May 8

SC EP:217 Monsters Underground


Bill Brock (the Team Leader of Monsters Underground on Destination America as well as the founder of Team Rogue) joins us this evening. Brock has made it his life mission to identify unknown creatures around the world. As a Crypto-Expeditionary he has been all over the world looking for creatures from Bigfoot to the giant bat known as the Olitiau. Now he bring his hunt to Maine with Team Rogue. Team Rogue has been responsible researching and publishing some of the best footage of a possible Bigfoot to be seen from Maine. Brock is also a accomplished author and speaker, co-writing a book focusing on the connection between the ancient mound builders and the paranormal. He has also given speeches to thousands of people on Bigfoot and the origins of the Sasquatch. He continues his journey researching Cryptids and the Paranormal in Maine and around the world.

Also, Melissa and Cari George stop by to talk about Melissa’s new book, “Sasquatch, The Native Truth.” “A Native American tells her horrifying story of growing up around the Kecleh-Kudleh. On a rural farm, in the mountains, she and her sister are constantly stalked by the Kecleh-Kudleh. For years they try to ignore the signs, until one day they can no longer ignore that the Kecleh-Kudleh are real. They have come face to face with an ancient legend.

Both guests will be sharing their own personal encounters and encounters by others that they have looked into.


Sasquatch The Native Truth

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60 Responses to “SC EP:217 Monsters Underground”

    • chris t

      What episode is it where the woman and baby and husband was stranded in a tent all night till morning, when she went to the river and did a woop call and knew she messed up ?

  1. Maynard w

    My dad was a truckdriver. He said he drove over the point pleasant/gallipolis bridge 5 days before it collapsed and it was swaying alot. He said bridges have to have give but not that much. He’s no longer around to question but thats what he said. Thank you Bill and Wes.

  2. Debborah Y

    I read Sasquatch the Native Truth today. It is definitely worth reading. I am glad they didn’t say too much about what happens in the book because it is best experienced through reading the account. After people have read it then it would be great to hear what people thought of the story.

    • Gabriel H

      Loved this episode. I’m all over this book and am looking forward to an upcoming thread on the topic.

      Bill, thank-you. Melissa, Cari, wow. Thank-you

  3. Jan W

    Great show. Thanks to all the guests. I really enjoy any cryptid and paranormal stories, so this show was a bit different and fun. Have always been fascinated with the Mothman, so that was a plus! The cemetary story was really strange too. Thanks!

    • Jay Carlsen

      Well ? You would Think to Assume That ? Why did these Feral People withdraw from Human contact ? You would Assume ? If they brought the 7 Sciences to Man ? Taught the Constellations in the Sky ? Of Weapon Making & Warfare ? Enchantments & Herb Lore ?
      I don’t Know ?
      And I DO Think they are a People , Primitive , but well Adapted to their Environment. Even SO Well Adapted , That it would Bounce our Sorry , Naked , Asses right off the Top of the Meat Pile. We Would no Longer be the Top Rung on this Imaginary Ladder.
      But as far as Bringing Man Knowledge ? I am not so Sure ? They are Large , Stronger , & Hairy. But I always thought the Old Gods fit that Bill. As These Mighty Men of Old , Men of Renown. Odin – Thor – Loki – & the Norse cannon. or Zeus & the Greek Pantheon & so on .
      Who is to Say ? You could be Right ?

      • Daniel S

        their is a theory that homo sapiens lived in larger groups some numbering over 100, whilst Neanderthals lived in smaller groups not much larger than 15, so in accord with this particular theory it was shear numbers that gave homo sapiens the upper hand. don’t know if that might be some helpful to the first part of what you wrote?
        There is also the alien hybrid theory which with out going into depth, the alien’s rocked up to mine earth for stuff created us along with the other more elusive walking primates as slaves [manpower] to mine the stuff [gold] then f*#ked off when they had what they wanted.
        not assuming you don’t know all this just food 4 thought if you didn’t anyway Piece*

  4. Martin Z

    Hey Bill did yiu have a show on Destination America a couple of years ago where you and your team llook for cryptids in caves?? If so I’ve seen them all. Great shows, thwy kept me glued to my seat. I truly believe that there are so many cryptid creatures we’ve never seen nor heard of, some being ridiculous in looks but nevertheless true. I hope if you find something, you’ll share it with the world, not like some people who want to keep it to themselves for whatever reason. Hope to see you on tv soon.

