Jan 22

SC EP:292 Swaying from side to side watching me


I will be speaking to Dave who has been hunting his whole life. He will be sharing some of his encounters including one when he was inspecting a flooded farm in Oklahoma.

Dave says “As I was walking over this small hill I came up on two creatures. One of the creatures appeared to be female and she was digging up and eating crawdads, the other creature just stood there swaying from side to side watching me as I watched it……” Dave goes on to say “I have traveled and worked in most states and I have seen their tracks, this was not the only time I have run into these things. I would be happy to talk about some of these things I have seen and heard while working in many different states.”



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  1. mike u

    This well done podcast is the only thing that will get my mind off the packers choking big time in the dirty south…thanks Wes for having new shows evey week that are entertaining and thought provoking!! for 60 mins or so on a sunday night I love to kick back and have your guest walk me thru their mind bending encounters.
    # packersuperbowl 2018

  2. Asheim

    Just got into bed ready to listen to the new podcast can’t wait! You work so hard Wes and you do an awesome job. Thanks for all you do, it is sure appreciated.

      • F S

        Yeah – the “backward media” went in and edited out all the empty seats on the mall and the deserted bleachers along the parade rout.
        Or the millions of people who didn’t show up must have been hung over from the “A-List” concert.

      • F S

        On a serious side – Trump and the GOP (my lifelong Party) want to stop funding to Parks and Forests.
        Teddy Rooseavelt established our Parks System, and it would be a sin to lose them.
        We should all fight to have these national treasures kept for ourselves and our children.
        God Bless our Poor Country. It’s gonna be a long four years.
        (I don’t think “Tiny Hands” will last one.)

          • Martin Z

            That’s right just like Brexit. It’s about having the balls to stand up and fight against the globalist!!

          • Wayne K

            President Bush signed over some parks to the U.N. Our park service is just management for them. That’s why firearms aren’t allowed in certain parks.

        • Martin Z

          Ha ha ha! Save or parks! Really? Obama signed treaties with the United Nations giving them hundreds of thousands of acres for god knows what. Thanx to Obama we’re restricted to go into some areas of certain parks because the UN is conducting who knows what under ground.
          Our USA soil has been given to other countries for experiments that they probably plan on using on our very own citizens and Obama helped them.

          • Michael L

            Thank God that the American people finally flushed that brown turd down the White House toilet…

  3. F S

    I have always thought that “Booger” is a nasty term for a black person.

    a rather derogatory term often used referring to ghetto black people.
    ‘Eww! That booger looks like Lil’ Jon!’
    by Samantha Jean May 02, 2007”
    – Urban Dictionary

  4. m99

    Booger Magnet! Thx David. Wes, I appreciate you allowing people to give their take on what they think these things are. Interesting stuff. Thank you Wes

  5. Scott D

    Very interesting encounters from this gentleman. Big respect for telling his stories… Which I thoroughly believe BTW! However, the train came off the track when bringing the Bible into the mix. Trying to use any Bible scripture as historical or scientific evidence is laughable at the least. Nothing has ever been or ever will be factual when concerning that book. I am a firm believer in Sasquatch…. But, the idea of ANY supernatural entity is rediculous. Sagan said it perfectly, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Sadly, there is none for any God. It would be nice, but highly unlikely. There is far more evidence for Sasquatch. Don’t try to make the facts fit the story. Which is what happens all to often in religion.

    • F S

      Scott – not only have recent advances in science and technology proven that much of the Bible IS accurate historically, but it is also being proven true scientifically.
      From locations of lost cities being found with satallites, to technically-sound explainations for the Plagues of Exodus, to quantum theories of physics, every day more and more of The Bible is confined by “science”.
      To offhandedly dismiss an entire cannon, written by hundreds of historians and scholars, over millennia, is as myopic as offhandedly saying it’s all true.
      Even “Mobie Dick” has historically accurate passages, and that is a “novel”.
      (I’m actually embarraed to have to explain this to you.)

      • Alexander F

        Which things has science proven true? And, don’t say that there may have been historical cities that match biblical places. We know the Bible was based in some truths. But, did the walls of Jericho crumble from a trumpet? That’s what “science” still says “nope” to.

        Believe whatever you choose. I have no dog in that fight. But, PLEASE do not say science is now proving true religion. And, if you make that claim, back it with direct evidence. And, I’ll need to see references and citations. Otherwise, take it on faith alone. That’s OK!

