Aug 28

SC EP:248 Be careful what you wish for…

A couple of college kids take off to the woods to look for Sasquatch. After several hours of having fun, making calls and hitting tree’s a visitor shows up. I speak with Justin and he was with the group the night of the encounter. Justin was not sure if he wanted to come on the air and talk about the encounter.

He says “I always believed this creature was out there but I never expected to see one, in fact the night we were “looking” for Bigfoot was more or less just a night hanging out with friends and having fun. A lot changed after that night.

Here is a portion of the encounter “I kept scanning and I didn’t see anything. I asked my buddy to hold my flashlight so I could hop back down from the rock safely.

I looked up one last time as I was getting down from the rock and that’s when I saw it. A flash, so fast I could barely catch all of it. Just a glimpse but it was enough to put my heart in my throat and all the air in my lungs to leave. It was walking (fast) from one tree the next one over. It was covered in hair, long arm swinging behind it. I could see the butt, thick back, long legs; I could actually make out what I thought was maybe skin underneath some of the hair.

There were parts that were hairier than others. especially it’s head and shoulders. I thought I may have seen an ear but it was too fast to tell (it was small on this things head. I never saw the face that was already behind the tree along with most of the body. Just the back, butt, leg, some of the torso, and arm is mainly what  At that point I was scared. I couldn’t really believe what I had just seen and it was still there…behind that tree we all had our lights on this tree. So what do we do?”



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31 Responses to “SC EP:248 Be careful what you wish for…”

    • Joyce N

      Easy now, Joe. If you actually look up the courses offered at Wilkes university , you’ll see that there ARE classes in anthropology and in the biology course, zoology is in with it. Kings college isn’t as descript as Wilkes university, but it offers biology as well. Wilkes Barre isn’t the only way into the Pocono mountains . I didn’t hear him mention which school he attended. I just heard him say he went seeking in the Pocono mountains. You may have never witnessed sasquatch there, it doesn’t mean they aren’t. They may only pass through or they’re very well hidden. That’s not the first time we’ve heard of a supposed area that had no sightings, then somebody has a sighting. Remember, well dealing with the hide n seek champions of the world. Or maybe you’ve ignored signs or aren’t very observant. Don’t be so quick to judge. I know a lot of educated young people who use the word “like” a bit much. It’s just how some talk, it bears no weight on their credibility. Nervousness is also a factor for repetitive word use. So be fair, it sounds like you’re carrying a grudge against school mates going to college and getting careers in education , those schools offer more than teaching degrees. Keep it in perspective. Don’t let personal grudges dictate truth. Things aren’t always what they seem. Maybe he saw it, maybe he got so into it he saw what he wanted. Regardless he believes he saw it and he has witnesses. So you may have your opinion, but be fair when stating it. Also, if Wes thought he wasn’t being truthful- he wouldn’t be on the show. Probably not a good idea to drag the host into your belief that he agrees with you. Wes made no such statement and didn’t act like he didn’t believe him.

  1. Jane M

    Different down loading. Thanks for show Wes! In try and download so my non believing boyfriend, who can’t get enuf of your shows, and I can listen over n over. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Ray R

    Thanks Wes, great encounter lol, bet they wont forget it.remember Wes the strecker’s back in the 70’s, this guy rode in the back of a pickup Truck stark ass naked from Grisdale logging camp where I was working clear to Hoquiam Wa, and he said something hairy and big jumped over the truck from one of the high banks coming out to hiway 101 from Donkey creek, he said he wouldn’t do that again, but he had to do it because it was on a dare and it it was in October lol, he said that thing was huge lol. but no one believed hin

  3. Mr. M

    Good call Wes none of this makes sense when it comes to these things. You’ve have had guest describe actions that are beyond any animal or human. I hope at some point The community can get together, and through the process of elimination determine what they are, what they are not. What they can and what they cannot do. Just so you can get some kind a grasp on these things.

  4. Jim C

    Interesting! I’m from that part of NE PA, hour from the Poconos, would go to Long Pond Pocono Raceway to watch NASCAR for years. Never deer hunted that area but it was always well known for excellent areas for deer hunting in the 70s/80s. If you travel route 84 to the NY border, you go through the general area of the N. Poconos, its beautiful terrain, but all woods, so many deer in that area. Routinely see road kill (deer) along that major route so plenty of forage for a major creature to survive on. It doesn’t surprise me, its what people would say “very squatchie” like area, remote, all woods, plenty of deer, very few people/towns along that highway, that area of the Poconos. Believe it or not, NW Jersey that borders the Delaware River separating PA/NJ is very wooded with similar terrain like across the river in NE corner of PA/NY border. People have observed the creature in NW Jersey but its possible in that area based on the terrain and forage.

  5. Donna A

    Thank you for sharing Justin. I am glad I am not the only one to have shined a light on one of these things, only to have the body “absorbed” by the darkness with only the eyeshine visible. Have never had that happen when shining a light on different animals.

    • Dorothy S

      What is wrong with his speech? I cannot hear anything wrong except that there is a little problem with his phone not coming through clearly. Are you jealous that he is educated?

  6. Misa H

    I’ve been binge listening for a few weeks and absolutely love love these encounters. The format is awesome. Wes, Woody and your guests are the best!!! But This is the first time I don’t believe the story. Something just not right.

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