Aug 6

SC EP:349 Followed home from 50 miles away

A listener writes “Hi wes, my name is Mike. I’m from Mississippi. I met a researcher in 2010 when he lived in MS and we became friends.

He took me to my first hotspot and proved to me BF existed. We got whooped at in a National forest from about 20 feet! Anyway, he moved but I kept going out there and started leaving fruit. Stupid I know NOW but I didn’t know enough back then to be scared. Once I went out there and left my money at home. But went to check on them anyway. The food had been taken out of the cooler so I set it upright and began the walk back to my car, it was about a mile walk.

Halfway back I started hearing strange chimp like noises from where the cooler was back there. I started walking faster, then green pine cones started landing all around me so I started running to my car!

Right before I got to it something right behind me sounded like a lion roar that morphed into a mad bull elephant and finally into a woman being murdered. It was so loud and powerful I fell down and puked. I got back up and got the hell outta there driving 50 miles back home.

I told my girlfriend, she didn’t believe me and just said lets go to bed. It was about 1030. At about 1130 something began banging on the house. Happened 3 nights in a row. Ill be glad to tell you the whole damn story, regards”





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45 Responses to “SC EP:349 Followed home from 50 miles away”

  1. Avis B

    This was not a Coincidence .. Just for the very reason.. that you went out and asked them to stop and apologized to them and They Stopped doing it.. That in it self says a lot.. It also seems to be more going on than what you even know.. In due time you will find out.. Stay safe Mate..!! Thank you Wes, and Woody.. Poker is my Game…!!

  2. Doug K

    Wow!!! These encounters where the creature follows them home are so frightening. Thanks to Mike for sharing your encounter and thanks to Wes and Woody!!! Yeeee Hawww!!!!

  3. Jay Carlsen

    Isn’t THAT Something ? AFTER He Apologized …………… it stopped Hitting His House. Because they are PEOPLE , Only not People like You or me are People. I Also believe in God ! And I am Pretty certain these people are the Edomites of the book of Genesis.
    But what do I Know ?

  4. winkatme

    Hey Wes and Woody, Mike could plant some fruit trees and other plants that produce food. That way the BF’s around his house would have a reliable food source. I’m soooo sorry about my emotional [that time of the month] outburst I still love and adore you.You don’t have to worry about me stalking you I live in Floriduh. The state that in the 2000 presidential election had votes from DEAD PEOPLE who all voted REPUBLICAN! See what 2 brothers can do when they work together you can take over a country! LUV, ME


    GRRREAT Show again WES and Im going 2 School Ya’ll at CARDS when I see Ya’ll in SASQUATCH CONFERENCE 2017 make OUT THE CHECK 2 LOOKING4CAMPERS 😲 hehe , nooo I suk at CARDS F.Y.I and I cant wait 2 have some LAUGHS N GRRREAT STORYS 2 WHEN I GET BACK HERE 2 FLORDIA … WES we had about 3weekends ago 98 in the shade n 100% Omg its still the RAINING SEASON HERE btw soo I feel Yur pain 2 bother lol … 🐒

  6. Reid D

    23rd and a day late woohoo!! Good one again my brother from another mother!! You are still the man Wes!! Just like I told you before!!

  7. Matthew M

    I can’t think of a good explanation for this but Scott Carpenter said if you research them enough, they will come to you. This is super spooky to me. One thing is certain, there is more to these creatures than just giant apes.

  8. Christian L

    Wasn’t one of the earlier shows from Colorado aggressive where a father and son were chased while snowmobiling and I seem to remember an even earlier show when these two kids were chased while hiking out and the one kid was telling the other one to run and not look back? I think one of the episodes before #100.

  9. Glen K

    (New Jersey) That was Awesome!! Man, poor Mike was really traumatized by these events.I would be too!! To be shaken up so bad that he was throwing up and pissing in his pants was bad enough. But a heart attack!! I feel for you, Mike!! Hope you’re doing well! His description of the Bigfoot with the bad eye was terrifying! I listened to it a couple of times, which is easy to do sitting safely at home. That was some experience. Just when you think you’ve heard them all- these creatures never cease to amaze!

  10. David R

    I think it’s time for you and Woody to go back out to the area you guys had your sighting. It’s summer time and I think we would love to see some outdoor activity from you guys! It would be cool to watch even if you don’t find anything! Thanks GUYS!!!!

  11. Jarvis T

    I hate the ramble casts. I mean if it was just a talk show Kool I could dig it…but to sign in for good encounters it’s torture to listen to especially if paying. Ill go away and comment after I guess

  12. David V

    Love this one, hard to think that was a coincidence and the didn’t follow him home but how could they? They would have to have encredeble senses to do that

  13. David J

    I listened to the two of you banter and laughed so hard tears came to my eyes. Fantastic chemistry! Thanks and great episode.
    “Look, I’m not Jeeesus man.” 🤙

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