Mar 12

SC EP:306 Utah Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking to Nathan Reo. Nathan did not believe that Sasquatch was real and wanted to prove to his nephew that there was nothing to the subject Sasquatch. He soon found out that it is very real.

Nathan will be sharing his encounters with us and how he went from a skeptic to know that these creatures are out there. Join me as I welcome Nathan Reo as my guest.





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106 Responses to “SC EP:306 Utah Sasquatch”

    • JOHN E

      At the end of your show …I liked what I heard..I want to come on your show just real nervous I di f nt think I would be but ya your guest is right Every one I tell my story to they laugh…at me…really..

    • Angela G

      I’ve listened to so many episodes! I don’t often leave a reply! I must start doing so! I really enjoy this show!

    • Jayne B

      Ditto on the Roku πŸ™‚

      I like the video for this show because you can put pics up or a video in a video to correspond to what guest and yourself is talking about, like the Todd Standing pics.

      Great show as always Wes. I agree with your guest – I’m addicted to your show too.

  1. Robert F

    I’ll 2nd a Roku channel. Thanks for #306, Wes…..Absolutely love having the cam. Visuals are Great, the set, the pic inserts, faces and names, and the exceptional sound quality, streams nicely on my end. good work.

    ROBERT- Clearwater FL

    • Hillary H

      Mine too – Im at the public library as we dont have internet to the house yet, but its coming soon, but the quality on the library PC with android earbuds is fine too…. ha ha mini me

  2. Derek R

    Wes….Nathan is absolutely right. Your extremely humble. You dont question or doubt the guests you bring on. And Wes….I dont think you realize the impact your show has had on the Bigfoot phenomenon. I have 3 friends that did not believe in Bigfoot. Since lisyening to your show 2 of them believe and the other says its possible. Wes you rock!!!! I will always be a loyal fan and member!!!

  3. Christine J S

    Wonderful to hear your conversation with Wes; thank you so for taking your time to do SC with everything else you do. I’m still so proud of all the work you do. God Bless
    PS: Congratulations on the new baby girl!

  4. Cindy W

    I to am addicted to your show! I go back and listen to the shows over and over but the one I listen to the most is your encounter. Why? Cuz it scares me the most – I learn more from your show than any other shows out there that I’ve listened to. You truly do make the show interesting to the point that I don’t want the show to be over no matter how long it is. You don’t give yourself enough credit and you should know even though it’s about the guest and their encounters, your the one that makes us feel at ease and want to talk about bigfoot. I think the show got better after Will and Shannon left the show. You make everyone feel as if you are our best friend and that takes a special person which you are. Thank you again for all the hard work you do and please know you are very much appreciated. As I always say and mean with all my heart, you rock the bigfoot world!!! Oh, and love Woody too!!!

  5. Jack M

    What does Bigfoot look like?

    Let’s start with the feet that gave it its name. The smallest footprint I have seen was seven inches and the longest footprint to date is twenty-three inches. The sole of the foot is lighter in color and has a large heel; for instance a twelve-inch footprint will have a four-inch wide heel and a six-inch width at the toe area and every footprint is different. There are ridges and lines and scar marks on the bottom of the feet. There are commonly five toes in the same shape as our toes, and they have toenails like ours, no claws. There is a mid-tarsal break or joint about four inches forward of the heel which causes the Bigfoot to lift his leg and knee higher when he steps; this gives him the four-to-six-foot stride commonly seen which also seems to give him the appearance of gliding. There is hair on the top of the feet. Attached to those large feet are massively muscular and strong, hairy legs. The torso is also very muscular and long and hair-covered. The arms hang down almost to the knees with massive hands with very large fingers and fingernails. The fingernails and toenails are not nice and clean like ours, but yellowish and dirty. There is very little hair on the hands. The arms are muscular and large. The shoulders are so massive and wide, anywhere from three-and-a-half feet to five feet wide. It appears that Bigfoot has no neck and that is because the trapezius muscle is so large that it hides the neck. The head is so much like ours it has the same basic shape but, like us, they all look different. Some have round faces and some have elongated. Bigfoot have significantly bigger faces and features, starting with the chin and a much larger mouth with flat square teeth similar to ours. The nose is also like ours, but spread out more, with huge nostrils. The eyes are more sunken in and dark brown or black, no whites, but a lighter shade of the eye. It appears that the older bigger males have the more conical shaped heads. I have seen color shades from black to brown with red highlights. The hair length seems to be about three-to-five inches long and in colder months they grow a thick and short undercoat which they shed in warmer months. I have seen some with facial hair and some without.

