbs and such seems to be on the upswing. There is a UFO connection in a small number of cases. I remember reading an Alien abduction report where the witness was on a UFO with a group of people unkown to the witness, and described a Bigfoot was on board with them. High Strangness. Perhaps Wes you could interview Linda Moulton Howe who has studied all this extensively in her long career.

  4. Gabriel H

    • totally agree on the trail cam situation. There’s no way the “it’s their living room” argument holds up. There’s WAY too much detritus in the woods
    • and if their eyes were generating light ~ THEY’D BE TOTALLY BLIND AT NIGHT. Seriously, their eyes are likely just gathering and concentrating the ambient available spectrum *which would include infrared**which we can’t readily see UNLESS concentrated – which would amplify it*

  5. Pat T

    Great pic of the eye shine behind the kids Teal,having discovered this, and at the time not knowing it was there makes this very creepy. Loved all your stories! Wes, Doug was also an informative guest so thanks for bringing him on. Show just keeps getting better!

  6. Geoffrey P

    Wes – at about 13:40 Teal talked about her dog’s reaction, which guests have alluded to as well, in terms of the dogs reacting with fear, even dogs whom their owners claim were normally unafraid of anything or anyone… Since dog’s hearing is beyond ours and they can pick up frequencies that is human’s cannot hear with the naked ear – do you think they could be reacting to these creatures’ low-tone infrasound frequencies? I mean are the creatures producing like the ultimate low-tone growl, lower than any frequency a dog can make, but still hear? What is it that causes dogs to instinctually know to be afraid when in the presence of these things? I’d love to hear your thoughts

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