        • Gary C

          Science has proved that there was a great flood , they failed to prove someone had enough time to build a big boat and fill it up with two of every creature and stock the boat with enough salt pork to last for 40 ish days.

          There is no smoke without fire but you never know!!

          • Diane L

            I thought they are pretty sure Noah’s Arc has been found on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Which then leads me to wonder, since I doubt Noah would have loaded sasquatches and dogmen aboard, how did these creatures survive? Or was the guest saying that these “fallen angels” appeared after the flood? (Sorry, not too “up” on the Old Testament.)

        • F S

          “Reading Comprehension”‘is a lost skill.
          I never said science has proven religion.
          I said that some points of the Bible are historically and scientifically accurate, and to throw out everything in The Cannon as untrue is as ignorant as saying everything is true.
          (As for “The Walls of Jericho”, the science of harmonics and the use of infrasound could explain their destruction. Is that THE answer – no – but it is AN answer – based on science.)

          • Alexander F

            FS, I was just expounding upon your point. Still awaiting anything science has proven true of the Bible, though…. Not being a jerk–just asking for specifics.

            Diante L, no they did not find anything up on that mountaintop. Don’t listen to the cooky conspiracy nuts. It’s just a shadow. But, hey, some people still believe there’s a face on Mars, so….

  6. Mark S

    This guy was very informative.would like to more about that Logging site story,and the structures found by the drones.sounds like the same type of structure I came across on a encounter i had in eastern Washington.anybody know where I can find this story/video

  7. Seamus J. C

    With all due respect, Scott, no atheist tribe was ever discovered anywhere (also no vegetarians!). I think we can assume that spiritual beliefs and practices have always been a part of our species’ repetoire. I think we can further assume that the spiritual has always helped us to function somehow–you can debate about exactly how, but I don’t think you can debate that it has been part of our survival-and-happiness tool kit. Even the people living in the most forbidding locales–Australian Aborigines and Arctic Laplanders and Inuit, also Mongolians–made the time to tell spiritual tales and engage in spiritual practices and believe in spiritual entities. Why? Because it helped them survive and thrive. Had spirituality been maladaptive, atheist tribes would have replaced deist ones long ago.

    Now, you can argue the legitimacy of biblical evidence of this or that, because the Bible is not a stand-alone historical document, but you can’t just discount the function of God or The Gods in our way of understanding the world. It may, in fact, be indispensable in some way.

    Don’t get me wrong, I, too, feel distaste when I hear Wes or someone else mention “nephilim” or some other biblical idea to explain BF or other creatures. I wish they wouldn’t, frankly. But I wouldn’t dispute their right to do so, and, to be honest, the Bible does, in fact, describe some events that are undoubtedly factual (such as Israeli mililtary history, slavery in Egypt, and so forth). So it’s not unthinkable that some real cryptid would be mentioned therein, according to the understanding of the time….For instance, if nephilim = BF, then maybe that’s a way of saying that BF’s ability to appear and disappear is something one would expect of angels. In fact, stories of people who see angels (or what they call angels) often mention that one second they’re not there, then they are, then they’re gone. Not unlike BF. The story comes out that BF is the offspring of humans and angels–and there’s some truth to it.

    Anyway, I hear you, but there’s no need to get exclusionary about it. To each his own. You get to understand sasquatch any way you like, there is no obligation to swallow biblical interpretations, and you are not alone. There is a wide range of beliefs in all the members of this site; spend any time on the forums and you will see that. And most discussion is über-respectful. Plus, no one pretends to have the last word, although it may sound like it sometimes.

    Welcome to Sasquatch Chronicles!

  8. Jane M

    Thanks Wes. This was, in my opinion, one of the most interesting, detail oriented, honest and beefy interviews in a while. Although some people don’t like to hear about the allegorical or somewhat historical teachings of the Bible, if we open our minds to reach really far it is mind bending. Interesting that Ron Morehead claims you can go to your religion and call these creatures out, but the gentleman you had on tonight said when he went to the “Authority” and I’m guessing his higher power, that it was not helpful. I find religion, folklore and mind stiring content to be the best and I really enjoyed this one so THANKS!?

  9. Bryan G

    So why are Clovis Points named after Clovis, NM if there where/are non found west of the mississippi river? Sorry, don’t buy what Dave is selling. His encounter may have been real. But, History according to Dave does not fly.