    What are some of Bigfoot’s habits?

    I have heard tree knocks, whistles, whoops, growls and roars along with monkey chatter and monkey noises. I have heard them talking to each other. I have also heard them walking nearby in the brush and trees with my β€œbionic ear”. I have heard them pop their teeth and make huffing noises, which I have heard bear do often, and have thought it was a bear until I saw Bigfoot doing the same thing. It seems that here in Utah in the desert Bigfoot will build rock stacks as a territorial marker and in the forest they will break branches and knock over trees for the same reason. It appears that a Bigfoot that has a footprint of twelve inches is a juvenile that is about seven feet tall; one that has an eighteen-inch footprint is about nine feet tall or larger. It appears that one with larger feet is the alpha male that looks like the β€œHulk”, but much larger, and is in its gray phase in color and has a five-foot or larger shoulder width. There is so much more to this subject. I have come to these conclusions because, over 23 years of studying Bigfoot, I have seen 10 actual Bigfoot and found hundreds of tracks and widespread evidence. Jack McCarty

  6. Bryan P

    Great show tonight Wes. Thanks Wes and Nathan very authentic encounters, fun to listen to. I can sense your passion for this subject. I totally relate with u and agree with your opinions about this creature.

  7. Clayton S

    I forgot about that bully Grizzly Adams agent guy. I don’t like him. Gary Callahan is his name if that’s who you were referring to.

    I would still REALLY REALLY love for you to get those Two Brother’s on with that Ex-Spiritualist/Psychic (now Christian) lady who helped them for a follow-up. I would like to hear an elaboration from that lady in particular. I’ve been obsessing for more on that when she said sasquatch is coming from out of the earth. Btw, what’s the status on the next show with the Vault Keeper?

    Great show today and great guest also, Wes! πŸ‘

  8. Dave H

    Excellent interview! Thanks Wes. I have enjoyed many of Nathan’s fascinating videos. He posts some amazing things, and puts some seriously good thought into what he is finding. His areas he’s filmed are almost as crazy for structures as the ones that Jeff Friend and his family film, there’s some amazing structures there and they seem to change every week.

  9. Dave A

    Glad u finally went on the show Reo..πŸ‘πŸΌAnd to Wes…..ALMOST breaking down in tears and actually breaking down in tears are two completely different things. I never actually cried…! πŸ˜‰

  10. m99

    You’re not the only one Reo! I’m totally enthralled with the SC show., because it’s such a refreshing difference. No weird antics. No crappy intro baloney. No wading through hype, it actually gets to the frickin’ point. You’re one of the youtube shows I’ve listened to and enjoyed too. Thanks for bringing your testimony to SC.

  11. Doug K

    Yee Hawww!!!! Another great episode, Wes!!! Thank you bud for all your hard work . Can hardly wait for the next episodes!!!!

  12. F S

    Great guesrt.

    Here’s the thing – there is a GIANT clue as to what these things are that NO ONE talks about.

    Very frustrating as it’s so blatant and basic I can’t believe it’s not at the core of all research. IMO.

    Thanks Wes.

    • Hillary H

      If there was a giant clue it would not tax you to just say it…. as for Giants and nephilim, and out of the earth (inner earth stuff) and supernatural stuff…I am a Bible believing Christ following hopeful, and I am SO thankful Wes is a rational down to earth kind of guy. Im uptodate on the nephilim history via many researchers, book of Enoch, bloodlines of the Bible and Fritz Springmeirer’s bloodlines of the illuminatti…. Sasquatch have their own historic timeline. Its well attested to by generations of faithful oral histories and pioneers’ encounters, old timers news reports etc all over the world.
      If they were nephilim they’d have magic power or seemingly to us, magic power. They would be working for the Vatican and driving around in Hummers with tinted windows on their way to Bohemian Grove…lol
      The infra sound stuff – I think the witness explanations do it justice. They sometimes compare it to a very overly done sound system in a car, the way it can make the windows rattle in your house as it drives by… whats so amazing about that? It’s sound waves plus air pressure and megahertz on a level we feel physically and can discombobulate our own basic ‘electrical’ human frequencies, whatever that is that keeps us alive…. thats real phenomena and so I feel strongly about my nonexpert opinion :))

      • F S

        Nothing in what I think has anything to do with what you said.
        Hot air does not cover it.
        This is the problem with “researchers” – they don’t ask questions or listen.

