Jan 8

Sawdustt BEAST: Interview With Janice Carter

The Sawdustt Beast group sit down with Janice Carter and she describes a property she grew up on and her interactions with Sasquatch.

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  1. Jon W

    I’m stunned to see this!
    I’ve wanted to hear Janice tell these stories for years but, thought she had gone into deep cover.
    Thanks for posting this!!

  2. Sabrah R

    Children need to be educated on this topic. Respecting the outdoors, nature is so important. Especially before children start hunting. So many are absolutely clueless that another tribe exists. Like Janice says, as soon as you go out your front door you are in their territory. They can be anywhere. I’d love to read her book, 50 years with Bigfoot. BTW, I’ve never believed they were an ape. They are something all together different. I would love to hear Wes interview her.
    I want to know their history, Spiritual beliefs, family structure and roles. My questions are endless

    • Charles R

      Sabrah R, the book has been out of print for a number of years, but sometimes shows up on ebay where I check on it from time to time. A few months ago one sold for $ 500.00, a sum few will pay. However you can get the whole book narrated and in print on the Bigfoot Casefiles. I think it was done in fall of 2018 over 14 roughly 1 hour periods. I do hope Janice is successful in bringing this book back into publication, and I will be one of the first to buy. I listened and read the book on Bigfoot Casefiles t last winter and was astonished at the relationship that went on, on the Carter farm in SE, Tennessee. For the most part the Bigfoot community 15 years and more ago, trashed Janice to no end at that time and beyond. Most never read the book, but dismissed the book and Janice out of hand, very similar to Dr. Ketchum. Janice was a very emotional person ( she seems to be past this in this interview ) and at the time of narrating her stories to author Mary Green, stated on and on she was so afraid that no one would believe her. And this was the case. Therefore to avoid the harassments, she more or less left the community.

      To me there really was not anything too fantastical in the book, just story after story of her love/hate relationship with the Bigfoot group on and around her Grandfather, Robert Carter Sr. property, that went on for 50 years, since 1947, and the knowledge she gained by her Grandfather, herself, and too a smaller degree her sister Lila and brother Robert Carter Jr who acknowledged the activity, but wanted nothing to do with the Bigfoot, he was just to scared of them. So much that she described, almost two decades ago has been witnesses by others now that come out on this forum and others, thanks to the proliferation of the internet and people coming out that are now not as afraid of ridicule and dogma. This is what made me believe what she wrote was true. I could always be wrong, I would suggest hear her out and you decide.

      If Janice Carter is willing to come back out now that the environment of Bigfoot has moved on from damn dirty ape to a much more evolved hominid specie closely related to us, that is very wary and yet curious of humans, then I sure hope that Wes reaches out to her to come on. I would first read the book as these guys at Sawdust Beast are assuming their listeners know all about Janice, but most in the community do not.

  3. Renee S

    I think it mainly angers the so called “experts” to have someone other than themselves w/so much knowledge that it makes them look like a joke. Some people’s egos just can’t handle the truth because they didn’t/haven’t delivered any new facts or information. Thx, Wes, for sharing this video. It would be amazing if you could get Janice on the show. Your time & effort you give to this program is greatly appreciated.

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