Nov 10

SC EP:271 Monsters Among Us

This is a continuation of last night’s show. Linda Godfrey who has been investigating Dogmen sightings for many years stops by the show to talk about her new book “Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena.” The book can be found at Amazon as well as your local book store.

I will be talking to Linda about what her thoughts are on Dogman and their behavior, Linda will also be sharing some encounters with Dogmen that she has investigated. Check out



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64 Responses to “SC EP:271 Monsters Among Us”

  1. pam purple rose

    Can’t wait, I really have been waiting for Linda Godfrey’s interview, and hope she can help those of us that have experienced this thing understand a bit more, just what thisis!

  2. Jay Carlsen
    The Legend of these Creatures survives in Northern Michigan ! ( I just happen to Live in Wexford County ! Even within 2 Miles of the Manistee River ! )
    I Had known a few People to have Claimed to have Encounters with these Things . ( But it was always well into the Night , Standing around a Bon Fire somewhere ………………………… )

  3. pam purple rose

    Excellent interview guys. I definitely concur that they (dogman) are demonic, abominations.
    Sasquatch? Not so much.
    This is why I have no intetest in looking for any dog-things.
    As for the phenomen ramping up, I do believe they are. Perhaps a sign of things to come?

  4. Frankie P

    Two in a row that are incredible shows! How are you going to keep this up Wes? Don’t burn out on us, but Woo hoo! Really enjoyed these last 2 episodes – you rock and thank you Duke! (Really great way to get back to sanity after the elections – right?)

  5. Kathryn C

    I sure liked the show tonight. Thank you. Also wanted to mention that Linda was so interesting to listen to. She is obviously a very intelligent and well read woman. I am going to purchase one of her books based on listening to this interview.

  6. Michael K

    Set(Seth) is portrayed as aardvark, a donkey, jackal or fox. Anubis is his son the Golden Jackal. If you are going to imply he was a Dogman, What of the Pantheon of other god? This one was the only real one? Egyptians prayed to all animals in spirit (god) forms. No stories of Hippoman, Crocman, Craneman Lionman Lizardman Hawkman Frogman Catman; starting to sound like a comic convention. This is a classic case of cherry picking things from the past as “evidence”, when context show the silliness of modern mythologies.
    Hope you Yanks survive TRUMPFEST.

  7. Janetta V

    Thanks so much Linda, Duke, and Wes. So interesting. You are all amazing and much appreciated. Some really strange things going on out there, especially the flannel shirt stuff.

  8. Seamus J. C

    Crazy cakes. Here’s what I want to know–do dogmen have buttocks? You know how dogs and other four-leggeds have no buttocks–I mean, they have a gluteus maximus muscle, but they are flat and not rounded like ours. Of course, there are some people who have buttocks that are quite flat…But chimps and gorillas don’t have rounded buttocks, either, they are rather flat and I guess that’s because they are technically four-legged creatures.

    From what I understand, we have rounded buttocks–most of us–because we walk upright. Most people say that sasquatch have some impressive buttocks, they walk upright, mostly. So…dogmen. Even if they’re from another dimension, or from hell, or the spirit world, or whatever–they have legs, they have heads and mouths and all. Presumably they have bungholes and crap like other creatures. DO THEY HAVE BUTTOCKS?

    It’s interesting that the Greeks refer to them as gods, and the Christians nowadays as demons. Well, Greeks didn’t believe in demons; bad stuff happened at the whim of the gods.

    • Michael K

      Greeks invented the word for Demon (A supernatural being). FFS. You cant just say things like they are facts. AAAARRRRRG
      FACTS people FACTS. Truth is an opinion of a bunch of FACTS, a conclusion drawn. But, FACTS are immutable.

  9. Nick H

    Hey Wes!! What an awesome pair of back to back shows… Having Woody and Duke with you… the new Three Amigo’s.
    From the beginning of SC I have always enjoyed your open mic shows. I hope that you do this more as the norm.
    This episode does a very good job at tying together so much that’s mysterious about so many interesting and scary topics that so many BF and dog man encounters seem to share. Seems reasonable for anyone who believes in any form of good and evil that the increase in sightings and strange camera fails would indicate something nasty is in our future. The governments knows this, hence the coverups!
    Just my two cents….

    Keep up the great work guys!!

  10. Avis B

    Hello Wes, Woody and Duke..
    You are asking what is going on with the ramp-up?… Just my 2 cents.. This is just one of many I could write about here… but this is one of late.. Katrina and all that Dark Waters talked about that happen during the flood and after.. It seems these types of things gather right before a big catastrophe.. Same thing happened with the fukushima catastrophe… Love this show.. I wish you would do more than one a month.. twice a month would be better.. please.. Woody would you please tell us your Story? I would really like to hear it.. I have had some run-ins with these things as well.. More information on this stuff helps me understand more of what happen to me and help as well
    Thank you all, for what you bring to the table..