  13. Dave T

    Great show guys. I’m just wondering what’s that beverage you keep tipping back there Wes? Looks dark like a German brew maybe? No wonder you’re so smooth while doing your interviews. Lol

  14. Shana K

    So its really cool you’ve had a lot of the familiars from youtube as guests-would love to hear you interview Robert Dodson. Ironic that Reo is the guest tonight — that video you started off with of the structure he found recently—I meticulously studied that for hours and am in the process of sending him some stills from that same video that may in fact show a whole other dimension (pun intended) to Sasquatch, Dogman, and similar unexplained cryptids. I’m only a couple of mins into tonights show, so its quite possible he may delve into the ‘woo’ factor of these structures and what I seriously believe are portals or some kind of doorways that open up a level of WTF that even Alice couldnt comprehend.. Lord Pye was right on when he said that everything we have been told is a lie.

  15. Peter N

    Really a great show! Nathan brings an interesting perspective to the BF community. I am just sorry that he and Wes have to deal with so much junk. You are both stand up guys and much appreciated!

  16. Paul S

    Neanderthal is my belief as to what they are and probably like us with some of their DNA they have some of ours. They absolutely exist and to say they don’t without really getting out in the forests where they live and doing your own observations before telling others they are fake is unfortunately done by many. I do hope to see they day when they are aknoledged scientifically but at the same time enjoy the current mystery. Great job Nathan I remember watching a few of your videos also and enjoyed them. It’s too bad that many others don’t do what you did after you told someone without doing research that they were fake. It reminds me in a way of the current issues with Trump and how many take to the streets and call him a racist yet if they really researched Hillary they would see that there are quite a few instances with her that could easily classify her as a racist . Sorry about mentioning politics.

  17. Scott P

    I think your encounters are fascinating, but I don’t get why you would go alone in the woods with these things without another person as back up. MISSING 411 be careful God bless. Scott Tx

  18. Debbie C

    I’ve never had a Sasquatch sighting but
    I firmly believe they exsist.
    I enjoyed Nathan Reo’s interview with Wes:)
    Great looking studio and soft lighting too:)

  19. Charles S

    Great interview! I didn’t know much about Reo, but I’m going to subscribe to his channel after listening to this interview.

  20. pam purple rose

    Excellent show guys!
    Nathan, you and Wes hit the nail on the head, for me, on several points.
    1. the fear factor: ends with resignation unlike any you have ever felt or imagined. The FACT you are done, no hope. With known animals you fight through the fear with HOPE and ideas on how to survive. Not these.
    2. wood knocking is soooo dumb. What are you saying when you do it? Come and kill me, here I am?
    3. If you are out in the areas where sightings happen you WILL see stuff. Not just BF, but orbs, etc. Little people? Pterodactyls? UFO’s…..have you looked up at the night sky lately?
    4. The world view of BF: cultural views. Look at S. America, Mexico and the UFO phenomenon. Their govt. looks into it regularly and seriously. This show and forum has already changed people’s idea of the folks that have sasquatch encounters!
    The BF world is so rotten; Reo and I share the same troll and she is a part of that world….what culture feeds that behavior?
    5. Govt. interference: Maybe not them. Corporate , maybe. There’s where the money is.
    7. I agree with what Reo says about ‘What is sasquatch’…totally.
    8. To kill or not to kill one? I agree that a visceral sample is definitely going to have an impact. I also agree that getting that sample anywhere (a LOT of places would be ideal) is the way to go BUT if you throw enough money at a problem you can likely solve it. The powers that be could easily destroy all credibility even though there were some that refused to be bought to deny the samples integrity.
    9. I won’t go out looking for one. If I was with a group looking for evidence of them, sure. And it IS compelling; weirdly so. I think in my case because it would be a great a scientific discovery-.
    10. Courage. Basic guts to come out and tell people what you have experienced. Is it easier now with Wes’ format, show? Then do it! The one’s who are brave, courageous enough to look someone in the eyes with the conviction of truth and let them know just what IS out there is the one that changes the culture of denial.