  10. F S

    It is so refreshing to have an actual historian on as a guest.
    (He’s my pick as THE BEST co-host you’ve ever had on. Loved his insight as to what these things are. His was the closest explaination as to what these abominations truly are.)
    PLEASE HIRE HIM AS YOUR CO-HOST – if ever needed.

  11. Chris A

    You lost me with the Bible stuff…. these are flesh and blood creatures, you can’t lay hands on them and baptize them. Could you imagine trying to lay hands on a booger? That’s a good way to be ripped to pieces.

  12. Chris A

    Kudos to you for stay steadfast in you convictions, but after my encounter with one of these things, I no longer believe in a god…. and yes, I’m very much pro kill when it comes to these things. Something like that shouldn’t be allowed to roam free.

    • Diane L

      Chirs A – why would you not believe in God after seeing one? It would be comparable to running into a grizzly or gorilla – both are more powerful than us, but that does not make God any less real.

  13. EDWARD D

    great sighting ….but please keep the Biblical claptrap to yourself if you want to be taken seriously….and stop denying/revising native American history with absolutely no references to back up your claims…extremely lazy and disingenuous….thanks Robin B for link to Smithsonian

    • Alexander F

      Yeah … again, believe whatever you want for whatever reasons you want.

      But, when you actually start to talk in absolutes (never a good sign, whether it’s a discussion on sports, science, or Sassy), and when you particularly disrespect native history, then you’re just being a crazy person–and a jerk.

      The native inhabitants, first nations folk have a very LONG history in this part of the world. There are surely many myths and misconceptions. But, they–along with the Clovis Peoples–were here a very long while.

    • christopher s

      Wow, so Wes asks him his opinion but he shouldn’t give it because someone thinks its silly? You shouldn’t be so ignorant as to think you’re the soul standard for if the guest should be taken seriously or not. There are a lot of people who listen to this show who are open minded enough to want to hear all the possibilities and then form their own beliefs on the matter. I’d venture to say you don’t have it all figured out yourself. To rule something out just because it sounds too crazy to you is the same reaction I get from most people who I tell about what I heard in the woods. It’s frustrating and just makes them look arrogant. If you disagree that’s fine but there’s no reason to attack someone’s religion or be disrespectful of others opinions. Keep it decent.

  14. Janetta V

    This was a terrific show, I loved listening to this knowledgable man. So many places in states must be loaded with dirty apes, now more than ever people are seeing groups of these jerks rather than one or two. Like those six that were seen in Yellowstone here a couple of weeks ago. Yes, yes Love Trump supporter all of the way. Now they can take the “No Vacancy” sign down in front of the white house and mark it “OCCUPIED”, because now it is in the best way. Last Friday class came back to America.

    • Indignico

      Janetta? President PussyGrabber = class?! Really?

      Don’t think my question means I’d rather have had that vicious monster Hillary in there…. but no need to elevate Trump to above where his own actions his entire public life have left him (slum lord and making a habit of stiffing contractors and suing the poor until they give up because they can’t afford to match his legal team’s output in order to defend themselves, etc etc)… I’m beyond stoked he pulled us out of TPP and hired Robt Kennedy Jr. to assess vaccines… but calling him a class act is waaay too far given his petty vindictive ways. I mean, don’t you think so?

  15. Seamus J. C

    Blessed be the politics-free zone! If it exists.

    Does anyone know what Dave was talking about when he mentioned “emotional healing”, I think he called it that. He mentioned it along with “deliverance'”, which I understand, it’s another word for exorcism, the casting out of demons. But this “emotional healing” I’ve never heard of, I’m curious about it.

  16. Clayton S

    Moses briefly mentions, I believe, cryptids in Leviticus 26:6. If there were giants, there obviously had to be cryptids. Interesting encounters by this witness.

    “And I will give peace in the land, and you shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid: and I will rid evil beasts out of the land, neither shall the sword go through your land.”

  17. Clyde G

    Enjoyed the show more than I enjoyed reading some of the comments posted afterward. Yes – I am from Atlanta, believe in the Bible, am a lifelong Republican, and I voted from Trump (though he wasn’t my first choice). Peace!

  18. russell s

    Very interesting guest , the Bigfoot sightings were fascinating, but some of the stuff he was talking about just didn’t hold true to me sorry … but still interesting . As usual great interview wes , love the show and it’s always a good day when there is a new episode .