  11. Scott A

    Great episode!
    Do you think Linda would mind if I used:
    “It had a voice like Bowzer
    only bigger and louder”
    as a song lyric?

  12. Rick A

    New Member here ( Hello everyone) The 2 in the big thicket with Dog heads , human bodies and their own language ( 25 min mark) sounds like a Cynocephali…..just an opinion

  13. Paul V

    Great show. I was pleasantly surprised that Linda Godfrey was doing an episode. Perhaps Stan Gordon, from my hometown of Greenburg Pennsylvania can get interviewed about all the encounters he has documented. (2nd plug)

  14. Robert V


    I want to confirm a couple things. I grew up in Wisconsin in a large suburb of Milwaukee named Menomonee Falls. It is on the border of Waukesha and Milwuakee County. I remember the reports of the “werewolf” of the Brear (spelled wrong) Road. The Kettle Morain State forest is north of Waukesha county. I have hiked there. There is a large pine forest located there. Things could very well hide there. Most campers and hikers stay on designated trails. I hiked there on non busy times and you feel very isolated; even on the trails.

    Wisconsin is a fairly large state. It’s much larger than many of the Eastern States but not as large as large as Texas or as open as Oregon. To give an idea of how large it is I’ll use Milwaukee as a point of refrence. Milwaukee is about an hour and a half north of Chicago. It takes about five to six hours to drive north west to reach Minneapolis MN; that’s if you make no stops. Green Bay Wisconsin is about two hours north of Milwaukee. It’s a six hour drive to reach Northern Michigan. It’s about six hours to reach Iowa from Milwaukee; this would be southwest. It’s about a Seven hour drive to Superior Wisconsin, which is the furthest upper west community of Wisconsin; it borders Duluth MN. This is about a three hour drive from Minneapolis. People could drive these routes faster or slower but it gives everyone the idea of how large the state is.

    The woman speaking is accurate when she says the state was covered by the glaciers. The state is littered with many of the formations from the glaciers. A note; an area not covered by the glacier is a place called Devils Lake. This is about forty minutes from Wisconsin Dells. It is a beautiful but busy state park. Anyway, the terrain of Wisconsin is very different from one point to another. As an example the eastern side where the state borders Lake Michigan is far different from the western side that borders the Missippi (sorry about spelling) river. What everyone should know is the state is covered with a variety of lakes and there is vast unpopulated areas. There is a very large deer population, elk in upper Wisconsin, and depending on whom you talk to there is cougar. There is large prairies. One in particular is the Horicon Marsh. The northern part of Wisconsin is filled with pine forest.

    My point in this is to say she is being accurate in what she says. There is plenty of space, food, and water for a Sasquatch or a dogman to roam and live. I strongly believe they do exist in Wisconsin. There is an interesting string of reported sightings in the fifties near Menomonee Falls, named Sussex Wisconsin of Sasquatch. In an area called Holly Hill there was a reported sighting of a guy collecting deer seeing one. I believe one was coming into my grandmothers yard. I never saw one but my son did.

    Good show and I hope this helps. I want to again encourage anyone from the States of WI, MN, IL, Michigan, and the providence of Ontario to tell of your experiences.


    • Jack33

      I grew up in Mukwonago and New Berlin Wisconsin.
      My family had a vacation cabin up in Crivitz Wisconsin.
      Im sure the forest up north around Crivitz was crawling with Sasquatch but I didnt know it back then. The forests in northern Wisconsin are vast, the wildlife is plentyful and people are sparce
      , its a Sasquatch paradise.
      I never saw one when I lived there but I oblivious and wasn’t looking either.

  15. Kelley F

    Yes, the sightings are ramping up. CERN has helped enabled it…read up…not my words…their claims. Also, Wes, if your guest acknowledges the existence of demons then their must be angels then their must be an existence of a creator then the biblical stories maybe true etc etc do you see where this is going? ( ;

  16. Keith M

    It’s always a pleasure to hear Linda Godfrey, whose kind and bright manner belies the depth of her experience and understanding of the topics of cryptids in America.

    I was very disappointed, though, by what felt like the return of an unhelpful tendency in the way Duke joined the show. Some may recall the way in which a former “cohost” tended to push in, talk in long monologues, tout his experience, and generally take over the dynamics of the show. Duke, for a while, did exactly this. His “40 years of experience” may serve a separate interview fine, and I’m sure he has a lot to share, but when someone of Linda Godfrey’s standing is on I’m interested in hearing her, not someone else who seems to be competing for recognition. His “questions” went on and on with encylopedic renditions of his knowledge of lore, and I put the 40-years piece in quotes because it seemed like his response to Linda’s saying she had been in the field for 25 years.

