Nov 22

SC EP:167 That is when the rock throwing started


I will be speaking to Jeb who says “I took my 4-wheeler out to check out on my tree stand as I approached the tree stand I noticed it had been ripped off of the tree and looked like it had been run over by a truck. There was so much damage, I just could not figure out why someone would do that. I heard some strange vocalizations and decided to head back to my 4-wheeler, when I got to the 4-wheeler it had been flipped over.I just left the 4-wheeler moments prior.

I was able to flip my 4-wheeler back up and that is when the rock throwing started. I raced out of there. I told my father what happened and he told me that he had been chased out of that area by something big, black and on two legs.

Years later I had a visual sighting and I was not the only person who saw it. It looked like a large gorilla on the hill. He just stood there and watched us, finally it turned and walked over the hill… was weird”

Luke also joins the show and shares a very strange late night encounter. I had Luke’s father on a few weeks ago and he shared what was going on around his property.

I will be speaking to Trevor who is from Washington State. Trevor was out for a hike and came across some very large tracks walking across the road.


The tracks are some of the best prints I have seen.



Here are Trevor’s pictures:




footprint web







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40 Responses to “SC EP:167 That is when the rock throwing started”

  1. Frankie P

    Really good pictures from the first encounter, and interesting story too! The second one is just scary! Can’t help but think he had seen/heard something when he was real little to be scared of the children’s bigfoot movie, but it could have been another monkey show or something too. Small kids have different fears than we do. Just a two really great stories! Never know, I may see one yet! Weird that Environmental would get involved don’t you think? That’s a LOT of gov’t groups working together…

  2. Eric

    I drive by L’Anse often, around where Jeb says his rig was rocked. Pretty sure I know which gas station he was at. Hearing his story blew my mind, if people are encountering them around here they tend to keep pretty quiet about it in my opinion. Great show Wes! Thanks Jeb, Luke, and Trevor for sharing!

    • theodore M

      Ive looked into dr. Sheldrakes work . He has 3 videos on youtube. He has some interesting findings on extra sensory communication between animals and humans which is demonstrated very clearly in a short video done by an austrian television station. Irrrefutable. He also talks about how people and no doubt sasquatch have the ability to feel being looked at, even mentions how the fbi instructs security people to stare at people on cctv monitors if you want that person to stop doing what there doing. Ive alwayse wondered why so many encounters talk about how a squatch will look directly at a concealed person who is staring at them. Ive seen this hapoen many times when I hunt moose. Moose will feel me staring at him and know just where to look and that I am a threat and run off. The older ones have more experience with this feeling than the young ones ,who expise themselves anyway. Check out his videos. Oh yeah, and the editor of Science or Nature peer review magazine was so threatened by his theory that he said sheldrakes book should be burned. Imagine that.

  3. Kim L

    Couldn’t ask for a better show than that, thank you Wes!
    And thank you guests!
    I’ve got everyone programed into my scanner also, great listening fun. Now, if I hear “black cow or dog”, I know to head the other way.

  4. June P

    Awesome pictures and encounters!
    WES- a few years back I was talking to a psychologist friend about stuff I had seen On the job as a police officer and that whole ‘sixth sense’ feeling along with the feeling of being watched as it pertains to police work. He said “When you feel like you are being watched, I’m sure you will find you are or were being watched.” He went on to explain the actual energy that we emit when we look at something. He said it is not paranormoral or a special ability. He said there is a genuine field of energy associated with it. He said if you have ever watched animals from behind a curtain or place of concealment, you may have noticed them get a little spooked and look all around and maybe run away. He was telling me that rabbits are the perfect animal to try this on, as they sit in one spot eating for a while, typically. I already had experience that, but I gave it a go on the bunnies in my back yard. Every time I stared at them, hidden behind the curtains, they acted spooked and ran off.
    He says it’s a sense we still have from our predator/ prey days. Like he says, we still are animals- just because we have evolved, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten.

  5. Pat T

    Thanks Wes again for providing us with these shows. Like those who posted before me a quick shout out to your guests; thanks guys cause without you we have no show.

  6. James D

    Luke said something that I immediately picked up on. He said that right before he saw the tracks, that he was thinking about Bigfoot. When I had my UFO encounter in November 19997 I was looking up at the Hale-Bop Comet and thinking about the cult in San Diego I think that killed themselves with purple Nikes on. Their leader led them to believe that there was a gigantic Mothership trailing that comet and that by committing suicide that they would all be virtually hitchhikers to that craft. Now after I was thinking these thoughts I kind of turned my shaking head away, and said to myself “I would like to believe in UFOs but I would have to SEE one first” and a moment later a large Chevron shaped craft with 7 lights slowly soared and silently over my house, and I had in my head the picture of two small aliens looking at each other and communicating without words “we showed him showed him didn’t we”? What was really strange was I had thought about UFOs a second before I started seeing the lights….here’s the song I wrote about that encounter. It’s called A Close Encounter-I hope you like it

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