Jun 24

SC EP:117 Christmas tree farm sighting

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Tonight I will be speaking to researcher, Tim Sermons from Texas who will be giving us an update on a recent encounter they experienced while out setting up audio recorders in the woods. Tim also will be sharing some audio that he has captured. Tim has setup a website to share the audio they capture, you can find that here.

I will speaking to a witness that had an encounter with a Sasquatch while stacking wood on a Christmas tree farm in Silverton Oregon.The tree the creature was walking next to was eight feet tall and the creatures head was at least a foot above the tree.

Years later he was working in a rural area in Greenwater, WA. While working on this property, he heard what sounded like a gorilla vocalizing at him on a ridge-line.
Show notes for Sunday:
My guest for Sunday is from Washington State who has been having a lot of strange things going on around his property, he never once thought Sasquatch until he stumbled across it by accident. He was within several feet of the creature and he describes it as a gray color and very large. The face has been imprinted in his brain. He talks about the strange things going on around his property and a discussion he had with one of his neighbors. It is interesting to note that the previous renter like to shoot at anything that moved in the woods. The landlord and the neighbor said that the previous renter like to take pop shots into the woods from his back deck until one day he just left in a panic. The landlord had to fix up the property because there was damage inside and out of the home. Inside of the home looked like someone very tall smashed his fist into the ceiling. Look for that this Sunday.

11 Responses to “SC EP:117 Christmas tree farm sighting”

  1. John s

    Do they need any truck drivers over there only thing creeping around at night in England is the foxes and the rain clouds you guys are so lucky!!!

  2. Jan W

    I just listened to some of the sounds without headphones and my dogs went NUTS! Their ears went up, they ran to the door and windows, and started barking incessantly! They did not like it at all, so I put on the headphones. Some great audio. Thanks!

  3. Erik N

    I listened to a few recordings of chatter and it sounds a lot like coyote pups or wild dogs or fox pups. I hope these were analyzed up against canine sounds. I’m not an expert on sasquatch sounds but have heard those sounds before from coyote pups and dog pups.

  4. Jesus R

    I lived in Silverton for about 2 years before I moved back to Washington. Heard a few odd stories from the people around there. Most people are very tight lipped but the BFRO and other sites have a sighting from in town. Up towards the falls people have them cross their property roads. So – just stay safe out there.

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