    PLEASE, Wes, you’re an excellent interviewer and have a fine sense of how much to share and how much to let your guests talk about. You never intrude. Others lack your perspective – and responsibility – and in this case I was ready to turn the whole thing off. NO MORE joint interviews, please. It starts sounding like a one-sided pissing match from a soap box, and the two worst times have just so happened to involved women guests and male “co-interviewers.” No more, please.

    • dan s

      Right on the money. Duke has to try and conquer his ego. I hope he does not come back on the show until he does. Read his post below if you need proof.

  17. Duke S

    Sorry you took issue with the questions I asked, but I wanted to ask her about the difference or similarity between Dogman and Gugwe, a creature she was apparently little aware of. The reason I rattled off that information was for HER benefit, so she would be very clear what I was talking about and not confuse it with other things. As far as “Interrupting” goes, I only had one segement where I talked with her, nothing before it and nothing after it, so I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. I know that Bigfoot do not use teepee structures for shelter, perhaps I should have just shut up and let someone who is a Dogman expert……NOT a Bigfoot expert….give you all wrong information? She was just guessing what they are for in any event, not stating what she considered to be “fact”. You seem to be the only person who considered our conversation a “pissing match”, Linda thanked us for having good questions for her, clearly she didn’t see it that way. And yes, I have been studying this Bigfoot phenomena for 20 years longer than she has known about Dogman’s existence. I was of the opinion that Linda, who is well known, probably did not know who I was or my background, so she needed to know I was not some Johnny-come-lately before I launched into a discussion on the differences between Bigfoot/Dogman behavior and the difference between Dogman and Gugwe.

  18. Rich A

    Woody definitely brings balance to your edgy personality I must say. A quiet alpha I suppose. Good to see you dudes back in action together.

  19. dan s

    Duke talks too much. He wants to tell what he knows. What makes this show great is hearing first hand encounters. Libda is cool, but please dont deviate too much.

  20. Simon P

    Interesting discussion guys. I can’t get on board with the whole demonic possession thing. You are invoking one mystery to explain another mystery.

  21. James B

    Horrible show, wearing clothes? You gotta be kidding me! This woman needs to clean out her bong!! Wes please don’t go down this route, I bed you, next they will be driving around eating a Big Mac drinking a beer, this is nuts, couldn’t stand more than 20 min!!

  22. BrokenMind27

    Great interview, great guest, great show, great job.
    I also liked the open mic nite. You will just have to feel your way through like you did on SC. Should be easier with the experience from SC. Thanks again for what you do.

  23. Zeston G

    WES NOOOOOO WHAT HAPPEN!!!!! THIS IS THE KOST FLUTE PLAYING EPISODE EVER … there’s no way I can continue to recommend your show to people with a serious face with episodes like this I love all the other ones but this is just too unrealistic

  24. Jonny N

    This was in the time slot of the regular sasquach show. Something you promised us we would not have to suffer through. You said that this crazy flute player junk was an add on. You replaced a regular sasquach show with this junk. You are obviously not a man of your word and do not care about what we are paying for. This is bait and switch. You have betrayed your audience and the paying customers. Sad dude.

    • dan s

      That’s rough……..

      Don’t mess with your format Wes. People like your down to earth and real personilty along with hearing first hand encounters. Also, please be very careful with who you let on your show as a cohost. Alterior motives are usually at play…………

      I fear humans way more than bigfoot………..

      Squatch on!

  25. Tony s

    i don’t sleep in the flute camp by any means, but I would have thought Wes had punched you all in the face personally by the comment section. Harsh.

  26. Doug K

    Hey Wes……these last two episodes really blew me away. The information you related about the two brothers and how they got the sasquatch to stay away was absolutely mind blowing. !!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and all these wonderful programs that are so interesting and very riveting.!

  27. Monica S

    I just want to say how much I like your new intro! I really like the background music. That along with the new comments seem to draw the listener in since it isn’t so “sharp or harsh”. It seems to be more warm and inviting.

  28. Stacey S

    Wes, you should interview Vic Cundiff. I’ve been following the Dogmen phenomenon since around 1998, back when it was obscure. Vic seems to know more than even Linda and he’d be a good person to ask questions of.

  29. Tom L

    Stacey makes a great point here. Wes and Vic are my favorites. I wish one would interview the other or even better a Quid pro Quo. Wes could have Vic talk about Dog Man and Vic could have Wes talk about Bigfoot. Now that would be (2) two shows I couldn’t wait to listed to.

  30. Ainsley D

    Great interview. I purchased Linda’s book featured above and am proud to gave added it to my library. As always enjoyed Duke’s imput. So much info to absorb; instructive and adding to the store of knowledge. Thanks, guys.

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