Jun 23

SC EP:117 Christmas tree farm sighting [Upcoming]

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 15:  A family wanders through the tree plantation as they look for their perfect Christmas tree at the Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm December 15, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia.The Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm has been producing and selling Christmas trees for over 45 years.  (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

On Wednesday night I will speaking to a witness that had an encounter with a Sasquatch while stacking wood on a Christmas tree farm in Silverton Oregon. Years later he had what sounded like gorilla vocalizing at him in Greenwater, WA.

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  1. Tyler D

    Wes’s interviewing skills far surpass most of every single host of any sasquatch based websites, podcasts n shows. N I have no doubt that it will be an amazing show. Wes never disappoints. Sasquatch Chronicles will be the foundational pillar of this topic becoming common household knowledge and no longer will people be ridiculed for having had seen one of these animals but instead receive support. Soon enough, just like when people once didn’t believe the whispers of the mountain gorilla existing in the early 1900’s but is now common knowledge. Decades and decades from now I believe it will be a similar situation with these elusive beasts

    • Gabriel H

      Couldn’t agree with you more Tyler. On all accounts. There are two kinds of people in life – those that give others the right of way, and those that take it. Wes is the former. And as such he exhibits genuine concern and earns genuine trust and respect. He is in the perfect position for when Sasquatch becomes a known. If all goes well, what we’re hearing now, many many people will be hearing soon enough. And I hope he receives his just-deserts. Lord knows he’s earned it.

  2. Sean C

    Sounds like an interesting show for sure! Thank you Wes, for your dedication to your fans, and all of your hard work that you put into this endeavor! Those things are what sets you above and beyond your would be competitors, who mostly seem to love the sound of their own voices.

    Many thanks bro!
    Chris Cagle

  3. MyKill L

    I don’t miss Will, with his constant interruptions and I know more then I really do mentality. However I do miss the hour and a half shows! Now I know this is hard enough for one man so by no means am I disappointed. You Are killing it Wes and I’m so happy with what my monthly dues pay for. That would be my only request if I was afforded one, longer shows. Either way thanks for all your hard work.

    Must say though… I miss the buns! Any true SC fan knows exactly what I’m saying.

  4. Seamus J. C

    All this time listening and reading this site and I’m not a true fan….”Buns”–does that refer to Miss Shannon, somehow? If so, I miss her, too, but I agree that Wes is a wonderful host as well.

  5. Steven B

    I took one look at that photo above and was totally shocked and appalled all at once…the damned dirty apes are stealing our clothes in a move to blend in with us while we are out picking out a nice tree for Christmas. What evil intent! However, the one at the front couldn’t hide his bulbous head… 😉

    Looking forward to the program, Wes. The accolades expressed here are well warranted. 🙂

    Steve, Samsquanch in the RGV, TX

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