  19. Avis B

    I can say this is the most beefy interview I have heard in a very long, long time.. I wish you would have him back.. and yes I do believe what he says about the bible and don’t get me wrong this is not what I had believed from the beginning, after research… and I have yet anybody to give an explanation that was sound and made any sense, of what these creatures are and where they come from.. or for that matter where Dogman or any other cryptids come from.. Thank you Wes for a great show..

  20. Alexander F

    Alllllll seemed so great and so lovely, until …. yep, Deliverance Ministry, fallen angels, and so on and so on….. Each and every show, I take the first few minutes to ask myself, “Well, is there any reason, face-value, to not believe this witness? Do they have anything about them that is obviously coo-coo?”

    This guy seemed great…..and then…..boom goes the dynamite: He’s off his rocker. And, b/c of that, pretty hard for me to believe him. I say that b/c if you can take it on faith alone that Moses wrote the Septuagint (like actually penned those books all himself) or that dinosaurs walked with man, well, I happen to think you’ll believe darn near anything at all. Including bigfoot being right up that hill over yonder.

    Sorry; but that sort of lunacy just makes it impossible for me to believe the guy. Swing and a miss.

      • Alexander F

        Wes, surely we can. Just b/c he answered a question doesn’t give him impunity. Yes, he is allowed to believe whatever he chooses. Just as we are allowed to be disinclined to believe his credulity b/c of how he does answer that question.

        What is being voiced, by myself and others, is that he seemed all good until the zany religiosity came to the fore. That somewhat killed it for a lot of us. Just a bummer, that’s all.

        No one is faulting you. No one is faulting him. We’re just saying it’s unfortunate it went down that way, b/c he seemed so credible up to that point.

  21. Greg T

    It’s funny that this guy’s opinion isn’t that much different than the stuff Ron Moorehead is laying down, but this guy is a wackadoodle??? Until anyone out there produces a body for each of these crazy things, one opinion is as entertaining as the next. Good show, Wes.

  22. william g

    It’s really funny to read these comments from people who know everything,especially since I’m a Falcon fan and a Christian.The longer I live, the more obvious to me, is that man knows nothing of what is really taking place and I don’t profess to either.

  23. Mike J

    Can’t say I agree with him on the history of Native Americans .. seems absurd to tell someone how long they’ve been here especially since you weren’t here long as them to begin with.

  24. Frankie P

    Really a great episode! Will go on my list of favorites, but I’m gonna have to listen about 3 more times to get all the info he shared! From boogers to Clovis to Egyptians and Crusaders – I love it!

  25. Scott D

    Good interview Wes, but this guy is factually inaccurate. His claim about Africa not having brass, etc… is patently false historically. 12th-13t h century is the accepted date for use of brass. One of many false claims he made.

    • Diane L

      Wasn’t he discussing copper from Isle Royale, Michigan? The Isle Royale copper has been found to be so distinct and pure, and has been conclusively identified in Middle Eastern artifacts way back to the bronze age. There are over 10,000 abandoned copper mines in Isle Royale, which is a tiny island. I think the guest was trying to fit everything in and talk rapidly, and just didn’t have enough time.

  26. Robert V


    One of my favorite shows of all time.

    To those packer fans…I”m from Wisconsin so I’m a Packer fan….As long as McCarthy is the head coach…the Packers will NOT win another Superbowl.

    Also, if you are from WIsconsin and you’ve seen Saasquatch tell of the encounter.

    OH…one of my favorite episodes.


  27. Ray R

    Great show Wes, Love this guy, I study the bible and history also, and they try and push evolution but it only a theory, but people fall for it kinds like global warming lol, there is more mysteries below the ground than there is above. Thank you Wes

  28. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Great! I really enjoyed the show. But why call them “boogers”? I still don’t understand. They say that’s a common term in the South. Not to be gross, but people get boogers when they pick their nose! These are mysterious, excessively rare, enigmatic creatures that deserve our respect! I know its just a term, but I don’t like it! How about Bigfoot? Sasquatch.? Thankfully this isn’t called Booger Chronicles! Fascinating guest though. I could pick up on Dave’s down South lingo, which I enjoyed! But when it came to describing taking a dump in his waiters, he said,” I evacuated my bowels” Funny! Wonderful show. I’d like to see Dave come on aagin.

  29. Glen K

    (New Jersey) P.S. I also do Not like the term “Wood Ape.” Seems to me to be so dismissive. There is still so much we have to learn about these Fascinating Creatures !

