Dec 4

SC EP:279 Encounters in Louisiana

I spoke to Branden and Hazel and they shared with me what is going on around their property.Branden said “I found human like foot prints but it was not human. Finding these tracks bothered me so much I had the game warden come out to the property to look at them. He said it wasn’t human and it wasn’t a bear. The ground was so hard during that time of year it was next to impossible to leave an impression but this track went down 3 inches or more.Whatever left those tracks was heavy. Several weeks later I saw what left the track. This thing was black and huge. I could see it trying to hide and when it knew I was watching it, this thing got up and ran through the bushes like a truck, knocking over everything in its way.

Hazel says “Late one night I went out to get something out of Branden’s truck and this thing was standing by the truck. It was about 8 feet tall and 1000 pounds. We have always heard whoops and whistles over the years but assumed it was the cattle ranches calling their cattle.”

-Jim Lansdale will be joining the show and share his thoughts on what is going on and around the property. He recently went out to research the property. Jim is one of the cast members on Killing Bigfoot on Destination America and team leader and co-founder of the GCBRO.

-Tom Sewid will also be stopping by to share a First Nation story with us about Sasquatch and the Booger Boy.


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53 Responses to “SC EP:279 Encounters in Louisiana”

    • Jeffrey H

      Brandon and Miss Hazel, thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m sure it will help others who don’t know what to do in their situation with the Bigfoot’s. I hope everything works out for you all and be safe and hope you get the help you need! Jim, you do a great service in your area, you help we’re others won’t!! I wish and your men all the best and be safe out there!?? Tom, such a beautiful story that I hope to share someday though I don’t think I will ever be able to tell it as well as you did! I could listen to you for hours, be safe in your adventures and keep the stores coming! Mike Woolley, I can still listen to his encounter all the time, it never gets old, be safe Mike! Wes, thanks buddy, great night of stories. I really enjoyed this session.

  1. mike u

    What’s a Louisiana? Is that French for Out- house or something? Great not another international sighting;-)
    I guess ill have to wait for Brandon and Hazel to walk me rite into it

    • jeff m

      Hey Mike U.

      Living here in SE Louisiana. Many think that Louisiana is an Indian term for trailer park.?

      But, seriously, the South Louisiana swamps or northern piney woods could be a prime habitat for Sasquatch. I’ve never had an encounter but I believe that they could live here undetected in our vast unpopulated areas. Come visit and see the beautiful state.

  2. m99

    Uh, Mike, “A Louisiana” is a state in the southern part of the USA. 🙂 ~ Six! or Seventh! What!? When I posted there wasn’t one person, I posted, and snuck in at sixth! Oh Well…

  3. Doug K

    WOW!!! What a great show this was. Just finished listening. Thank you Wes and also your guests. Loved Tom’s story about the booger boy……..

  4. m99

    ~ I Love You Wes! What a Great Story! I had a friend who had a little boy we all called “Bogger” – when he turned five he said, my name is no longer Booger! Ha ! So, we called him by his real name from then on. Anyway, ya’ll are beautiful people, you and Tom, XO_m

    • m99

      Amen Duke. 🙁

      ~My mother’s from SW LA, and I was raised in SE TX. People don’t know what they’re talking about. You talk about salt of the earth, and people who would give you the shirt off their back! I miss my mother and grandmother a lot. I miss Louisiana too. Bless you Hazel and Branden, and thank you for coming on the show with Wes.

  5. William C

    Hey Wes, Bear and Coonbo were talking about you on their latest episode. About the guy who called in and spoke to you when he and his girlfriend went to LBL. They weren’t too happy about this guy who said that he went to LBL on the recommendation of Bear and Coonbo to see Bigfoot. Just wanted to seevif you heard this.

  6. m99

    Whoops Duke – Sorry I miss understood – I went back and saw a simple question for Tom, but thought you were asking if someone was a “snoot” because someone seemed to make “fun” of the people from Louisiana. My bad Duke. Sorry.

  7. m99

    That’s what I thought too! But, then I considered, maybe it was there when it was wet, and dried in the clay like soil that’s found in that area. ?

  8. Maynard w

    Is it just me or does Tom’s story of the jinoqua (i have no idea how to spell it) have parallels to the germanic folklore of krampus? i.e. a creature carrying off bad children in a sack. Just saying. I Probably just have krampus on my mind. Tonight is Krampus Nocht. Happy holidays everyone in SC land. Behave or Krampus will get you. LOL.

  9. Stefanee b

    Tom, what a beautiful story. Very applicable to so much that is going on out there right now. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. michael g

    Wes,great job as always!! Loved the story at the end I wish people of today would be more like the old man and bugger boy world be such a great place ,love to all til next time.

  11. Cindy W

    Wes, you out did yourself again!! You always have great folks on here telling their stories in which I learn something new every time and for that I thank you dearly!! Also LOVE Tom!! I would Love to go in January with y’all and listen to Tom and listen out for the BF’s and all of the fun to be had – just one problem with me ~ I’m scared of the dark!! Not to mention of how scared of BF I am as well!! So I guess it’s just best for me to stay here and listen to the brave such as you Wes and Tom, who venture out into the wilderness and come home to tell tales for my ears to enjoy. And again, for that I thank you Wes for you so rock the BF world!!

  12. Jim W

    Hey Wes, like the two hour show, I hope you have more like it. I enjoy the longer broadcasts especially when puttering in the garage. I was wondering if you get any amount of reports from Alberta or British Columbia here in Canada? Thanks again for the work. Merry Christmas.

  13. Katie S

    Would love it if the videos had subtitles, I often have trouble understanding what the guests are saying ( esp from Louisiana and Texas). I’m Australian and the accent is so strong. Been listening to the show for a year now, every night when going to bed. Love it.

  14. maryann s

    Catching up on my episodes. Really enjoyed this. Brandon taking his daughter hunting was so great to hear. This girls daddy never would despite how much of a tomboy I tried to be. Tom is great at telling stories. Wes, great job with this episode. Thanks.

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