Dec 11

SC EP:281 When it stood up it was massive

I will be welcoming two guests to the show. My first guest writes “I was all night fishing by myself at the same lake as the other times.

It is my first sighting and I don’t know, it has really shaken me up. It was about 10:30 pm on Friday night . Dead calm, light fog but only on the water. It was fairly good visibility. I had my boat starting to go down the long channel on this “T” shaped lake. I heard a very deep gut type growl, but didn’t see anything. I pulled out my spot light which is 2,000,000 candle light power. It died in acouple of seconds. The growl was becoming more aggressive. I reached in my storage bin and pulled out my Taurus millennium pro pt111 9mm. I chambered a full metal jacket round and aimed it in the direction of the noise.

This thing had been squatted down by a bush next to where 4 old boats are turned upside down. When it stood up it was massive.I could see it from the waist up. It started to move away from me but kept looking at me. I stepped on the trolling motor, turned the boat away from it to put more distance between us. I watched it the whole time. As I was going away, it turned, threw its arms in the air (yes arms) and charged about 10 feet or so. I spun the boat around and it violently threw its arms down. It was breathing so heavily it sounded like it was hyperventilating.

I still had my weapon aimed at it. I knew a 9mm wouldn’t do much with a chest shot, so I had it trained towards where its testicle may be. I couldn’t see them but was locked on to the general area.It let out a scream and stomped off. It continued to vocalize for 20 min or so as it left. I couldn’t make out much facial features except lighter skin on its face. It was black colored approx 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall. I would guess at least 600-700 lbs. Broad shoulders, its hands were down to its knees. I refused to load my boat on the trailer til sun up. I don’t know what its problem was but it had a attitude. I pretty much believe my night bass fishing days are over. I cant imagine what would of happened if I hadn’t drawn my gun. I’m convinced it knew what a gun can do.”

I will also be speaking to Greg who had an interesting encounter in Washington State.








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50 Responses to “SC EP:281 When it stood up it was massive”

  1. Stephanie G

    In the old intro there was a witness who said, “It could have ripped my locked door from my truck and there wouldn’t have been a damn thing I could do about it.” I know this comes from one of the long ago episodes. Does anyone have any idea of which one? Even approximately?

  2. Jannette A

    Wes, I agree with you, I would stop fishing at that lake! These creatures have the upper hand. I’ve listen to enough stories to know unless you heed the’re warning like sticks breaking, rocks being thrown at you it could go bad. I know your work on SC is saving lives! I know listening to these stories can be a burden for you. Thanks for all you do Wes!

  3. Stephen W

    I enjoyed it , I have to say ,too honest guys and genuine in counters you imagine after being on the water with that iincounter then having to go ashore and get your boat in , I bet it was still there with its buddies watching every move the first guy on boat was making all I have to say is I be packing more firepower then a 357 or 9mm , I think these Sasquatch look for a window of opportunity to pray on whatever they see as food , even us , be safe all .

    • Christian L

      Concur…..really negligent. It’s great to expose your kids to the great outdoors but a 5 mile hike in inclement weather with kids 4,6 !?!?……in BF territory? That’s not being a hard ass/badass…that’s plain stupid. Might as well have them play with table saws and rattlesnakes…..probably safer…..really dumb dee dumb dumb

  4. Lori B

    My sister lived in Ferry County a few years ago. We drove all over looking around. It is prime area for sasquatch there are so many deer in that area. Lots of creeks and lakes she lived on the Kettle river. The neighbors dogs kept disappearing. Just over the hill from her place was Canada its beautiful she lived between The town Curlew and Republic. Her son found a big tooth in a creek I was very excited thought maybe bigfoot but turned out to be bison.

  5. David S


    The noise you played at the beginning sounds very similar to a noise Joedy Cook played on Dogman Encounters (Vic Cundif) Joedy claims a witness saw a dogman making the sound.


    • Asheim

      Richard I, I cannot let my “fearless” q qBorder Collie hear the intro (old one) she would hide under the bed when the part came with the Bigfoot howls. They have amazing instincts and with something she has never encountered beforehand!

  6. David R

    I used to fish a lot, but only the native fish I liked to eat. That was trout, salmon, steelhead, or sturgon fishing. I would love to try bass, pike, or some of the other native fish!

  7. Kathryn C

    Listening to that Ohio call, It occurred to me that that sounds just like the old ambulance sirens. I was thinking that maybe Bigfoot mimic’d that siren and that’s how that howl was created. I’m probably really reaching here, but that howl brought back some old memories of Burns, Oregon where I grew up. LOL

  8. Janetta V

    Greg, Just how many kinds of stupid are you? Taking your children and wife out there in a wilderness where you darn well know what is going on. Wake the heck up. If you want to kill somebody, then go by yourself, your wife can remarry. David Paulides, 411, other episodes right here of things going bad, does any of that ring a bell. Speaking of bells ask santa for some brains…Wes it was all good. Sorry Greg got me going. But I care about children and dogs.

  9. Robert D

    Wes can you please play the old intro . But I must say I’m so glad you kept the end song after the fishing study . .i love that tune and I love your shows . I’ve been listening right from the very beginning. Keep up the good work

  10. Asheim

    Really miss the old intro, the count-down, Mike Wooley….It’s okay to make changes too of course. ? I’ve been here from the start of SC too and I am so amazed how the quality of the shows has always maintained such a high standard. Thanks for the hard work you’ve put into it Wes. The show has also helped me through a time of great stress in my life. It has always been a place I can come and turn everything off.

  11. SantiamLady

    Wow! ?That fishing encounter ?was terrifying! Sure sounds like the big fellow knew what a 9mm round would do to his big hairy “package” & decided not to risk singing soprano! ?? Very smart of the witness to lower his aim like that!

    I also really miss the old intro.? Except for the “5-4-3-2-1” part. I don’t miss that, but the rest I miss a lot. The new intro is pretty, but it is also very melancholy and alittle depressing. The old intro always struck me as both uplifting and exciting, I really miss it.?

  12. Tonya M

    Where in Illinois was the fishing club located? Please tell me it is not Central Illinois!?! I thought this flat corn field area would not be favorable to the big guy. We do have small pockets of beauty.

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