Nov 21

SC EP:276 First Nations encounters with Sasquatch Part Three

Tom returns tonight to wrap up of my interview on the First Nations encounters with Sasquatch. Please visit

Tom and I will be discussing the Bukwas or the little people. I hope every enjoys this final holiday series of the First Nations encounters with Sasquatch.

Thomas Sewid was born on a small island off northeast Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada called Alert Bay. This is the modern epicenter for the northern Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl) First Nations Tribes, otherwise known as Canadian Indians. Raised with the rich culture and heritage of this coastal First Nations Tribe, he was brought up hearing the stories of the animal kingdom and seeing the great ceremony known as Potlatch. At Potlatch he has witnessed the ancient dances with carved masks and beautiful traditional regalia hosted in the great buildings known as Bighouse’s.

Raised to be a commercial seine fisherman from an early age he would work his way up the ranks to be a captain of salmon seine boats during the 1990s. Thomas has also participated in numerous other commercial fisheries throughout the entire British Columbia coast. During this time, he would meet other First Nations from throughout the coast and hear their stories pertaining to the Sasquatch/Bigfoot.





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59 Responses to “SC EP:276 First Nations encounters with Sasquatch Part Three”

  1. Andrew B

    I am hoping that someone comes forward with an account of a “Siege of Honobie” of little people; a full on attack of a farm by these critters that can only be stopped by a well-armed family of preppers.

  2. Anita S

    My late brother saw the little people going down our creek in a tiny wooden raft: one was sitting in the front smoking a cigarette & the other was in the back poling the raft along. our little people are more like leprechauns they can be helpful we even have recent history of them helping a lost blind guy to safety. They are thieves & are mischievous, to keep them happy we leave them gifts

  3. ian s

    Thanks Wes, three great shows, and thanks Tom, your truly a natural fun and interesting story teller. I hope you get to right your book my friend, and I am reserving my copy now!

  4. Paul M

    Outstanding guest Tom s. He s a good dude. With his priorities set in good way. Hard worker. Family man. Likes dogs. I’m want to meet him.

  5. Becky F

    I absolutely love Tom’s straightforwardness and literal common sense Custer did not sit in on the Sioux war council and he would not listen to them. You know what happened to Custer.

  6. Gabriel H

    Wes this stuff is SUCH a treat. Thank-you SO MUCH.

    I’m a BC’er as well and am familiar with allllllllll these places

    Tom: Dude… next time I’m north island I’m track’n you down. When I undertake this endeavour I’ll give you a day’s notice so you can make it a challenge and start monitoring where you’re lay’n tracks. Make if tough. I’m pretty good.

    ~Regards~Gabriel~BC mainland

  7. Bryan H

    Thanks Wes for putting in the extra effort this week on all the shows. Those of us who love your show, appreciate what you do for all of us

  8. Kathryn C

    Wow! Best three days ever listening to the show. I will have to listen to the shows over and over again to try to retain just a tenth of what Tom taught us about his customs and their way of life. Thank you Tom and Wes for brightening up this listeners life.

  9. Melanie W

    Terrific series of episodes, Wes! Thanks to you and to Tom. Wonderful stories… geese, I would give anything to join Tom to look for Squatch. Hmmm… I wonder if he barters art for a trip.

    I did have to laugh when Tom… after ranting about manning up and not run from a charging grizzly… exclaimed “I hate snakes!” Oh yeah, those deadly garter snakes! Waaay worse than a charging grizzly or squash has. Lmao!!

  10. Michael R

    Just signed up tonight – been a listener for over a year now and wanted to officially support you. The last 3 episodes have been fantastic (not that the others aren’t!). As someone else has said, I could listen to Tom all night!

  11. Robert M

    Thank you Tom for fours hours of great stories and insight. Hope you come back soon.


    Tom was awesome gotta get him back before the new year.

  12. Nathan E

    Thanks for another episode featuring this guy, Wes. All the lore and the sightings were excellent. Plus it was interesting to get the “Littlefoot” stuff that is concurrent with the Sasquatch terrirory!

  13. Trent M

    Wes those are 3 of the best informative and entertaining shows I’ve heard. Thanks so much to Tom you are great storyteller and teacher. I can’t wait till you come back and do more shows!

  14. William C

    Thank you Wes for the 3 episodes, it really made my day listening to Tom. You MUST have him on again. It was just like listening to Bob Garrett tell stories. Once again Wes you have exceeded the bar.

  15. m99

    This was the best out of the three. I was so excited when Wes had Tom on and planned to send it to my kids, but because of the language, I didn’t (my granddaughter is twelve and I wish she and my daughter were more aware of what’s in the woods). I was once a foul mouth person myself who had to learn to speak w/o profanity. Just being real. I appreciated Tom’s mindfulness when he seemed to tone down the language. Like someone else said the show/SC, is geared for the whole family. And I’m not “on my high horse type” Christian. I’m simply a Christian who lives in a broken world. It’s not with contempt I mentioned the language. I think the man was just being himself and speaking with ease when he was telling Wes his experiences and insights. Which of course is a huge compliment to Wes. Thanks for having him on, Wes. Thanks Tom for toning it down. As a believer in Christ Jesus, it’s important to say, we don’t give up on anyone.

    • James E

      I agree… I loved his stories, but foul mouthed. Having to hear the words “stupid white people” and language like that hurts his credibility. He’s of the “Hypocrita’Qua” Tribe.

  16. Michele C

    Fantastic three shows! Thank you, Wes, for your hard work and thank you, Tom for your fascinating stories; I loved listening to them! I also appreciated Tom toning down the language in this last episode ?

  17. Jeffrey H

    Thanks Tom for sharing your wonderful stories!! I’m a big fan of Native American stories. They go so far back with through oral history. I love listening to them as well as your stories. Tom, you do an excellent job of not only telling your stories but representing your heritage!! Thanks so much. Wes, we have to add Tom to the SC family, linked Bob G. And Duke. Excellent series. Thanks.

  18. Raye B

    We thoroughly enjoyed these three episodes. I could listen to his stories for days. So much knowledge and wisdom and I felt like I was right there on those islands. Thanks so much Wes and Tom.

  19. Jesse C

    Awesome show. The last three shows are definitely ones to download and keep… Thank you, listening to your podcast/show does make everyday life good. ☺

  20. maryann s

    Really enjoyed listening to all 3 episodes….thank you Tom for your wonderful storytelling gift and keeping it real. Great show Wes.thank you!

  21. Andrew O

    Thank you Tom and Wes for a brilliant series of shows.

    If I can any sceptics to listen to anyone, it would be these three episodes, as they were extremely fascinating.

  22. Chris I

    This was interesting hearing the different names of the little people. I read an account of the life of Sacajawea and am now re-reading it because it’s so good. Her people, the Agaiduka Shoshone, believed in little people called lninambea which were man eaters.

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