  30. BrokenMind27

    WThabks again Wes, good show. The guest has researched into a lot of areas that I have researched on this journey. I sometimes wonder if a phone unterview with certain listening members could,be interesting. Personally I don’t watch TV, Unless its football or college baseball, I spend the rest of myy time researching different cryptid and history subjects. I will volunter to be first, lol, I know I’m dreaming but I think I could pull it off.

  31. Daniel D

    Very interesting guy, I like some of his theories about who was here in America. However, he was wrong about there only being 10 black bear in the kiamichi mountains of Oklahoma, there’s a lot of bear in that area.

    • Kathy E

      Thanks for clearing up the pronunciation of that. I’ve heard it several different ways. Nothing like hearing from a local. Lol! It is the same with oregon…or e gun. Not or e gon.

  32. Gary J


    Great guest. Interesting thoughts. Ditto on his biblical thoughts. In the End Times men will faint from terror. These things certainly can fulfill that scripture. Having the one sneak up on me while deer hunting freaked me out more then having chased after the one that growled at us. Dogman and Gugwee just are freaky. No one wants to ask what’s next. I am not down playing a face to face with Sasquatch.
    Thank you for bringing an outlet.

  33. Marideth S

    Loved hearing this guests encounters and ideas. He was very interesting, but I was getting alittle annoyed when he kept cutting Wes off. Might be just me, but I can’t stand when the guests interrupt Wes… whether he’s asking a question or not… let him finish!

  34. Patricia N

    Does this fella chew tabacco during his ministries, I too find Sam elliot a great entertainer; the chum names for everything while carrying a side piece , the good ole boys obeying his every command & believing every word to be gospel. great “story” teller that there he is. He would make a great picture director, coryiagraghing every move, the way he wants in order to sell a story , a word ofadvice, be careful on where to research and don’t call it “gospel” ! There are many different beliefs but only 1 thruth of the matter!

  35. MONTE M

    Another fabulous episode and guest ! I have always figured The Weninuche Wilderness was a great home for Bigfoot . I have vacationed twice in the San Juan mountains and it remains one of my all time favorite spots . While traveling north on 550 from Durango thru Silverton to Ouray just as it turned dark out we counted 40 some deer grazing along the highway . There is no motor vehicle traffic allowed in the Weminuche and it is vastly as he stated rugged and remote . About as remote and rugged as it gets in the lower 48 . One of the popular things to do there is rent jeeps or ATV and go trekking around the precipitous mining trails that traverse the mountain range . We rented ATV out of Silverton ( wich has a Bigfoot museum ) and made our way towards Lake City . This route comes very close to the Northern edge of the Weminuche . Talk about out in the sticks . Many 14,000 ft peaks and very inhospitable to the average joe camper weekend warrior . The mountain range was formed by volcanic activity and the caldera is interestingly enough to the east of the range ( you think it would be to the west ) I would think the prevailing winds would be out of the west . The mountain range is young in terms of geologic time span . A lot of it used to be at the 17-18,000 ft level when first formed but has since been washed down by moisture . Numerous rivers are formed out of that mountain range . Up near the top it is like being on another planet . Out of this world landscapes . Definitely home to Bigfoot . It’s like it was made for Bigfoot . The Needles area of the San Juan are of epic ruggedness . I haphazardly hiked around alone in those mountains back in the eighties before I believed in Bigfoot . Happy in my ignorance . I now feel I was in grave danger and could have very well ended up missing without a trace .

  36. MONTE M

    Not sure what Dave meant by the Weminuche going practically clear to the UT border ? It clearly does not . Thinking he meant a branch of the San Juan range or clear to New Mexico but it does not do that either ? Well he’s no spring chicken but certainly had some very interesting things , experiences and viewpoints to share . Loved listening to him . Put yourself in that position viewing a family of them out in timbuck 2 . I’d probably be a bit shaken up . The Marmots in the San Juan are big enough to arm wrestle you . They are they’re huge .

  37. Barbara W

    Wow!!! This is my favorite episode so far. Not only does this man have exceptional encounters, but he is the kind of minister I’ve been dreaming of! And he’s educated on the spiritual, supernatural, and conspiracy realities?
    I could listen to him all day.
    Amazing guest. I have come to the same conclusion after reading the Book of Enoch(which the Bible quotes or references over 70 times) and the Book of Jasher. This guy knows his stuff!

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