  5. David D

    Hey Wes, good show, but I got to tell ya, from a Biblical Creationist view, which I have, Your first guest is someone who needs to get out of the Government published textbooks, and get into some real reading and far better research. Look up some of Rob Skibas’ stuff, or Tom Horn, Steve Quale; there’s a lot of very good stuff to read and watch. Oh yea, Neanderthals, were just a whole lot of really old people, who lived about three hundred or so years. They were some of the ancestors, who lived not too long after the flood, and did their best to survive in a very hostile world. As people get older, really old, their facial bones change, plus those people were suffering from rickets and different type of arthritis due to diet. No, they were not apes going up, they were very intelligent man, going down; dying as their ages decreased. Ladies’, please, please, please; don’t mess around with that stuff. Even the devil can appear as an angel of light.

  6. DonRay

    Wes,,, if you research encounters in the NorthEast……. Northern Maine…large, aggressive and mostly black with canines.. Mid Maine, or Mid New England,, You have the Patty type.. Southern New England, or Eastern Mass.. You have the encounters that say human type face…… I have the same beliefs as Bill… Neanderthal…..

  7. Letty

    Great show! I ordered the book and can’t wait to read it. I have a feeling of what might have happened to the girl that was singled out. I believe wonen should not looking for it unless accompanied by a group of males and big guns. Would love to be part of the book discussion as a member mentioned. I am glad you asked the paranormal questions because I am curious about it too.

  8. Jay h

    the ONE HUGE problem I have with you wes, is at one moment you are a Christian..and the next moment your comprimising the only absolute truth ,which is the word of God , ..For you continue telling everyone that these creatures could be anything, and I understand why you go about it that way, cause everyone has an opinion… but in all seriousness as a man of God, I know for a fact that the bible is as real and as true as the blood of Jesus Christ..therefore opinions aren’t needed as to these creatures origins…..I know your trying to make everyone happy on your podcast wes and keep an open mind. , but an open mind on a topic that , literally God has spelled out about this creature.. is absolutely insane …EXAMPLE: consider that you were an apostle walking with Jesus Christ, and your open minded question leads you to ask Jesus of whatever it’s nature is.. and Jesus tells you the answer, but unfortunately the man saw how simple Jesus answered his wonders..and it wasn’t as amazing as it seemed before to the man, and because of that , the man made a enormous mistake ,when he walked away , he became arrogant and proclaimed that there had to be more to the subject of what Jesus told him of.. ..THE LESSON OF MY MADE UP STORY ..
    1) stop looking for answers, that God has literally answered and made obvious
    2) there’s no need to give attention to ideas and wonders that exclude what the word OF God proclaims, ..for that man who excludes God (Jesus Christ) ..will never find truth….
    3) A true believer in Jesus Christ, never compromises his faith , period
    . for no reason… he stands tall and is as bold as a lion.. ..he understands / I understand… I AM THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD THRU MY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST… .. but anyways God bless you brothers/ sister’s…… and a little food for thought, ..the name Jesus Christ is above all living beings in the universe..( so a man’s confidence and boldness while he disregards all worries, doubts, troubles, and fears.. is a man who’s on a guided path to move mountains…AMEN

  9. Jay h

    the only people who even use the word evolution, are those who know not of the God of wisdom..(Jesus Christ) .. ..only the men and women who now not of Jesus , , give this radical false theory even a second thought… and so in conclusion – believers in Jesus Christ know without a doubt that the false theory of evolution contradicts the only absolute truth ( the living word of almighty God/ bible ) .. until people realize that the word of god has to be the foundation of your beliefs.. only then will God bless them with insight assuring there going the right way…Example : a man’s heart, no matter if he’s evil living in denial, still knows whats right and wrong.. because after Jesus’s resurrection..the holy spirit instilled those morals in everyman heart.. ….STILL THE HIGHEST CATEGORIES THAT THE ELITE HATE EXPLAINING, FOR GOD CANNOT BE THROWN UNDER THE RUG DURING THERE EXPLANATIONS..our spirit , soul, morals, love, discernment of good and evil, a man’s heart that automatically knows what’s right and wrong, without the world ever telling him…

    • Dave S

      @ Jay H, in my own humble opinion. I think you speak a lot of biblical Mumbo Jumbo, that confuses the vast majority. Keep the Jesus bologna to the ones you can confuse. Stick to science for you explanations and realize that Jesus was just a meandering magician. Science will steer you to the truth. How did we ever survive w/o Jesus in 15,000 bc ?