    And one more thing; get that GUN out of your drawer and into a safe or lock the trigger!!

  21. angela c

    Great show Wes, I love it when a skeptic becomes a knower or believer. Be safe out there and don’t go out alone or unarmed….

  22. Danny H

    I’m pretty sure the hunter who shot the creature that they mentioned towards the end was a previously a guest.
    Great, now I have to go back and find it.

  23. Simon P

    Nathan mentions his first sighting was in Utah in December at about 8000 feet.

    Wouldn’t the place be knee-deep in snow? I didn’t hear him mention it.

    I’m not a resident of North America so forgive me if this a dumb question.

    • Lynn W

      Simon, we don’t always have snow in December. It sometimes comes later. I’m not sure where Nathan is having his encounters but there are places in Utah that have that height that never get snow.

  24. Jack33

    The culture is the way it is by design but that’s not the reason the scientific community won’t touch it.

    Universities are strong armed by those within the government who wish to keep this creatures existence a secret. Government Grant money is awarded to those who play ball and

  25. Jack33

    it’s denied to those who don’t play ball. Those professors and scientists who chose to buck the system and peruse the matter further are eventually stopped from doing so, having their personal and professional lives deliberately ruined.

  26. Pat T

    Wes is is gearing up for TV, the studio video, back lighting, it’s all prep for the next step. By the way it looks great Wes and you do deserve the good fortune that is coming your way! Stay humble friend!

  27. Julie D

    Another great show on the books! I love that we can see him and now he can show us whatever he wants! Nathan was a super interesting!

  28. Marideth S

    I love the video Wes! Awesome setup of the studio. The partition background with the lighting was a good call. I appreciate and recognize all the work you put into everything you put out for us. Great quality!

  29. Taylor W

    By the way Nathan, is one of the most informed researchers out. The only guy I like more is Bob gimlin. I’ve watched everything that Nathan has posted. I’ve been waiting for this

  30. Taylor W

    Also he is right about you and the show you cultivated you’re probably one of the best host there is I hope you get to the status of like Coast to Coast you deserve it

  31. Judy M

    Great interview Nathan. Wes, I really like this type of format. It’s good to see your face and being able view any additional information you might have at the top of the screen. Keep it up.

  32. Leah G

    My distaste for “researchers” was formed when many discounted Todd Standings’ accounts and fabulous pictures of Bigfoot. Todd was “all in” and LIVED in the f*&$#g woods for longer than most could handle. What an amazing man – he didn’t take a stroll through the friggin’ woods for an afternoon or a weekend like so many others. Talk to Todd, take a Stand. He deserves respect and how about some support?! His pictures are REAL. Period.

  33. Leah G

    Sorry, can’t figure out how to edit….On the ‘disdain for several “researchers” thread….the myriad presentation of Todd’s accounts deserves respectful and cogent consideration. The basic vibe I got from the backlash against Todd’s accounts had the sour smell of politics that permeated the air.

  34. Lynn W

    Nathan, Good show. I enjoyed it very much. And good job as always Wes for picking out another great person to have on your show. I live in Utah and my curiosity is piqued. I’d love to know where you are finding BF. I’ve been a believer but never been able to go out and look for one, Maybe just knowing where they are might help.

    • jadescope

      Lynne W,
      Reo shows you where and how to look on his youtube channel – Utah Sasquatch. He has done the feet to ground legwork in his area(s) and provided amazing video and informative narrative both while doing so and as informational vids all about this amazing subject. as Reo says “Go and See” (even if it only as far as his youtube channel…….lots to take in there)

  35. Jay Carlsen

    The Powers that Be have Brainwashed 97 % of the Population into believing these things are only Hoaxes & Myth ……….

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