Nov 12

SC EP:1006 Big Bay-Ty Reloaded

I am posting a reloaded episode due to illness. I am still fighting a fever and this cold. Forgive me, I will see everyone next week.

Scott shares an encounter he had with his cousin in Louisiana. Scott said I was 8 or 9 years old and I was fishing with my cousin who was 20 years old. I saw what I thought was a large human until I really got a look at it.

It was huge and I noticed it was covered in hair. It looked like a human in the face but I could not believe how big it was. My cousin saw it as the creature was leaving and told me that was Big Bay-Ty and not to tell anyone and if he ever wants to go fishing with him again to never bring it up.

We will also be speaking to Nick. Nick writes “One of my best friends and I went camping in December of 2005, in a vast wilderness area near Jack’s River Falls, in the Cohutta Wilderness area of northern Georgia.

I was leaving for boot camp in 2 weeks, and he was going a couple of months later. This was a trip just for us. It was a bro-trip where we could go deep into the woods and be away from everything before our lives drastically changed. We were camping along a river situated between two mountains, many miles from any town or other trails, at a time when there is the least amount of traffic, too.

It was around midnight when it happened. As we were talking next to the fire about what our futures looked like, we heard an incredible splash in the river around 30-40 feet from us. It sounded like an enormous animal jumped several feet off of the rocks into the water. And then we heard it walking/splashing the 20-30 feet across the river towards us. We both stood up as close to the fire as possible and stared into the black abyss. It was distinctly two legs moving through the water, just a splash-splash, as if an Olympic heavyweight wrestler was crossing the river.

And then it stopped right at the bank. I have never been so scared in my life. We were too scared to speak or even look at each other at that point… just staring into the abyss beyond the firelight. I honestly don’t know how much time elapsed. It felt like an hour, but in reality it was probably 10-15 minutes. Nothing happened! Total silence, only the crackling of wood on the fire… all the while, I kept expecting to see something or someone come running into the light, charging us like a berserker.

After what seemed like an eternity, we heard it start walking around us, the whole time remaining just beyond the blackness of our firelight. It felt like it was within 20 feet or so of us – just remaining out of site – intentionally. We heard an obvious left-right-left-right walking pattern. It sounded like a freaking dude walking in the woods.”







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77 Responses to “SC EP:1006 Big Bay-Ty Reloaded”

  1. theresa m

    Yes, feel better. Hubby and I came down this past week with a very weird strep. It does not present like regular strep cases we’ve seen in the past. I just went into a convenient md to check it out and woh! Anyway, rest up, Wes. Winter is coming and it is going to be a doozie!

  2. Blanche D

    Bummer being ill. Lots of it around my area too. Bed for you for some time, and the best thing for you. Try hot chocolate with a quarter teaspoon of turmeric (heat milk and turmeric together) and add manuka honey to taste. Hope you get well soon.

  3. Daniel M

    I hope you are on the mend Wes. I had never heard this episode. I’m from Mississippi and have known people that have see. Bigfoot. I’ve never heard the term Big Bay Ty before (I’m LA either). I did a quick search and saw it is associated with The Legend of Boggy Creek. I wonder if that’s the origin of it?

  4. Sarah G

    Feel better! I swear by these natural remedies including: activated charcoal to bind, colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide diluted and gargled in the throat, warm honey with fresh lemon water!

  5. Seamus J. C

    Vitamin D, Wes, 10,000 IU’s a day until you feel better, then take 5,000 IU’s the rest of the winter, daily. Take some zinc, too, selenium maybe. Eat a lot of rare steak.

    Feel better, we’re praying for you.

  6. Matt S

    Get well wes. can anyone tell me which episodes the two brothers are on? Wes talks about them from time to time. They are in the into.
    All my favorite episodes somehow got erased and i cant remember the

  7. Dovie D

    Yes get well soon Wes! Zinc, vitamin C and lots of water and rest.
    I appreciate your guests. Sharing is so important. I
    thought I would just put out there a few questions. Is the government covering up their ignorance of their knowledge of UFOs? Is the government covering up their knowledge of Bigfoot? It leaves you to wonder why they would cover up their knowledge? What would that mean to society?
    I say this because as a parent and grand parent would we allow our children or grand children or we ourselves go fishing, camping , anything else? Would we go more prepared? Would we go?

  8. Lorraine B

    Get well soon Wes. I can’t remember listening to this episode before and I enjoyed it.
    Maybe the members could compile a top 10 encounters to reboot for times when you are unwell or on holiday? Or the episodes that had the most comments?
    Love all your shows. Sending healing vibes from Scotland x

  9. Charles R

    Great experiences Nick. I guess Yogi Bear has nothing on a Sasquatch. Cool name Mountain Girl. The Sasquatch like Dog food.
    Wes, please take care and take all the time necessary to get well.

    Scott- what a fantastic experience you had. Not the first time I have heard them stealing fish. George Noory use to get a kick out of telling the Bigfoot fish story. Man is fishing and has six fish. Hears a noise and turns to see a huge Bigfoot very close. He notices the Bigfoot’s eyes going towards the fish and knows the Bigfoot wants them. He gives the Bigfoot all the fish. In turn the Bigfoot hands him one fish back, then turns and walks off.

  10. Jacqueline K

    Wes take care of yourself! Yea, kids always seem to get us sick! Get tested for RsV- you might qualify for the vaccine later down the road. My daughter just completed two rounds of antibiotics for a respiratory infection. Started with a bad sore throat . The Indian bark cough syrup fromsprouts was the only thing that eased her cough so she could sleep! We will
    All be here when you recover! Pat ( Jackie’s mom).

  11. Rosa G

    same happened where I live on the Etowah. long howl, bulldozer sound thru the wood and big splash in the water. I live in North Georgia and I know it was Sasquatch. Three years later I had my sighting.

  12. william Y

    Big Bay Ty love it . I am new listener,. Never had an encounter, I somehow listened to one episode on YouTube, and I have been hooked ever since . My wife told me to stop talking about it especially in public LOL. . It is so incredibly fascinating, thank you so much Wes, get well hope the boogers dry up

  13. Jon A

    6 days bro. Hope you are kicking it by now. Vitamin k and d3. Zinc too. Lots of liquids. It’s one thing to laugh at all these brain washed moron evolutionists, it’s another to know how bad it sucks to be down and out. I pray you are well soon.

  14. Annie M

    best guess is that bay ty is off of the French word for beast: bête. there was French settlers there. never worry about people getting impatient when you’re sick, please! just take care of yourself. the ones who mind don’t matter, and the ones who matter don’t mind.

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