Nov 17

Saw a massive person running

A listener writes “I have had a few encounters with Bigfoot over the decades. Back in the early 80’s I spent the night at a friends trailer park in Puyallup Washington when we were violently awakened by something smashing the side of the double wide trailer we were sleeping in.

The sound was so loud we thought someone had crashed there car into the side of the trailer hitting it several times . As we jumped out of bed we heard more crashing sounds throughout the Trailer park as if someone was still crashing their car into several other trailers which made for a chaotic frightening feeling.

As we exited the trailer with flash lights in Hand we could still her the crashing sounds at the end of the park.

Within 10 minutes several neighbors were running around in a complete panic with their own flashlights not knowing what the hell just happened.

The Sheriff was on the scene with in 20 to 30 minutes since their was 50 plus trailers in the park and several owners called 911.Soon people were talking about a savage rogue homeless person that was running through the park smashing peoples trailers and as the sheriff and several owners were surveying their trailers they noticed massive dents at the height of a 8 to 10 ft. After walking around one of the neighbors said it must have bin Bigfoot since he was out on his porch having a smoke and saw a massive person running through the trailers smashing the sides with his fists and we were like WTF.

We were totally shaken and everyone in the park was freaking out. The Sheriff eventually left the park to try and find the culprit since there was a road that went up to a wooded area outside of the park. As everyone started to wind down and go back inside we did the same and could not sleep the rest of the night since we were so shaken.

When the sun came up we went out side to see the damage and it was totally unreal the whole row of trailers for what seemed like a football field had massive fist marks that literally pushed in the siding of all trailers.

The next day it was all over the news channels stating that the Sheriff had actually seen this creature on the back road that winded up into the mountains and chased it for a while until finally disappeared over an embankment and into the woods.

After that story was aired within a week it just ended abruptly like it never existed and I still cannot find the story on the internet to this day.”

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  1. Daren c

    That’s crazy ! Hope he/she comes on the show. Imagine having a smoke late at night, all peaceful like , hearing that and crashing then seeing a Monster run down the road.. Second smoke would be needed lol

  2. Jimmy D

    Experienced something similar when I was 15. Something hit our house so hard that it shook the windows. It happened late night/early morning. When I opened my eyes I saw the silhouette of 2 large beings outside the bedroom window and I could hear a low grumbling noise between the 2 creatures. I tried to call my parents but was frozen; all I could was close my eyes and pray. Arteries a few minutes I was able to call out to my mom and asked what that was. She replied that she didn’t hear anything and I must have been dreaming. “Go back to sleep ” was her solution. I know what I saw and heard were real and no dream.

  3. Charles R

    Years ago on the internet there was recording of an assumed Bigfoot from Puyallup, a decent recording, not sure if it is still around however, I believe it came from this time frame of the listener. What an absolutely crazy event, and I wonder what set this Sasquatch off to do such a thing, – will never know. Sometimes I think the slapping, or what happened to me in late Nov. 2013 on a dreadfully cold night of tapping on my bedroom window just as I lay down on my bed to sleeep is a game to them And probably often a product of their young ones like the recent interview with the Madison, OH witness and others. However other times they are huge pissed off adults like this incident. Thanks Linda B and Jimmy D for describing your situation.

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