      • Jay Carlsen

        Survive without Jesus in 15,000 bc ? Wasn’t HE Still Here ? He Didn’t Leave until just 2000 years ago. Mumbo Jumbo ? You must be Speaking out of your Ass ? The Book has Never been Proven Wrong. In my own opinion , You are SO Mistaken.
        Science doesn’t WORK ANYMORE . There is No Scientific Method used Concerning these Creatures . The Government shuts it Down & Suppresses ANY Information About It ? Where it the Scientific Method there ? And Anymore all that Means is Justification for Tuition ……
        Sorry – He was not a Meandering Magician. You will See For Your self. First Hand – He is Coming Back.

        • Jacqueline O

          You do realize that you are the perfect candidate for psychological manipulation and control??
          It’s too funny! Like watching a diligent member of the ant colony unaware that his efforts are contributing to the well-oiled machine that controls the group…

  10. Gale R

    Wes Please bring the old music back! Nothing against this but the other is classic for me. Maybe use this music for another prog. Thanks a lot.

  11. Diana A

    I m getting tired of hearing you all misrepresent native people. I know the quests are trying to be nice but its being disrespectful. to clear it up, an OFFERING is a gesture to nature. Something you westerners dont get is if you take something you need to ask permission and/or replace. If you things are taken from your garden, you must realize there is something hungry out there. In order to make a garden–you are taking away the space for your garden from the forest animals. You need to offer-as a gesture-to the forest. If deer take it, if squirrels, birds or even bigfoot take it-we dont know…its an offering.
    Your calling this habituation…what about hunters putting out food to attract deer?

  12. Dave S

    Couple of comments on the show. I like how Wes doubled back and asked about his first encounter, and questioned the bear standing and running in deep sand and water….. Bill Brock needed to let common sense take over and realize only a trained bear stands on 2 feet momentarily. That was NO bear. Also I respect Bills honesty saying he produced a cryptic in caves program but never came up w any real evidence. Sounds like a lot of shows. Lol but must have been fun traveling all over the world cave exploring. I wish I had a trust fund, I think I could produce some kind of evidence, until they snuffed me out of existence.

  13. Leah G

    Another great show; thank you!

    Wes, Regardless of any changes or zero changes in SQ format and subject matter, I am and always will be a loyal fan of the show. I don’t know you personally, but I hope it’s ok to give my 2cents’ worth…

    Please don’t be pigeon-holed by the SQ title or some members who would rather you not “color outside the lines,” regarding subject matter. No apologies required when you want to broach a topic that is not Sasquatch-related. Just as in this show, I’ve heard you state more than once that you’re interested in other mysteries that were outside the scope of Sasquatch. Should you want to include and explore additional topics, please do so! Who cares if you lose some members? The world is replete with future members of your show. If you, me, and others are drawn to many topics surrounding Sasquatch, it’s natural to be interested in other cryptids, and mysteries on and beyond our planet.

    If you’re boxed-in by the SQ title, then e x p a n d it, which would formally open up the subject matter at-large. You wouldn’t be the first business owner to change their business name. If you don’t care to change the title and want to explore additional topics, please do so without apologies to membership. Take your big toe out of the deep-end of the pool and dive in. There’s no failure in change, only opportunity. There’s no shame in evolving; only in standing still.

    Many thanks if you even get this late message so far down the line!

  14. chris t

    I cannot find that episode where the woman and her baby and husband went camping and went down to the river at dusk and did a woop call and knew she shouldn’t have done that and that night they was stranded in the tent and she was scared her baby was going to wake up and cry, so can anyone help me find which episode that is ?

  15. Bruce D

    Mark Zaskey has got the right idea..He puts his and Melanies info on and disables comments. If you are really interested about the subject,,go out in the field and look for it and forget the will not need them..

  16. Amanda B

    I am missing the encounter stories episodes, major disappointment when it’s not one. I skipped this episode actually, same with 219. Book authors and their theories just doesn’t cut it for me – sorry but I just can’t listen to an entire episode where it’s just someone giving their opinion or theories on it. Had enough of the anecdotes and ‘opinions given as facts’ when Will was on the show. I would listen to the multiple other podcasts that do the expert/book author interviews if that’s what I was interested in. All the other BF podcasts just interview book authors and experts, so hard to find decent BF encounter stories.

  17. Chris I

    I just read this book. It was fascinating and scary! I loved it! Thanks for having these guests on Wes. You have a talent! Keep up the great work!!!!

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