Jul 18

SC EP:127 The road crossing

The podcast will be in the members section shortly.

I moved around the show for tonight due to scheduling. Tonight I speak to Mike Hall, Mike has been researching the Sasquatch for the last 15 years. He has had two visual encounters and has captured many audio recordings of the creatures. Tonight Mike will share with us his encounters and other witness encounters he has investigated including a family that had one of the creatures at the window. A mother and her children had one at the window, the mother was terrified and put a blanket over the window. The creature became irritated and started banging on the house, then went to the back door and tried to get into the house. Mike will also be sharing with us his sounds.

To hear more audio recordings from Texla Research please visit www.texlaresearch.com

Tomorrow nights show might be delayed. I will be at the HopSquatch Bigfoot Town Hall meeting tomorrow. If you are in the Portland area come by and say hi. Check the blog for the location and time.

If you have had an encounter, email me wes@sasquatchchronicles.com

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