Nov 4

SC EP 30: (646) 716-8791 Open Phone Lines

I have made it a personal rule to take as little calls as possible and try to provide the entertainment for listeners but so many people are calling in to try to ask questions I thought I would dedicate a show to answering questions and taking your calls. The call in number is (646) 716-8791. Get your questions and comments ready for Sunday at 5pm PST.



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21 Responses to “SC EP 30: (646) 716-8791 Open Phone Lines”

  1. Norman Racca

    LOL…..@ 52:00 – 54:00
    I bust out laughing when I heard this……
    Dude freaked that Bigfoot out for sure…….Jumping 3 feet in the air with your hands out, finger claws, and letting out a kamikaze scream!? LOL Who does this!?
    “Whatever it was slumbered off” …….I guess so, haha!
    That Bigfoot was thinking, “What the heck kind of move was that?” haha probably freaked the Bigfoot out!
    It wasn’t worth the fight!? 🙂 too funny!

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